H&H Web Management Round Table June 2010 - Next in social media


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H&H Web Management Round Table June 2010 - Next in social media

  1. 1. H&H Web Management Round Table ou d ab e June, 2010
  2. 2. People search
  3. 3. And so do journalists "I have received over 25 000 email story pitches over th l t t h i d 25,000 il t it h the last two years. Products. Solutions. Tech innovations, etc. How many resulted in stories? H lt d i t i ? None. I go to the web and search for information on the topic I want to do a story on.” David Meerman Scott Editor f E C t t M Edit of E-Content Magazine and Pragmatic Marketing Magazine i dP ti M k ti M i #1 Best-Selling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR.
  4. 4. This is where people click
  5. 5. From portals >search engines >social media
  6. 6. They also use social media 85% of financial services professionals under 50 are utilizing social f fi i l i f i l d tili i i l media LederMark Communications 58% of institutional investors and sell-side analysts in the US and Europe believe new media will become more important in helping p p p g them make investment decisions Brunswick Group
  7. 7. The channels journalists, analysts and journalists investors use Wikipedia 75 % LinkedIn 24 % Other 22 % YouTube 19 % Facebook 11 % Twitter e 6% iTunes 6% Digg gg 5% Flickr 2% Scribd 2% Technorati 2% Slideshare 1% Source: Hallvarsson & Halvarsson Webranking 2010
  8. 8. People want a conversation – at least with each other…
  9. 9. About you!
  10. 10. Conversations are going on here
  11. 11. When people converse, we should listen
  12. 12. Two reasons one should be serious about social media People search and what comes up in Google is often content from social media People use social media to get information directly P l i l di t ti f ti di tl
  13. 13. But 5 % of listed companies in Sweden have reputation problems
  14. 14. Tradedoubler Blog Bl Blog
  15. 15. Nordea Blog/forum Bl /f
  16. 16. Eniro Facebook F b k
  17. 17. Bah, we will miss the concert!
  18. 18. Ok, Ok let him tell the world how bad we are…
  19. 19. Google likes social media Good G d at using keywords i titles, in anchor texts, in URLs and i k d in i l i h i URL d in meta data Good at using search engine friendly permalinks Encourage people to share and link to social objects g p p j Frequently updated High Hi h traffic ffi
  20. 20. The corporate sphere
  21. 21. Google is like an onion
  22. 22. Several different SERPs* Logged in *Search Engine Result Page
  23. 23. Content
  24. 24. B i blueprint the corporate sphere Basic bl i h h Promotion On site Off site estates Newsletter Images Relevant share options p RSS Article Social Newsroom Movies core PR Services keyword RSS RSS Our Blogs Search friendly permalinks Presentations Notifications Trackbacks Our RSS Documents Notifications LinkedIn Group Podcasts Related articles within RSS Other Blogs ke ord cluster keyword cl ster Applications Wikipedia Dominant
  25. 25. How others have done
  26. 26. 35% of F t f Fortune 500 companies h i have a T itt account Twitter t The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 79% of the top 100 companies in the Fortune Global 500 index are using at least one of the most popular social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or their own corporate blogs , , p g Burson-Marsteller Fortune Global 100 Social Media Study
  27. 27. 97 % more inbound links for companies that blog Source: Hubspot
  28. 28. 434 % more indexed pages for companies that blog Source: Hubspot
  29. 29. Shareability is important 44% of th f those consuming news online says that the possibility i li th t th ibilit to share news through email or social networks is an important factor when choosing among different news sources It’s the next most important factor for 18 – 29 years old. Most important is links to related material. material
  30. 30. People do share – and the news finds them 75% of people reading news online get th news by e-mail or f l di li t the b il social networks 52% share news 51% of people using social networks get news every day from people they are connected with Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project
  31. 31. Videos about Vid b t Research New products Events E t Education Corporate Social Responsibility
  32. 32. Podcasts about P d t b t Tips & tricks about photography Inspiration & knowledge from photographers About Kodak’s Ab t K d k’ own marketing k ti Financial information / Investor relations Research & Innovation
  33. 33. Twitter is social media is news media +85% of th t f the trending t i on Twitter are news di topics T itt An average tweet that is retweeted reach 1000 users. No matter how many follower the original user have Mid-distance to all people on Twitter is four steps Source: Haewoon Kwak, Changyun Lee, Hosung Park och Sue Moon
  34. 34. Twitter is social media is news media
  35. 35. Does your boss still think this is mumbo jumbo? j
  36. 36. Traditional measuring
  37. 37. New measuring
  38. 38. New measuring + Traditional measuring = Results by social media efforts
  39. 39. Where to start?
  40. 40. Start to monitor now
  41. 41. Then ask yourself six simple questions 1. What’s our overall objective? 2. 2 How do I support that with the work II’m doing? m 3. How do I measure success in the work I’m doing? g 4. Then – what are my objectives? 5. What need does my target group and stakeholders have? 6. Then – what does the brief look like?
  42. 42. Then fire up the rocket & start being creative
  43. 43. Time to act!
  44. 44. Thanx! bjorn.alberts@halvarsson.se Google: “björn alberts”