Social Media Boot Camp


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Learn about social media from Peter Liu at Kaiscapes Media.

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Social Media Boot Camp

  1. 1. Peter Liu (@PeterLiu47)
  2. 2. Social Media Boot CampPart One Part Two● Introduction ● Blogging● What Is Social Media? ● Social Networks● Social Media and Websites ● Facebook● Social Media and Search ● Twitter● How Does Social Media Work? ● LinkedIn● How Does Social Media Not ● Google+ Work? ● As Time Allows● Social Media Strategy (and ○ Instagram, Pinterest, Pat Obstacles) h, etc. ○ Mobile apps Q & A, Talk Story
  3. 3. Social Media on Maui Maui Social Media Users Group #MauiSMUG Last Wednesday - MEDB Kihei Maui WordPress #MauiWP Third Thursday - MEDB Kihei
  4. 4. Dont Worry! The Slides Are Online!
  5. 5. If You Are Live-tweeting Your hashtag for #kaiscapes today
  6. 6. If Youre on Facebook
  7. 7. http://linkedin/in/peterliu47 More than half a century of combined enterprise computer industry experience working with Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Government IT/IS System Programming Kathy BecklinPeter Liu System Administration Software Engineering Customer Support Management Program Management Escalation Management
  8. 8. In The Last 30 Years Or SoIBM 4331 Processor (1979) Apple iPhone 4S (2011) ● Peters first computer ● 64GB memory ● 512K memory (0.5MB, or 0.0005GB) ● Makes phone calls ● Green letters on black screen (no graphical ● Plays music and video display) ● Takes pictures ● Assembly language, machine code ● Makes movies ● Huge developer community ● Does Social
  9. 9. The Early Years An Amdahl Model 5860 from the 580 Series (1982)
  10. 10. The Key YearsDeveloped the graphical browserDeveloped technologies such as: Javascript, RSS, SSL, etc.
  11. 11. Social Media Books
  12. 12.
  13. 13. What Is Social Media? Joining othersin conversations about content online content = media All your media (text, images, video, audio, etc.) is available "socially"
  14. 14. Its Not Just Facebook or Twitter Those are just toolsTools are more effective as part of a
  15. 15. Its Not Just For Marketing or Promotion Its how people communicate
  16. 16. Social Media is Business A unique opportunity to listen to customers needs on a grand scaleA unique opportunity to engage peoplein conversation, build relationships and grow communities around a
  17. 17. Why Should Businesses Use Social Media?Once your static website was the sum total of your whole Internet strategy Now theyre just overpriced business
  18. 18. If You Build It, They Wont Come Even if you trick them into it, they probably wont come back.
  19. 19. Youre Building a Tribe They become interested in what you do because theyre interested In You!
  20. 20. The Monologue - Theyre Over It Over 50% of the worlds population is under 30 90% have joined a social network 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations Only 14% trust advertisements Only 18% of traditional TV campaigns generate a positive ROI 90% of TV watchers skip ads because they can Socialnomics Todays Web is All About
  21. 21. What Theyre Saying Matters More 54% of bloggers post content or tweet daily 34% of bloggers post opinions about products, brands and services25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are links to that user-generated content Socialnomics
  22. 22. SEO vs. Social MediaPeople care moreabout how theirfriends rank productsand services...…than how Google ranks them. Socialnomics
  23. 23. Search Is
  24. 24. How Google Social Search
  25. 25. You Make the Encyclopedias Wikipedia has over 17 million articles Available in 270 languages 80,000 active volunteers worldwide Comscore Studies show it’s more accurate than Encyclopedia Britannica If you were paid a $1 for every time an article was posted on Wikipedia you would earn $1712.32 per
  26. 26. Smile! Youre on Instagram!
  27. 27. College Admissions and Social Media "Your acceptance or rejection could come down to 140 characters... or less."
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Reppler surveyed 300 hiring professionals
  30. 30. 69% of recruiters have rejected a candidate based on content found on networking profiles
  31. 31. 68% have hired a candidatebased on presence on social networks
  32. 32. Social Media and Small
  33. 33. Your Website Has To Do More The modern Web is aboutengagement, conversation and building communities Your website is now just a piece of a larger puzzle
  34. 34. An Effective Online Presence now consists of Engagement and Conversation 80% Fresh Content
  35. 35. Step One: Website Becomes BlogWebsite = Blog = Content Home Base = Conversation Starter Quick updates Built-in Search Built-in RSS Feed
  36. 36. Step Two: Share and Engage Content is housed on your websiteMedia (photos, videos, etc.) is housed in best of breed sites Conversations on social networks Syndication helps your content to go "viral"
  37. 37. Instead of just a website,a modern Web presence requires a strategy1. A "content home base" - i.e. a website built on blog technology, specifically WordPress, to house "conversation starters"2. Great content posted consistently, and shared widely3. An active presence on social networks engaging people in conversations about that content.
  38. 38. Sample Social Media Workflow1. Post to your blog (remember, blog=website)2. Post that blog post on your social networks (remember, its a conversation starter)3. Watch for comments, mentions and shares4. Reply and keep the conversation going5. Go back to Step 1. Rinse and repeat.
  39. 39. Advanced Social Media Workflow1. Post photos on Flickr2. Post videos on YouTube3. Post those to your blog4. Post that blog post on your social networks5. Watch for comments, mentions and shares6. Reply and keep the conversation going7. Go back to Step 1. Rinse and repeat.Meantime:8. Make sure they can find your RSS feed9. Set up notifications to go to email
  40. 40. How Does It Not Work?Its not just another channel to blast your message monologue styleYoure not sending your message out to the unknown masses here Its not a channel for direct sales It wasnt invented for marketers
  41. 41. You will beignored/unfollowed/unfriended/blocked if you: dont listen dont have compelling content dont add value try to sell Real people are having real conversations here
  42. 42. You Will Not Succeed If You Fail to engage consistently in online conversations Fail to share good content consistently Fail to build
  43. 43. Getting StartedDevelop your strategy before doing anything else!● Define your goals● Decide your criteria for success● Determine your metrics● Acquire your baseline measurements● Define your content strategy● Decide how to use your assets● Decide where to drive your conversations● Mindwalk your workflows● Hire good people, and train them well
  44. 44. Find Your Peeps Figure out who to engage Discover how the communicate Go to the party: Listen Join in Participate Collaborate Be
  45. 45. Be Good Peeps Share content by others "Promote others stuff 10 times as much as your own" Engage Be interesting Be funny Build a following Build a
  46. 46. Become a Trusted Resource Develop GREAT content Share what you know Add value Develop a reputation as an dependable
  47. 47. Whats The Goal? Start conversations onlineBuild a community around your message Build a following among supportersStay more in touch with your communityGet more participation and engagement Compel others to evangelize for you
  48. 48. Strategy vs. Tools If you just do Facebook or Twitter, you dont have a social media strategy... you have a tools strategy Its not about the tools, its what you do with
  49. 49. Its All About The ConversationUse best of breed sites to house your media Use the right social networks to engage people in conversations about your media
  50. 50. Getting Started The
  51. 51. "I Have Nothing To Say" a.k.a. "My business is not interesting" Wrong! Every business has content Share the passion Share the inner workings of making it
  52. 52. "I Dont Have Time" If you do it in addition, then no, you probably dont We make time for things that are important If you cant make time, this must not be important to you Work smart, not
  53. 53. "I Dont Like Change" What hasnt worked for a while? Is it time for a change? (Why did you come here?) ;-) Am I afraid of change? Remember when email was new?
  54. 54. "But I Dont Get It!" "If you limit yourself to just what you know, youll limit your business (or even your life) the same way." - Peter Liu Lots of resources out there READ!!!! Listen, lurk and learn (Peters 3 Ls) Monkey see, monkey
  55. 55. Be Careful Who You Trust Really easy to call yourself a "guru" or "expert" in social media (or anything no one really understands) Do they come with a reputation? Do they walk the walk?What do you see when you Google them?
  56. 56. The Social Networks Live Demos
  57. 57. Facebook - Third Largest See todays numbers at:
  58. 58. The Facebook Online
  59. 59. Whos Tweeting?
  60. 60. The Popular MisconceptionThe value of Twitter is in who YOU follow, not in who follows you. (Dont follow this person!)
  61. 61. If Youre Going To Tweet About
  62. 62. Were Tweeting The News24 of the 25largestnewspapers areexperiencingrecord declines incirculationbecause we nolonger search forthe news… Socialnomics...the newsfinds us.
  63. 63. Tweets Come To Our Mobile Devices Flipboard for
  64. 64. Tweets Keep Us Informed And Safe #HItsunami Emergencies, natural disasters, global
  65. 65. Google+ 25 Million Users in 1 Month Took Facebook 3 years to do
  66. 66. Google+ Has 170 Million Users 12 Apr
  67. 67. LinkedIn Is Pure Networking 150M+ professionals around the world as of February 9, 2012 2M+ companies have LinkedIn Company Pages Counts executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies as membersAs of December 31, 2011, students and recent college graduates are the fastest-growing demographic Average household income of LinkedIn users is $109,000
  68. 68. Why Bother With Social Media? Its trusted Its how people are communicating online right nowIts happening with or without you Its not going
  69. 69. Let’s Talk Story What’s on your minds?
  70. 70. Supplemental and Optional Slides Begin
  71. 71. Social Media and Small
  72. 72. Social Media and Small
  73. 73. Reading
  74. 74. Peter’s Social Media Bookmarks