European	  Network	  of	  Living	  Labs	                                  Networking	  Global	  User-­‐Driven	  	         ...
Overview	  •      Global	  Challenges	  •      Sustainable	  Solu>ons	  •      Living	  Labs	  •      European	  Network	 ...
Global	  Societal	  Challenges	                                                                   	  •      Finding	  solu...
Horizon	  2020	                                                                                                           ...
Sustainable	  Solu>ons                                                              	  •  Global	  Societal	  Challenges	 ...
Open	  user	  Innova>on	  ecosystems	  (1/2)                                                               	              ...
Open	  user	  Innova>on	  ecosystems	  (2/2)                                                              	  •  User	  Dri...
Living	  Lab	  Values	  •      Human-­‐centric	  ecosystem	  •      Openness,	  transparency	  and	  trust	  •      Co-­‐d...
ENoLL	  and	  EU	  Presidencies	  Finish	  Presidency,	        Portuguese	  Presidency,	  	          French	  Presidency,	...
ENoLL	  Today	  •  267	  EU	  Living	  Labs	  	  •  53	  Living	  Labs	  outside	  EU	  •  ENoLL	  Office	  headquarted	  in...
Thema>c	  Sub	  Networks	  of	  Living	  Labs	  •      Energy	  Efficiency.	  Sustainable	  Energy.	  Climate	  change	  •  ...
Globaliza>on	  of	  ENoLL	  ENoLL	  ini<a<ves	  outside	  Europe	  •  Brazil	  	  Network	  of	  Living	  Labs	  (BNoLL)	 ...
Connected	  Smart	  Ci>es	  Network	  (1/2)	  •  Connected	  Smart	  Ci<es	  Network	  was	  launched	  under	  the	  EU-­...
Connected	  Smart	  Ci>es	  Network	  (2/2)                                                                     	         ...
Smart	  Ci>es	  and	  Smart	  Regions	                        enabled	  by	  FI	  PPP	  and	  	  Living	  Labs            ...
EU	  Policy	  on	  Smart	  Specializa>on	                                and	  Regional	  Living	  Labs	  •  Smart	  Speci...
Open	  Living	  Labs	  PPPP	  (1/2)                                                                    	    •  We	  want	 ...
Open	  Living	  Labs	  PPPP	  (2/2)                                                                    	  •  Strategic	  I...
Conclusions                                                            	          •  The	  big	  global	  challenges	  of	...
Thank	  you!	                                  	                                           ...
ENoLL Networking Global User-Driven Open Innovation Ecosystems Alvaro Oliveira
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ENoLL Networking Global User-Driven Open Innovation Ecosystems Alvaro Oliveira


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@User Driven Open Ecosystems go really Local,
in Mechelen (Belgium) 22nd - 23rd, 2012

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ENoLL Networking Global User-Driven Open Innovation Ecosystems Alvaro Oliveira

  1. 1. European  Network  of  Living  Labs   Networking  Global  User-­‐Driven     Open  Innova<on  Ecosystems   Prof.  Álvaro  de  Oliveira      European  Network  of  Living  Labs    Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  2. 2. Overview  •  Global  Challenges  •  Sustainable  Solu>ons  •  Living  Labs  •  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  •  Open  Living  Labs  PPPP  •  Conclusions  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  3. 3. Global  Societal  Challenges    •  Finding  solu>ons  for  sustainable  clean  energy  •  Finding  solu>ons  for  climate  change.  Water  management  •  Managing  demographic  shiOs  •  Preserva>on  and  managing  health  and  ageing  problems.   Well  being.  Assisted  living  •  Providing  safe  water  and  food  supplies    •  Achieving  openness,  transparency  and  trust  on  the  poli>cal   system  and  in  the  public  administra>on  •  Integrity  Europe  and  reinforce  leadership  •  Implement  social  inclusion  and  social  integra>on  •  Nego>a>ng  and  regula>ng  a  new  Framework  for  an  open,   transparent  and  fair  World  Globalisa>on  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  4. 4. Horizon  2020   Source:  Per  Blixt,  DG  INFSO  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  5. 5. Sustainable  Solu>ons  •  Global  Societal  Challenges  call  for  diverse  types  of  knowledge,   resources,  par>cipa>on  and  mass  collabora>on.    •  Solu>ons  cannot  be  pushed,  they  require  the  mo>va>on  of   millions  of  individuals  and  their  communi>es;  solu>ons  cannot   be  pushed.  •  New,  distributed  and  highly  par>cipatory  systems  imply  new   roles  for  public  and  private  spheres:  demand/user/ci>zen  driven   open  RDI  enabled  by  ICT  at  local,  regional,  na>onal  and  global   levels.     Living  Labs     Are  open  user  driven  eco-­‐systems  engage  and   mo>vate  all  stakeholders,  s>mulate  collabora>on,   co-­‐create  lead  markets  enable  stable  transforma>on   Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  6. 6. Open  user  Innova>on  ecosystems  (1/2)   Incubators,   Collabora>on  and  Mo>va>on  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  7. 7. Open  user  Innova>on  ecosystems  (2/2)  •  User  Driven  Open  Innova>on  ecosystems  focusing  on  people  needs  and   available  resources  for  knowledge-­‐based  development,  jobs  crea>on  and   wealth  growth.  •  Human-­‐centricity,  openness,  co-­‐crea>on  and  collabora>on,  trust  and   transparency  are  core  values  of  Living  Labs.  •  Design  thinking  culture.  Crea>vity.  ICT  collabora>ve  enabling   environments.  •  All  the  innova>on  stakeholders:  research,  enterprises,  finance,  public   administra>on  and  ci>zens;  get  involved  at  an  early  stage  of  the  innova>on   process  and  take  ownership  of  the  results.  •  User-­‐driven  open  innova>on  and  experimenta>on.  Co-­‐design  and  co-­‐ crea>on  addressing  the  city’s  strengths,  compe>>ve  advantages  and   poten>al  for  success.  •  Address  scien>fic,  technological  and  innova>ve  approaches  aiming  to   s>mulate  business  opportuni>es.  Facilita>on  of  the  innova>on  processes.  •  Living  Labs  use  monitoring  and  evalua>on  prac>ces  to  provide  evidence  of   success  factors  that  s>mulate  further  growth.  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  8. 8. Living  Lab  Values  •  Human-­‐centric  ecosystem  •  Openness,  transparency  and  trust  •  Co-­‐design,  co-­‐crea>on  and  collabora>on  •  Boaom-­‐up,  with  top  down  support  •  Enabling  communica>ons  plaborm,  reach   contents  and  knowledge  shared  access      Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova<on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  9. 9. ENoLL  and  EU  Presidencies  Finish  Presidency,   Portuguese  Presidency,     French  Presidency,     Spanish  Presidency,     Hungarian  Presidency,     Danish  Presidency,     Autumn  2006   Autumn  2007   Autumn  2008   Spring  2010   Spring  2011   Spring  2012   6th  Wave     1st  Wave     2nd  Wave     3rd  Wave     4th  Wave     5th  Wave     6th  Wave     Slovenian  Presidency,     Sweedish  Presidency,     Belgium  Presidency,     Polish  Presidency,     Spring  2008   Autumn  2009   Autumn  2010   Autumn  2011   Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  10. 10. ENoLL  Today  •  267  EU  Living  Labs    •  53  Living  Labs  outside  EU  •  ENoLL  Office  headquarted  in  Brussels.  Services  to  members,  project   facilita>on,  events,  monthly  newsleaer,  ac>ve  presence  in  online  and  in   Social  Media,  engaging  in  strategic  projects)  •  Suppor>ng  services  including  the  Living  Lab  Summer  Schools  (Paris  2010,   Barcelona  2011,  Helsinki  2012),  Living  Lab  Prize    •  Globaliza>on  of  ENoLL  (in  Brazil,  in  China  and  in  Africa)  •  ENoLL  suppor>ng  offices  being  planned  for  Beijing,  Rio  de  Janeiro  and   Pretoria    •  Open  Living  Labs  PPPP  ini>a>ve  •  6th  Call  for  ENoLL  membership  results  to  be  announced  today  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012     User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems   go  really  local  ...  across  borders!    
  11. 11. Thema>c  Sub  Networks  of  Living  Labs  •  Energy  Efficiency.  Sustainable  Energy.  Climate  change  •  Smart  Ci>es.  Future  Internet.  Internet  of  things.  •  Well  Being  and  Health  •  Social  Innova>on.  Social  Inclusion  •  e-­‐Government.  e-­‐Par>cipa>on  •  Crea>ve  Media.  User  driven  contents.  Social  Networks.  Web   2.0  •  Thema>c  Tourism.  Culture  Services  •  Territorial  and  rural  development  of  Smart  Regions  •  Sustainable  Mobility  •  Industrial  and  logis>cs  development.  •  Security.  Safe  city  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  12. 12. Globaliza>on  of  ENoLL  ENoLL  ini<a<ves  outside  Europe  •  Brazil    Network  of  Living  Labs  (BNoLL)  •  Africa  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ANoLL)  •  China  Network  of  Living  Labs  (CNoLL)  ENoLL  ini<a<ves  outside  Europe  (in  progress)  •  La>n  America  •  Taiwan  •  Korea  •  USA  •  Australia  ENoLL  Collabora<on  agreements  •  World  Bank  (Ac>on  plans  for  Brazil,  Colombia,  Kenya,  Tanzania,  S.  Africa,  Moldova,  Tunisia,   Lebanon  etc.)  •  FAO  Food  and  Agricultural  Organiza>on  of  the  UN  (MoU  and  Ac>on  plan)  •  United  Forum  Ubiquitous  Network  Industry  and  technology  Development  Forum  (China)  •  Beijing  City  Administra>on  and  Public  Service  Innova>on  –  Informa>on  System  and   Equipment  Center  (CAISEC)  China    •  EBN  Europe  Business  Network  (MoU  signed  yesterday)  •  ISPA  Interna>onal  Science  Park  Associa>on  (In  progress)  •  INSME  Interna>onal  Network  of  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   User-­‐driven   SMEs  (In  progress)  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012     across  borders!    
  13. 13. Connected  Smart  Ci>es  Network  (1/2)  •  Connected  Smart  Ci<es  Network  was  launched  under  the  EU-­‐funded  (7th   Framework  Programme)  FIREBALL-­‐project  on  November  18th,  2010  by  the   ci>es  of  Amsterdam,  Manchester,  Lisbon,  Barcelona  and  Helsinki.  •  Connected  Smart  Ci<es  Network  aims  at  the  convergence  of  Future   Internet  technologies,  Living  Labs  methodologies  and  social  innova>on   focused  on  the  well  being  of  ci>zens  and  sustainability  of  our  society.  •  Smart  Ci<es  across  Europe  engage  in  long-­‐term  collabora>on  for  adop>ng   User  Driven  Open  Innova>on  to  explore  solu>ons  addressing  the  major   societal  challenges  faced  by  Europe,  such  as  jobs  crea>on,  clean  energy,   sustainable  mobility,  climate  change,  ageing  popula>on,  etc.    Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems   go  really  local  ...  across  borders!    
  14. 14. Connected  Smart  Ci>es  Network  (2/2)   CIP  ICT  Projects   APOLLON   FIREBALL   Portofolio   Crossborder   Roadmap   (7+6+x)   Innova>on   Connected   ENoLL   Smart  Ci>es   Euroci>es   Network     EU  2020  Strategy..   Horizon  2020   Digital  agenda    Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  15. 15. Smart  Ci>es  and  Smart  Regions   enabled  by  FI  PPP  and    Living  Labs   FI  PPP  technologies  and  services   EU       Smart  Ci>es  and   Future  Internet   Regions   Concord   (Connected  Smart   PPP     Ci>es  Network)   ENoLL  /  World  Bank       Smart  Ci>es  and  Regions   Africa,  Asia  and  La>n   America  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  16. 16. EU  Policy  on  Smart  Specializa>on   and  Regional  Living  Labs  •  Smart  Specializa>on  can  be  achieved  through  Regional   Living  Labs,  sharing  a  similar  vision,  values,  strategies,   methodologies  and  implementa>on.  •  The  implementa>on  of  Smart  Specializa>on  of  Regions   can  thus  become  a  boaom-­‐up  process,  building  on  the   Regional  Living  Labs  and  taking  advantage  of:   –  User  engagement  at  the  local  level;   –  Openness,  transparency  and  crea>vity  culture  of  Living   Labs;   –  Exis>ng  networks  and  cross-­‐border  collabora>on;   –  Exis>ng  trust  among  the  different  regional,  na>onal  and   interna>onal  stakeholders.  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  17. 17. Open  Living  Labs  PPPP  (1/2)   •  We  want  to  strengthen  the  open  Research  Development  and  Innova6on   ecosystem  of  the  growing  community  of  European  Living  Labs,   ins6tu6onally,  financially  and  in  terms  of  its  RDI  infrastructure,  including   new  avenues  of  research  and  experimenta6on  in  social  and  other  sciences.     •  This  can  be  supported  through  the  cons6tu6on  of  a  Public  Private  People   Partnership  -­‐  Open  Living  Labs  PPPP  -­‐  having  the  poten6al  to  change   drama6cally  the  innova6on  landscape  in  Europe  in  Horizon  2020.    •  A  white  paper  has  been  co-­‐created  and  validated  by  a  large  community  of   Living  Labs  extended  to  a  wider  community  of  Innova6on  related   organisa6on.   •  Paper  being  re-­‐draKed  with  the  inclusion  of  success  cases  and  impact   assessment.    Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  18. 18. Open  Living  Labs  PPPP  (2/2)  •  Strategic  Innova<on  Ecosystems,  large-­‐scale  pilot  ini>a>ves  aiming   to  s>mulate  the  growth  and  development  of  Living  Lab  innova>on   ecosystems  across  a  broad  spectrum  of  sectors  and  at  different   levels  of  governance.  •  Enabling  Ac<ons,  four  strands  of  ac>vity  (plus  one  support  ac>on)   covering  a  range  of  areas  that  support  and  reinforce  the  strategic   innova>on  ecosystems  and  defined  as:   –  Knowledge  Crea>on   –  Talent  Development,  Capacity  Building,  and  Job  Crea>on  –    New  Policy   Instruments   –  Organizing  the  na>onal,  regional  and  local  structures  (co-­‐funding   mechanism  enabling  different  instruments)   –  Interna>onal  Coopera>on  Coordina>on,  Dissemina>on  and   Engagement  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  19. 19. Conclusions   •  The  big  global  challenges  of  our  <me  demand  mass   par<cipa<on  of  users/consumers/ci<zens.  Finding  solu>ons   requires  the  pooling  of  diverse  types  of  knowledge  and   resources,  and  harnessing  the  mo>va>on  of  millions  of   individuals  and  their  communi>es.   •  Technologies  are  not  sufficient  to  solve  the  challenges  in  a   sustainable  way,  user  behaviour  transforma>on  is  required   and  this  can  be  enabled  by  the  Living  Lab  methodologies.   •  Future  Internet  technologies,  Living  Labs  and  Social   Innova>on  enable  the  co-­‐crea>on  of  Smart  Regions  and   Smart  Ci<es  where  ci>zens  sense  of  belonging  and  iden>ty,   wellbeing  and  togetherness,  form  a  beYer  and  happier   society.  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local  ...   across  borders!    
  20. 20. Thank  you!     Álvaro  de  Oliveira                Phone:                +351    21    486    67    84              Skype:            alvaroduarteoliveira             Twiaer:   @openlivinglabs   Facebook:   ENoLL  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  Brussels,  May  22nd  2012   User-­‐driven  trategies  for  Regions  of  Innova>on,  Geneva,  .  ..   Building  S Open  Innova>on  Ecosystems  go  really  local   across  pril  2012     12th  A borders!