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Enoll hannover-2013-anna

  1. 1. European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) InnoMatNet Tool SessionENoLL Living Lab Knowledge Center & Living Lab Methodology Handbook & CoCo Toolkit Anna Kivilehto Network Manager ENoLL
  2. 2. Contents •  What is (the value of) a Living Lab? •  European Network of Living Labs – Who we are, What we do & How to join us? •  Tools: •  ENoLL Living Lab Knowledge Center •  Living Lab Methodology Handbook (Botnia Living Lab) •  CoCo Toolkit (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Service Design Unit)20/09/21  
  3. 3. What is (the value of) a Living Lab?•  Living Lab is a real-life test and experimentation environment where users and producers co-create innovations•  Public-Private-People Partnership (PPPP), quattro helix by main 4 main stakeholders (companies, researchers, public organisations and users) come together for creation, prototyping, validating and testing new technologies, services, products etc in real-life contexts•  Many different LL environments such as research, corporate, organisational, intermediary, time-limited…•  Empower citizens (end-users) as active co-creators (from passive consumers to active prosumers) to of value, ideas & innovations that benefit the whole society
  4. 4. Where does it come from and how did it evolve into ENoLL?•  Originated for MIT (US), concept further developed in Europe•  Supported by EC as bridging the gap between R&D and market entrance (faster take up of R&D results) and enable SMEs obstacles on local and regional markets in the fragmented European market place•  Linked with EC policies and initiatives EU2020, Digital Agenda, especially through initiatives such as EIPs on Smart Cities, Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA), Future Internet, Design …•  Several Living Lab initiatives supported by the EC (FP7, CIP ICT PSP programme,Interreg etc) as well as national programmes•  Living Labs in the Horizon2020 ?
  5. 5. ENoLL in short (1/2) •  ENoLL launched in 2006 under the Finnish EU Presidency, grown into a non-profit international association representing a diverse community of over 300 ENoLL ‘certified’ Living LabsAll Living Labs:www.openlivinglabs.eu/livinglabs 20/09//2012  
  6. 6. ENoLL in short (2/2)•  ENoLL association is lead by ENoLL effective and associated members (General Assembly) with elected Council•  ENoLL office in Brussels facilitating knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnerships between its members: •  Network events to exchange information and best practice •  Disseminates information on EU funding and project opportunities, supports to build project consortia and develop joint projects •  Influences EU policies and engages in debate with EU institutions (consultations, workshops etc)•  ENoLL is partner in key EU-funded projects of strategic importance and benefit to the network•  Cooperation agreements with World Bank, EBN, FAO, UNITED, LLiSA…
  7. 7. What is coming?•  From User centric open innovation as a methodology to a (eco)system thinking…•  Cities and regions as open Living Labs i.e Barcelona as a Lab (European contribution to the global innovation system) e.g smart cities, RISs, smart specialisation etc•  National and regional and thematic networks of Living Labs growing (Finland, UK, France etc)•  Collaboration with World Bank, and further on with telecenters network, technology parks (IASP) and EIT ICT Labs•  7th Wave of Living Labs – Open until May 5th, 2013
  8. 8. ENoLL 7th Wave for Membership Applications•  Opened in February 2013•  Pre-registration to info@enoll.org, you will receive application document•  Evaluation will be done by selected independent ENoLL & LL experts on following criteria: •  Membership motivation •  Description and characteristics •  Organisation •  Openness •  Resources •  Users and reality •  Value •  Direction and sustainability•  Publication of results at the ENoLL Summer School in Manchester August 27 – 30 th, 2013
  9. 9. ENoLL Effective members•  IBBT-iLab.o (BE)•  Flemish Living Lab Platform (BE)•  JF Oceans (BE)•  Northern Rural-Urban Living Lab (FI)•  Laurea Living Labs Network (FI)•  HumanTech LivingLab (FI)•  Suuntaamo Tampere Central Region Living Lab (FI)•  Helsinki Living Lab - Forum Virium Helsinki (FI)•  Ways Of Learning for the Future (FR)•  Telecommunication Networks Integrated Services Laboratory (EL)•  Trentino as a Lab (IT)•  Amsterdam Living Lab (NL)•  Lighting Living Lab (PT)•  i2Cat- Catalonia Digital Lab (ES)•  espaitec Living Lab (ES) Associated Members•  Malaga Living Lab (ES)•  Bird Living Lab (ES) •  The European Society of Concurrent Enterprising•  Consorcio Fernando de los Rios Living Lab (ES) Network (IT)•  Botnia Living Lab (SE) •  Aalto University School of Economics (FI)•  Manchester Living Lab (UK) •  ESADE (ES) •  Finnish Living Lab Network of Universities of•  Kwest Research (UK) Applied Sciences, Haaga-Helia (FI)•  City Lab Coventry (UK) •  Poznan Super Computing Center (PL)    20/09/21   20/09//2012  
  10. 10. ENoLL in EU-funded initiativesEPIC   Fusepool  refines  and  enriches  raw  data  using  European  Pla3orm  for  Intelligent  Ci9es  combining   common  standards  and  provides  tools  for  analyzing  innova9on  ecosystem  processes  and  new  cloud   and  visualizing  data  so  that  end  users  and  other  compu9ng  technologies   soMware  receive  9mely,  context-­‐aware  and   relevant  informa9on.     InnoMatNet  funded  under  the  NMP  theme  of  the  FP7,   has  the  overall  goal  of  promo9ng  collabora9on,   knowledge  transfer,  and  the  crea9on  of  new  alliances  SmartIP  is  taking  the  experience  developed  through   between  materials  researchers,  designers  in  industry,  exis9ng  user-­‐driven,  open  innova9on  ini9a9ves,   and  others  involved  in  innova9on.  par9cularly  those  developed  in  Living  Labs  and  to  apply  this  experience  to  the  challenge  of   CitySDK  project  is  being  developed  to  transfer  Smart   CENTRALAB  aim  is  to  transforming  public  services  by  empowering  ‘smart   City  applica9ons  from  city  to  city  using  an  open   transform  Central  Europe  into  Ci9zens.   source  service  developer  toolkit  to  help  make  it   a  broad-­‐reaching  laboratory   easier  for  developers  to  create  new  and  innova9ve   for  innova9on,  including  the     applica9ons.   social  and  organisa9onal  as   well  as  technological   CONCORD  is  the  facilita9on  and  Support  ac9on  for  the  EU-­‐funded   dimensions  by  using  a  Living   Future  Internet  Public-­‐Private  Partnerships  (FI  PPP)  programme.   lab  approach.     CONCORD  supports  the  European  Commission  in  implemen9ng  a   coherent  FI  PPP  programme  in  a  way  that  makes  it  more  than  the  sum   New  projects   of  its  10  cons9tuent  projects   MyNeighborhood,  C-­‐Space   Peripheria  is  deploying  convergent  FI  Pla3orms  and  services  for  the   and  Specifi…(2013)   promo9on  of  sustainable  lifestyles,  developing  the  Living  Lab   premise  of  shiMing  technology  R&D  out  of  the  laboratory  and  into   the  real  world  in  a  systema9c  blend  of  technological  with  social   innova9on.   Integra9ng  Design  for  All  in  Living  Labs,  or  IDeALL,  project,  which  is  financed  by  DG  Enterprise  of  the  EC  aims  to  bring  together   the  Living  Lab  community  with  the  design  community  through  Design  for  All.  By  doing  so,  its  objec9ve  is  to  compile  and   develop  methodologies  which  enable  small  and  medium  enterprises  to  understand  more  about  the  needs  and  expecta9ons  of   clients  and  users.   For  more  informa9on  contact  Ana  Garcia,  ENoLL  Office   ana.garcia@enoll.org  
  11. 11. ENoLL Living Lab Knowledge Center•  Online tool: body of knowledge about the LL methodology, up-dated by ENoLL members (more to come…)•  Set up by the Amsterdam Living Lab (ALL), further development co-financed through the Apollon project (ICT PSP CIP Pilot B) aimed at among other things harmonizing Living Lab Methodologies in Europe•  Knowledge Center currently has a key word searchable catalog of around 100 different descriptions of Living Labs related: •  methods, •  techniques (specific procedures to collect data), •  tools (instruments to collect the data in real life or analyse the data), •  sensors (software solutions to measure the behaviour of the participants)•  Gateway for more information of nearly 50 best practice examples, including a support area describing the setting up a living lab project and environment•  For more information, visit: http://knowledgecenter.openlivinglabs.eu/  
  12. 12. Living Lab Methodology Online Handbook•  Online handbook for Living Lab key principles and the application of them, more visible and easy to use•  Published by Botnia Living Lab (SmartIES) developed further the FormIT method to •  Speed up the innovation process •  Co-create and improve innovative ideas •  Investigate and create new business opportunities•  Description of the FormIT process (with checklists): •  Planning •  Concept Design •  Prototype Design •  Innovation Design •  Commercialisation•  Case Study example in SmartIES (AMS Wifi Smart People & ENEGA Smart Kids) implementing FormIT with experiences & lessons learned•  Living Lab Methodology Handbook online here.•  Check out also Peoples Voices and Race to Scale by Botnia Living Lab
  13. 13. CoCo (Co-production 2 Co-creation) Toolkit•  Collection of five tools and a workbook that is designed to support service businesses by new tools to tackle by adapting co-creation activities•  Published Service & Innovation Design Unit of Laurea Living Labs, funded by Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) and several SMEs and University of Cambridge•  CoCo toolkit helps companies to answer questions: •  What does co-creation mean? How to adopt a co-creative business approach? •  How to analyse & communicate the company’s current business approach? •  How to co-create?•  CoCo toolkit •  CoCo Workbook helps companies and their staff to discover what co-creation means. It gives practical tips how to develop co-creative business activities •  CoCo Interview & CoCo Self-assessment & CoCo Continuum & CoCo Tree tools allow companies to analyse and communicate company’s current business approach •  CoCo Cosmos, a visually powerful tool for businesses to co-create with their stakeholders•  Order CoCo toolkit online here, more information krista.keranen(at)laurea.fi
  14. 14. Where to meet up?     May 7th 2013 Connected Smart Cities Pre FIA event Future Internet Assembly (FIA) Dublin August 27th -30th, 2013 4th ENoLL Living Lab Summer School Manchester, UK November 11th – 13th, 2013 Open Living Labs Conference Amsterdam, NL
  15. 15. Find out more…•  www.openlivinglabs.eu•  www.fireball.eu•  http://smartcitiesnetwork.eu/ (beta)•  www.apollon-pilot.eu •  Cross-border pilots on: Homecare & independent living service, Energy efficiency, eManufacturing & eParticipation•  www.fi-ppp.eu•  http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/livinglabs•  Technology Innovation Management Review (Sep 2012)
  16. 16.       THANK YOU ! URL: www.openlivinglabs.eu @openlivinglabs info@enoll.org