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“Learning for Open Innovation”
…. Transformation and Change for Future Learning
5 – 7 September, Granada, Spain
How can we turn our traditional educational institutions into (r)evolutionary leading organisations? How can innovation be stimulated? The conference will observe and analyse how open innovation can be used to transform today’s educational institutions.
Educational institutions have mostly taken an evolutionary approach to respond to the challenges of the modern world. But the incremental innovation of our educational institutions is not sufficient to cope with the ongoing fundamental transformation of societies. Change in most education institutions has started too late and is executed too slowly to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Only open, disruptive innovation offers higher education institutions strategic choices to overcome long-standing and deeply-rooted orthodoxies and to make them fit for the future.

Living Labs, as innovation ecosystems that integrate a strong end-user involvement/leading perspective with open innovation, experimentation in real-time settings and entrepreneurship, have a strong role to play in combining technological and social innovation by investigating and experimenting new paradigms related to the Future of the Internet.
Living Labs are used more and more as an instrument to support the transformation of Future Learning.

Ms Anna Kivilehto on behalf Ms. Ana Garcia, from the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) representative, will take us to a journey throughout Europe showing some interesting cases and snapshots from the ENoLL community and some of its members experimenting new disruptive ways of innovating in Education and Culture. Part 1. Also we showed two videos from Future Schoolroom Lab (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw0q4oAvBJw) and Reunion Island (http://filex.univ-reunion.fr/get?k=4JXFodYeySnBIgkE41Z)

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ENoLL @ EFQUEL 2012 Forum

  1. 1. Living  Labs  as  an  instrument  to  support   the  transforma3on  of  Future  Learning       European  Network  of  Living  Labs   (ENoLL)     Anna  Kivilehto   on  behalf  of  Ana  Garcia,  ENoLL          
  2. 2. Overview  • Living  Lab  concept  and  history  • What  is  the  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ENoLL)  • Who  are  our  members?  • ENoLL  Living  Labs  innovaEng  in  EducaEon  and  Culture   •  Lutakko  Living  Lab  (Jyväskylä  University  of  Applied  Sciences,  FI)   •  Ways  of  Learning  for  the  Future  Living  Lab  (Cité  des  savoir,  FR)   •  Reunion  Island  Living  Lab  (Université  de  la  Réunion,  FR)   •  Future  Classroom  Lab  (European  School  Net,  BE)  • FI  Content  example  from  the  Future  Internet  PPP  • Find  out  more…     14/03/2012  
  3. 3. Living  Lab  (2/2)  Living  Lab  is  a  real-­‐life  test  and  experimenta4on  environment  where   What  is  a  Living  Lab?  users  and  producers  co-­‐create   Public-­‐Private-­‐People  Partnerships  innova4ons   (PPPP)  for  user-­‐driven  open  innova4on     Co-­‐Crea4on:  co-­‐design  by  users  and  producers           Explora4on:  discovering  emerging  usages,  behaviours  and   market  opportuni4es           Experimenta4on:  implemen4ng  live  scenarios  within   communi4es  of  users           Evalua4on:  assessment  of  concepts,  products  and  services   according  to  socio-­‐ergonomic,  socio-­‐cogni4ve  and  socio-­‐ economic  criteria     14/03/2012  
  4. 4. Living  Labs  are  user-­‐driven  innova4on  eco-­‐systems  where  the  user  (ci4zen,  resident,  worker,  student,  visitor,  customer)  lives,  works,  studies,  plays  and  entertains.  In  this  real  living  environment,  the  user  co-­‐creates,  experiments  and  tests  ideas,  products  and  services.  User-­‐centric  solu4ons  and  social  innova4on  processes  lead  to  new  forms  of  produc4vity  and  compe44veness  as  well  as  sustainable  behavior  transforma4on.   14/03/2012  
  5. 5. ENoLL  today  • Informal  network  founded  2006  under  the  auspicies  of  the  Finnish  EU   Presidency  • ENoLL  non-­‐profit  internaEonal  associaEon  (asibl)  established  in  2010  under   the  Belgian  Law  and  thus  ENoLL  Office  was  created  (2  staff  members)    • ENoLL  associaEon  is  governed  by  the  General  Assembly  of  effecEve   members  and  the  ENoLL  Council  (of  21  seats)  • ENoLL  Office  in  Brussels  hosted  by  IBBT/iLabO  at  the  VUB  campus  • Growing  membership  base  through  Calls  for  ApplicaEons  (Waves)  today   over  300  members  a`er  the  6th  Wave  • Growing  interest  even  globally  (LaEn-­‐  and  South  America,  Africa,  Middle   East,  Asia  etc.   14/03/2012  
  6. 6.   EffecEve  &  Associated  Members      Belgium  IBBT-­‐iLab.o  Belgium  Flemish  Living  Lab  Pladorm  Finland  Northern  Rural-­‐Urban  Living  Lab  (NorthRULL)  Finland  Laurea  Living  Labs  Network  Finland  HumanTech  LivingLab  Finland  Suuntaamo  Tampere  Central  Region  Living  Lab  Finland  Helsinki  Living  Lab  -­‐  Forum  Virium  Helsinki  France  Ways  Of  Learning  for  the  Future  (WOLF  LL)  Greece  TelecommunicaEon  Networks  and  Integrated  Services  Laboratory  Italy                      TrenEno  as  a  Lab  Portugal  LighEng  Living  Lab  Spain    i2Cat  Catalonia  Digital  Lab  Spain    espaitec  Living  Lab  (eLiving  Lab)  Spain    BIRD  LIVING  LAB  Spain    Consorcio  Fernando  de  los  Rios  Living  Lab  (CFRLL)  Sweden  Botnia  Living  Lab  UK                      Manchester  Living  Lab  UK                      City  Lab  Coventry    Italy    The  European  Society  of  Concurrent  Enterprising    Network  (Esoce-­‐Net)  Finland  Aalto  University  School  of  Economics  (CKIR)  Spain    Escuela  Superior  de  Administración  y  Dirección  de    Empresas    (ESADE)  Finland  Finnish  Living  Lab  Network  of  UniversiEes  of  Applied  Sciences  (Neloskierre)  Spain                  Nozzle         14/03/2012  
  7. 7. All  our  ENoLL  Living  Labs  www.openlivinglabs.eu  
  8. 8. ENoLL  Living  Labs  Domains  of  AcEvity     14/03/2012  
  9. 9. What  does  ENoLL  do?  •  Wave  assessment  and  ENoLL  accreditaEon  •  InformaEon  relay  towards  members  on  EU  iniEaEves,  funding   opportuniEes  etc  related  to  living  labs  (towards  members  and   through  social  media)    •  Partnering,  networking  and  brokerage  and  promoEon  among   our  members  as  well  as  external  partners  (organise  different   themaEc  events  yearly  aprx  10  -­‐15  events)  •  Policy  influencing  and  monitoring  •  Project  development  services     14/03/2012  
  10. 10. Strategic  Alliances  •  Ambient  Assisted  Living  (AAL)  •  ERRIN  (Regions)  •  World  Bank  •  LLiSA  (South  Africa)  •  European  Business  and  InnovaEon  Centre  Network  (EBN)  •  InternaEonal  AssociaEon  of  Science  Parks  (IASP)   14/03/2012  
  11. 11. Lutakko  Living  Lab   (JAMK)    …CreaEng  Team  Entrepreneurs!      Team  Academy  a  living  lab  where  team  entrepreneurs  innovate  and  co-­‐create  innovaEons  in  sustainable  customer  relaEonships…    •  In  Team  Academy  business  and  entrepreneurship  skills  are  learnt  I  pracEce  by  doing  real-­‐life   projects  to  customers  •  Every  student  belongs  to  a  team  and  cooperaEve  company.  All  projects  are  done  with  the  help  of   other  team  members  •  Emphasizing  self-­‐reflecEon  in  order  to  develop  entrepreneurial  idenEty  and  personal  growth  •  CounEng  every  learning  situaEon  as  ”real  learning”.  Learning  happens  everywhere,  not  just  in  the   classroom  •  Building  a  culture  and  pracEces  that  enable  learners  to  learn  from  their  mistakes  and  failures    Spinoff  Monkey  Business:    Einsteins  hour  =  Free  one  hour  coaching  for  leaders  Superhero  learning  process  creates  intrapreneurship  and  well-­‐being  among  the  employees     14/03/2012  
  12. 12. Future  Classroom  Lab   (European  Schoolnet)  …focusing  on  changing  teaching  pedagogy  for  21st  Learning,  supported  by  technology  and  design.    TradiEonal  classroom  seqng  can  use  technology  to  enhance  interacEvity  and  student  parEcipaEon,  plus  a  large  open  space  (divided  into  five  learning  ‘zones’)  equipped  with  technology.      In  parEcular,  the  Future  Classroom  Lab  will  be  used  as  an  environment  to:      •  SEmulate  discussions  and  illustrate  pracEce  related  to  a  range  of  current  and   prospecEve  innovaEve  teaching  and  learning  scenarios.  •  Provide  hands-­‐on  training  faciliEes  for  teachers,  head  teachers  and  ICT  advisers.  •  Act  as  a  venue  for  meeEngs,  workshops  and  events  for  Ministries  of  EducaEon,   regional  educaEon  authoriEes  and  commercial  partners.  •  Provide  a  pladorm  where  policy  makers,  pracEEoners  and  ICT  suppliers  can  come   together  in  order  to  rethink  how  teaching  and  learning  can  take  place  in  21st   century  classrooms  and  other  learning  spaces   14/03/2012  
  13. 13. Reunion  Island  Living  Lab  for     Teaching  and  Learning    …SemioEc  Web  as  a  new  paradigm  for  Teaching  and  Learning  in  the  Future  Internet    •  Teaching  &  Learning  by  Playing    •  EducaEon  (environment,  arts,  languages,  …)    •  Sign  Bases:  know-­‐how  management    •  MulEmedia  content  engineering    •  ClassificaEon  and  significaEon  processes    •  E-­‐services  on  a  Co-­‐design  pladorm    •  Sustainable  development  with  ICT    •  SemioEc  Web  :  Subject  interpretaEons  Digital  Cultural  Heritage     14/03/2012  
  14. 14. UR.LL.TL   Laboratory   Teach   Play   Learn  Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   14  
  15. 15. UR.LL.TL   Laboratory   Teach   Play   Learn    Physics  Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   15  
  16. 16. UR.LL.TL   Laboratory   Teach   Play   Learn    Physics   Living  Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   16  
  17. 17. UR.LL.TL   Laboratory   Virtual   Teach   Play   Learn    Physics   Living  Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   17  
  18. 18. Context  of  a  new  educaEon   paradigm   SemioEc   Web   The  Web  of  Signs  rather  that  the  Web  of  Things  Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   18  
  19. 19. What  is  a  sign?   Sign   Content   Form   Meaning   “There is the first part where the left and right hand play the same notes, namely two fifths (plays). For the right hand, we will develop all notes but for the moment, it is better to play only the fifths, so that the notes are rapidly incorporated (plays the fifths). “   Data   InformaEon   Knowledge   (made  explicit)   A  sign  is  subjecEve:  there  are  as  many  interpretaEons  as  subjects  (interpreters)  Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   19  
  20. 20. Sign  management   Sign   hxp://sites.google.com/site/noelconruyt/enoll-­‐membership  Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   20  
  21. 21. Sign  management   Sign   Content  Data  Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   21  
  22. 22. Sign  management   Sign   Content  Data   Form InformaEon  Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   22  
  23. 23. Sign  management  “There is the first part where the left and right hand play thesame notes, namely two fifths (plays). For the right hand,we will develop all notes but for the moment, it is better toplay only the fifths, so that the notes are rapidlyincorporated (plays the fifths). “   Knowledge   Sense Sign   Content  Data   Form InformaEon   Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   23  
  24. 24. Knowledge  transmission   TradiEonal  teaching  method  in  instrumental  music  Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   24  
  25. 25. Instrumental  learning   Teacher  corrects   mistakes,  gives     advices   No   Technical   Teacher  suggests   Student  learns   Piece  presentaEon   aspects    a  new  piece    progressively  at  home   solved?   Yes   Play  the  piece   Focus  on   in  public    InterpretaEon  The  idea  is  to  bring  the  professor  at  home  to  learn  music  pieces  with  advices  from  him  Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   25  
  26. 26. Idea  -­‐  concept   Imagine:  your  guitar  resEng  perfectly  on  the  thigh,  you  listen  to  “Forbidden  Games”  while   watching  the  hands  of  the  teacher  on  the  television.  Close-­‐ups,  slow  moEon,  back-­‐ups,  replays,  everything  is  possible  while  you  can  learn  to  play  along  with  the  teacher.  In  order  to  assist  you,  sheet  music  lights  up  each  note  as  it  is  being  played:  all  of  this  on  full  screen,  high-­‐definiEon  video  and  natural  stereo  sound!  In  addiEon,  the  teacher’s  advice  is  associated  with   the  notes  and  the  measures  in  play,  in  the  form  of  visual  and  verbal  commentary.   A  Knowledge  base  is  a  qualitaEve  DVD  to  transmit  know-­‐how  from  Teachers  to  Learners   Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   26  
  27. 27. Evolving  e-­‐services  Digital  Cultural  Heritage   Living  Labs   27  
  28. 28. Ways  of  Learning  for  the  Future     (WOLF  LL)    …on  E-­‐learning,  knowledge  transmission  &  serious  games    Pedagogical  apps  for  tablets  with  (an  industrial)  partner  eduPad  for  schools  and  colleges,  working  with  the  users  to:    •  Implement  a  resource  base  of  protocols,  data  and  experiments  on  an  internaEonal  scale;  the   value  of  such  a  resource  base  is  enhanced  by  the  number  and  diversity  of  users  included  in   its  scope.  •  Develop  quality  metrics  that  model  user  behavior  in  experimental  contexts,  in  order  to   obtain  objecEve  criteria  that  can  in  turn  be  used  to  comprehensively  validate  interfaces,   pladorms  and  knowledge  management/transfer  systems.  •  Make  progress  in  terms  of  standardizing  quality  criteria  interfaces,  pladorms  and  knowledge   management/transfer  systems.  Such  standards  should  enable  users  to  choose  soluEons  that   offer  a  cerEfied  minimum  standard  of  quality.  •  IdenEfy  emoEonal  and/or  sensorial  obstacles  and  accelerators  that  influence  the  use  of   digital  tools  in  digital  knowledge  management/transfer  systems.  •  Provide  users/associaEons/groups  with  knowledge  producEon/transfer/access  technologies   for  unrestricted  assessment,  with  the  aim  of  measuring  and/or  idenEfying  the  processes  of   adopEon,  adaptaEon  and/or  customizaEon  of  digital  tools  by  the  user,  as  well  as  any   processes  of  misuse  or  alternaEve  uses  based  on  the  individual  user  experience,  etc.           14/03/2012    
  29. 29. FI  CONTENT    •  Part  of  the  Future  Internet  Public-­‐Private  Partnership   Programme  (5  year  programme  funded  by  the  EU  and   Industry)  •  Focuses  among  other  areas,  on  educa4on  and  e-­‐Learning   while  applying  a  user  driven  open  innova4on  approach  in  its   implementa4on  •  ENoLL  part  of  Concord  5    yar  supporEng  and  faclitaEon  acEon   14/03/2012  
  30. 30. FI-CONTENT rationale• Media & Content : a key usage driver forthe Future Internet !Media & Content : a key usage driver for the Future Internet ! •  Media & Content already most of the Internet traffic, steadily increasing •  Media & Content has a decisive influence on technical and social dimensions of the Future Internet •  FI-CONTENT delivers the Media & Content applications for the FI- PPP programme Sep 6, 2012 EFQUEL event FI-CONTENT
  31. 31. FI-CONTENT – The 5 Content Areas Games  &  virtual     Disney  Zurich(CH)   Environments(A)     WP2 Use case scenarios Disney  Black  Rock(UK)   WP5 Phase 2 preparation Orange(FR)  High  End  B2B  services(D)     DFKI(DE)   UGC  entertaiment(C)     WP3-WP4 link with CP Orange(FR)   Barco(BE)   Solu4ons   Grassroots  Arts(DE)   IBBT(BE)   BBC(UK)   Enablers   Fraunhofer  Fokus(DE)   Thales(FR)   Standards   Telefonica(ES)   Edutainment  &  Culture(E)     Professionally     ALL   Generated  Content(B)   BBC(UK)   BBC(UK)   Fraunhofer  IAIS(DE)   RBB(DE)   RBB(DE)   Grassroots  Arts(DE)   Disney   Technicolor(FR)   Telecom  Italia(IT)   Telecom  Italia(IT)   IRT(DE)   Telefonica(ES)   Xxx:  Content  area  task  leader  31 Sep 6, 2012 EFQUEL event FI-CONTENT
  32. 32. Model of Local User Driven Open Innovation Ecosystem, Phase 1 SME 2 SME 3 Public Adminisdtr SME 1 ation Teacher team University Student   team(s)   School Student   Labs   Research School Organisation Network Sep 6, 2012 EFQUEL event FI-CONTENT
  33. 33. Content area E: Edutainment & Culture •  Objective •  The idea of this content area is to show that education and culture supported by the Future Internet can be a motivating experience for all citizens. The main focus is to enable:Edutainment  &  Culture  (E)     Ø Knowledge access in the ubiquitous internet Ø Knowledge understanding Ø Local and networked presentation in the internet (mobile)33 Sep 6, 2012 EFQUEL event FI-CONTENT
  34. 34. Content area E: Edutainment & CultureMethodology: overview (1/2) Analysis   Internal & with partners, brainstorming sessions, state User requirements of the art and research gathering and use cases refinement Design   Use cases and EvaluaEon   scenario definition Interviews, regular meetings and focus group with end-users34 Sep 6, 2012 EFQUEL event FI-CONTENT
  35. 35. Content area E: Edutainment & Culture •  Methodology: user centric design (2/2) Ø  Involve young generation in co-creation of the Future Media Internet; Ø  ask students and teachers what they would like to do in the Future Internet, which does not exists today;Ø  Highly interactive and cooperative model whereby end users will be involved in the ideation and conceiving of the user media applications drafted – in essence a participatory approach. 35 Sep 6, 2012 EFQUEL event FI-CONTENT
  36. 36. Kick-off meeting of Focus Group –  Kick-off meeting of the focus group in Cologne (5th July) –  18 Members: •  Professors from universities in Cologne •  School director •  Teachers •  Student laboratory staff •  German school network „Schulen ans Netz“ (eTwinning) –  Topics •  Introduction FI PPP Content to members •  Presentation of the Edutainment and eCulture UC •  Discussion about the UC •  Discussion about role and expectations of the FG members36 Sep 6, 2012 EFQUEL event FI-CONTENT
  37. 37. Focus Group: Edutainment & Culture, Cologne, DE •  Preliminary findings •  Educational Domain Experts expressed their interest in the subject Future Internet for education and culture, mainly to equip any ere a nywh ccess have pen a student and teacher with future media o - a ny t i m e in g a n d e arn t internet o e-le ral conten skills and services in order to… t cu ltu search, r et online in rieve and select formatio a n d be y o n critical nd Googl ly Wikipedi e and a37 Sep 6, 2012 EFQUEL event FI-CONTENT
  38. 38. •  Kick off meeting of Student Focus Group 23.Sep.11•  Impressions from the Kick-off of Student Focus Group with 80 pupils of 10th grade (15years )• •  Regular Focus group meeting, next 17th. Oct. 11 in the framework of media project course with 20 students.• •  Start Partnerships with other schools over etwinning•  Long term aim to bootstrap living network of schools as user community for large scale experiments Sep 6, 2012 EFQUEL event FI-CONTENT
  39. 39. Focus Group: Edutainment & Culture •  Preliminary findings •  Students expressed their high interest in the subject Future Internet for education and culture, mainly to collaborate in real and livirtualhproject teams with other ultur al ve c y suc ga durin a real cit val of e studentsni in Europe vent in nt “C ar n ve rli as t h e e es” in Be r Cultu find rele without vant con navigatin tent me a n i n g g through less sear ch result s39 Sep 6, 2012 EFQUEL event FI-CONTENT
  40. 40. Please contact us: Carmen Mac Williams, Grassroots Arts and Research Email Carmen@grassroots-arts.eu40 Sep 6, 2012 EFQUEL event FI-CONTENT
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