Alvaro De Oliveira, President, European Network of Living Labs - from Policy to Methodology, Shanghai Expo 2010


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ENoLL President Alvaro de Oliveira
Presentation at the Shanghai World Expo 2010
13 October 2010

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Alvaro De Oliveira, President, European Network of Living Labs - from Policy to Methodology, Shanghai Expo 2010

  1. 1. Forum  Virium  Helsinki  Session   The  European  Network  of  Living   Labs  –  from  Policy  to  methodology   Álvaro  de  Oliveira   ENoLL  President   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   1   1  
  2. 2. Overview   •   Living  Labs.  User  driven  innovaJon.  CreaJng  services  with   people.Methodologies.   •  The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ENoLL)   •  The  European  InnovaJon  Policy   •  Future  Internet,  Internet  of  things  and  Living  Labs   convergence.     •  Living  Labs  and  Smart  CiJes  projects   •  InternaJonal  CollaboraJon.  The  case  of  Brazil   •  Helsinki  InnovaJon  gateway.  ENoLL  proposal.   •  Conclusions   10/20/10   2   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   2   2  
  3. 3. Global  Challenges  of  our  Jme   •  Finding  soluJons  for  energy  sustainability.   •  Finding  soluJons  for  climate  change.   •  Managing  demographic  shiVs.   •  PrevenJng  and  managing  health  and  ageing   problems.   •  Providing  safe  water  supplies.   •  Maintaining  food  security.   •  OpJmizing  mobility.   •  ImplemenJng  security.   10/20/10   3   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   3   3  
  4. 4. Sustainable  SoluJons   •  The  scale  of  problems  creates  the  need  to  harness  the  widest   possible  set  of  resources  for  problem  solving  involving  diverse  types   of  knowledge,  resources  parJcipaJon  and  collaboraJon.     •  SoluJons  need  to  harness  the  moJvaJon  of  millions  of  individuals   and  their  communiJes.  SoluJons  cannot  be  pushed  down  at  people   to  force  changing  behavior.   •  New,  distributed  and  highly  parJcipatory  systems  in  order  to   achieve  user  behavior  transformaJon  are  required.  New  roles  of   companies  and  public  sector  are  needed  in  the  demand,  user  and   ciJzen  driven  open  RDI  enabled  by  ICT.   •  Living  Labs  provide  open  eco-­‐systems,  engage  and  moJvate  the  RDI   stakeholders,  sJmulate  collaboraJon,  create  lead  markets  and   enable  behavior  transformaJon.   10/20/10   4   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   4   4  
  5. 5. What  is  a  Living  Lab?   •  In  the  tradiJonal  research  environment  scienJsts  and  researchers   are  engaged  in  the  development  of  new  technologies,  products  and   services  to  meet  perceived  market  needs  which  many  Jmes  don’t   materialize  or  are  not  met  by  technology  pushed  soluJons.   •  Living  Labs  are  a  user-­‐driven  open  innovaJon  eco-­‐system  where  the   user  (ciJzen,  resident,  worker,  student,  visitor,  customer)  lives,   works,  studies,  plays  and  entertains.  In  this  real  living  environment,   the  user  co-­‐creates,  experiments  and  tests  new  ideas,  products  and   services.  User  centric  soluJons  and  social  innovaJon  processes  lead   to  new  forms  of  producJvity  and  compeJJveness.   10/20/10   5   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   5   5  
  6. 6. Living  Lab  Eco-­‐system   UniverisJes     Public   and  Research   AdministraJon   OrganizaJons   Living   Lab   Funding  and   Enterprises   Financing   RDI  Stakeholders(PPPP)   FacilitaJon   User  CommuniJes   Co-­‐creaJon   Charisma   Real   New  Business  Models   Trust   Virtual   Social  InnovaJon   EmoJon   Shared  Leadrship   10/20/10   6   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   6   6  
  7. 7. What  is  to  be  gained  from  user-­‐involvement?   •  Discovering  what  users  want  and  need.   Discovering  unexpressed  needs.  Efficient   source  of  new  ideas.   •  Users  engagement  –  What  moJvates  them?   •  Test  ideas,  services,  concepts,  products.     •   Earlier  adopters.Speeding  up  acceptance.The   users  do  the  selling.   •   Growth  ,  sustainability  of  user  communiJes   Source: Form It Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   7  
  8. 8. Co-­‐creaJng  Services  with  the  Users   Source: Form It Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   8  
  9. 9. Living  Lab  Methodologies   •  Increased  collaboraJon  between  public  authoriJes,   research  centers,  businesses  and  user  communiJes   (PPPPs).   •  CreaJon  and  exploitaJon  of  new  technologies,   products,  services  and  business  models.  Increased   producJvity  of    RDI  acJviJes.   •  Improved  cooperaJon  in  InternaJonal  networks.   •  Facilitated  internaJonal  posiJoning  and  privileged   access  to  the  markets.   •  Facilitated  development  of  human  capital  and   increased  sustainability  culture.   10/20/10   9   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   9   9  
  10. 10. FIAPAL  Living  Lab  (1/2)   RENAULT   AUTOEUROPA,   AUTOEUROPA,   AUTOEUROPA   OEMS   Assembler   GM,  PSA   GM,  PSA   PSA,  Others   10   50   120   180   180   Added  Value     InnovaJon   Clubs  of   FIAPAL     Non-­‐existent   Networks   Networks   Suppliers   Living  Lab   (LL  Methodology)   (LL  Methodology)   500  Millions   4  Billions      5  Billions     6  Billions   1.5  Billions  Euros   Euros    Euros   Euros   Euros   1992   1995   2000   2005   2010   10/20/10   10   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   10   10  
  11. 11. FIAPAL  Living  Lab  (2/2)   F   InternaLonal  Research  OrganizaLons   I   MIT   IPA   Carnigie  Mellon   M   N   A   A   R   N   K   C   Technological  Centers   E   E   T   Research  OrganizaLons   CEIIA   Technological  Centers   F   U   U   S   N   AssociaLons  and  Training   E   D   Palmela  Industrial  Park   ATEC   Other  AssociaLons   R   I   S   N   G   Reserach,  Engineering,  InnovaLon,  Training   ALL-­‐Net  1   FIAPAL  LL   ALL-­‐Net    N   OEM  1   OEM  N   S1   Sn-­‐2   Sn-­‐1   Sn   AutomoLve  Living  Lab  Network   10/20/10   11   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   11   11  
  12. 12. European  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ENoLL)   (212)   1st  Wave     –   19   2nd  Wave     –   32   3rd  Wave     –   68   4th  Wave     –   93   10/20/10   12   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   12   12  
  13. 13. The  EU  Presidencies  and  ENoLL   1st  Wave     2nd  Wave     3rd  Wave     4th  Wave     5th  Wave     Autumn   Autumn   Autumn   Autumn   Autumn   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010   French  Presidency,     Spanish  Presidency,     Hungarian  Presidency,     Autumn  2008   Spring  2010   Spring    2011   Finish  Presidency,   Portuguese   Slovenian  Presidency,     Sweeden  Presidency,     Belgium   Autumn  2006   Presidency,     Spring  2008   Autumn  2009   Presidency,     Autumn  2007   Autumn  2010   10/20/10   13   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   13   13  
  14. 14. Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   14  
  15. 15. European  RDI  System   Pre-­‐Commercial   Procurement  of  InnovaLon   European   InsLtute  of  Technology   ENoLL   10/20/10   15   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   15   15  
  16. 16. A  Digital  Agenda  for  Europe   The 7 pillars:   digital single market   openness & interoperability   online trust & security   Internet for all   ICT research & innovation   digital inclusion   digital public services These  challenges  are  as  well     key  challenges  for  ciJes     in  becoming  “smarter”     Source:  DGINFSO  Dr.  Max  Lemke   10/20/10   16   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   16   16  
  17. 17. European  RDI  Policies   •  FP7  Programme   •  CIP  Programme   •  ThemaJc  Domains  (Energy,  Health,  Mobility,  e-­‐Government,  etc)   •  Smart  CiJes   •  Smart  Regions   •  PPP  Programmes   •  Future  Internet   •  Factory  of  the  Future   •  Electric  Car   •  Efficient  Buildings   •  Regional  and  cross-­‐border  development.   •  Pre-­‐Commercial  Procurement  of  InnovaJon.   The  European  RDI  policies  foster  partnerships  for  collaboraJve  human-­‐ centric,  user-­‐driven  open  innovaJon  methodologies  as  provided  by   Living  Lab  eco-­‐systems.   10/20/10   17   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   17   17  
  18. 18. PreCo  Pre-­‐commercial  procurement  of  InnovaJon   Pre-commercial Procurement Phase 0 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Explorat Solution design Prototype Pre-commercial Commercialisation ory development small scale Diffusion Research product/service of product/service development Supplier A - Field Test Supplier B Supplier Supplier Supplier Supplier C A,B,C,D Supplier Supplier or X Supplier Supplier Tender for commercial deployment Pre-commercial Tender (WTO GPA & Procurement Directives (WTO GPA & Procurement applicable) Directives not applicable) 10/20/10   18   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   18   18  
  19. 19. Living  Lab  Types   •  Local  Living  Labs   •  Regional  Living  Labs   •  NaJonal  Networks   •  Crossborder    Living  Labs   •  ThemaJc    domains  of  LivinLabs:Energy,Health   andWellBeing,Environment,Biotechnologies,   Agrifood,  Mobillity,Smart  ciJes,Smart   factories,Security   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   19  
  20. 20. Smart  City:  A  System  of  Systems    Infrastructure   –   TransportaJon,  uJliJes,  communicaJons,  water  management,  energy,   etc.   –   Improving  quality,  efficiency  and  sustainability    Business   –   Smart  government  ajracJng  and  retaining  companies  and  starJng   new  ventures   –   Planning,  product  and  services  regulaJons,  openness  to  foreign  trade   and  investment,  taxaJon,  ease  of  starJng  new  businesses…   –   CreaJng  jobs  and  wealth    Human  Capital   –   Basic  human  services:  educaJon,  healthcare,  public  safety…   –   Social,  community  and  cultural  services   –   AjracJng  and  retaining  talented  people   Source:    Gérald  Santucci,  European  Commission   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   20  
  21. 21. Smart  Services  for  Smart  CiJes   Source:    Gérald  Santucci,  European  Commission   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   21  
  22. 22. Alfamicro  Living  Labs  Projects   SAVE  ENERGY   APOLLON   FIREBALL   PreCo   PERIPHÈRIA   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   22  
  23. 23. PERIPHÈRIA  Smart  City  Living  Lab  Arenas   Arena:  an  archetypal  urban  seong  in  which  Living  Lab   stakeholders  co-­‐design  sustainable  new  services  and  new   ways  of  living:   • Malmö  –  Smart  Neighborhood:  where  media-­‐based  social   interacJon  occurs   • Bremen  –  Smart  Street:  where  new  mobility  behaviours   develop   • Athens  –  Smart  Square:  where  civic  decisions  are  taken   • Genoa  –  Smart  Museum  and  Park:  where  natural  and  cultural   heritage  feed  quality  of  life   • Palmela  –  Smart  City  Hall:  where  mobile  e-­‐government   services  are  delivered.   • Helsinki,  Lisbon  and  Rio  de  Janeiro.   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   23  
  24. 24. PERIPHÈRIA  Smart  CiJes  Architecture   Smart  City  Social  World  (ARENAS)   SMART   SMART   SMART   SMART   SMART   24   Neighbourhood   Street   City  Hall   Museum  Parks   Square   Privacy  preserving   Human  CollaboraJon  Plaqorm   Smart  City  Digital  World  (PLATFORMS)   Gaming   LocaJon   3D,  AR   Portal   Web  2.0   Services   Services   Services   Services   Services   Security  enabled   Data  Interoperability  Plaqorm   Smart  City  Real  World  (THINGS)   Sensors   Intellig.   Smart   MulJm.   Ambient   Cameras   Objects   Devices   Interact.   Intellig.   Periphèria  –  Smart  CiJes  Porqolio  Working  Group   15/09/2010   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   24  
  25. 25. SAVE  ENERGY  Living  Lab  Project   Goals:   •  Smart  ICT  Energy   Efficiency  model  and   plaqorm  aiming  at   20%   •  Serious  Game  focused   on  Energy  Efficiency  at   Public  Spaces   •  User  behavior   transformaJon.  Living     Lab  methodology   •  Pilots  commijed  to   extend  results  beyond   project  compleJon   •  European  wide   disseminaJon  of   results   10/20/10   •  Policy   25   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   RecommendaJons  to   25   25   the  EU  Commission  
  26. 26. Helsinki  Pilot  Co-­‐creaJon   Users: Ideas,   S   EvaluaLon   Teachers, pupils Proposals   A   V   Technical E   Experts AcLon   EvaluaLon   Plan   E   Historical Data: N   Made Energy Project ImplementaLon  of     E   Audits Plan the  Pilots  and  Game   R   G   Supporting Y   Companies Investment   Plan   Source SAVE  ENERGY  Techinical  MeeJng     Helsinki;  Arne  Gylling  &  Asko  kippo   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   26  
  27. 27. Social  InformaJon  Architecture   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   27  
  28. 28. Living  Lab  Cross-­‐border     Benchmark   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   28  
  29. 29. FIREBALL     Living  Labs,  Future  Internet  and  Smart  CiJes  Convergence   Future Internet Research Experimental testbeds Innovation in Smart Cities and facilities Open Experimental Open User Innovation in testbeds User Driven Smart Cities and Driven Innovation facilities Innovation Environmens Environments (Living Labs) 10/20/10   29   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   29   29  
  30. 30. Alfamicro  Projects  Partnerships   •  Aalto  University     •  ISA   •  MIT  Portugal   •  Y-­‐Dreams   •  Fraunhofer  InsJtute   •  Process  Vision     •  PUC  (Univ.Cath.Rio  J.)   •  EDP  Brasil   •  Nokia     •  Rio  de  Janeiro   •  Siemens   •  INdT(Nokia  InsJtute)   •  FIAPAL(AutomoJveLL)   •  NaJonal,  Regional,   •  SAP   Local  Governments   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   30  
  31. 31. Alfamicro  Large  Scale  Pilot  Projects   •   10.000  houses  in  São  Paulo  and  10.000   houses  in  Vitória  (Brazil)  –  Smart   Metering  and  Smart  Grid  large  scale   projects  to  increase  market  awareness,   understand  technologies  and  exisJng   business  models,  and  support  policy   recommendaJons.   •   50.000  homes  in  Portugal  –     (Pilot  for  Energy  Efficiency).   Strategic  Research  Center     on  Energy  Efficiency  in  Portugal.   MunicipaliJes  of:  Águeda,  Cascais,  Sintra   and  Palmela.   •   10.000  houses  in  France  –   Smart  Metering  Energy   Efficiency  pilot  project.  First   phase  has  already  started.   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   31  
  32. 32. ENoLL  AcJviJes  in  Brazil   InternaJonal  Forum  for   Technology  and  InnovaJon,   Vitoria,  ES,  November  2008   Workshop  LLs,  Vitoria,  ES,  April   Workshop  on  Living  Labs,   Federal  Government    and  EU   Living  Labs  Workshop,  Belém,   24th  2009   Manaus,  July  2008   Commission  Workshop  on  Living   Pará,  30/Nov/2009   Labs,    Brasília,  September  2008   Living  Labs  Workshop,  Espírito   Workshop  on  InnovaJon  and   Santo,    ES,  September  28th   Federal  Government    MeeJngs   2009.   Living  Labs,  Manaus,  October   2008   on  Living  Labs,    Brasília,   November  9th  2009   Espirito  Santo  Living  Lab   Workshop,  Vitoria,  ES,  June   Workshop  on  InnovaJon  and   2009   Living  Labs,  Manaus,   September  2009   Espirito  Santo  Living  Lab   Workshop,  Vitoria,  ES,  July  31th   Living  Labs  for  InternaJonal   2009   CooperaJon.  FIAM,  Manaus,   November  26th  2009   Living  Labs  Workshop    -­‐  UFES,   Vitória,  ES,    December  2009   INOV  Conference,  Manaus,   November  4th  ,  5th    2010   Living  Labs  Energy  Efficiency,   Escelsa,  Vitória,  ES,  December   2009   Digital  Niterói,  Niteroi,  Rio  de   InnovaJon  and  Living  Labs   Janeiro,  RJ,  December  2008   Brazilian  Living  Labs:   Workshop,  São  Paulo,  SP   1.    LL  awareness,  Brazilian  LL  parJcipants   September  2008   on    European  Events  (EU  Lyon  08,   Rio  Living  Lab  MeeJng,  Rio  de   Helsinki  08,  EU  Portugal  07,  EU   Smart  CiJes,  São  Paulo,  SP,   Janeiro,    December  30th  2010   Slovenia  08,  Brussels  08,  etc)   December  2009   2.      Brazilian  Living  Labs  and  ENoLL   INSME,  Rio  de  Janeiro,    May   Energy  Living  Labs  Workshop,   EU-­‐Brazil  LLs  Conference,   3.      Emerging  Living  Labs   10th    -­‐  12th  2010   EDP  Inovação,  São  Paulo,  SP,   Campinas,  SP,  October  2010   4.      Brazilian  Living  Labs  Network   December  2009   (t.b.c.)   Energy  Living  Labs  Workshop,   Rio  Living  Lab  MeeJng,  Rio  de   EDP  Inovação,  São  Paulo,  SP,  July   Janeiro,    July  15th  2010   15th  2010   32   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   32  
  33. 33. Brazilian  Network  of  Living  Labs   •  ExisLng  Living  Labs  domains   •   Sustainable  Energy  and  Energy  Efficiency   •   Environment  Technologies.  Sustainability   •   Biotechnology.  Biodiversity   •   Enviroment  Technologies   •   Natural  Products  TradiJonal  PracJces   •   Social  InnovaJon.  Inclusion   •  Emerging  Living  Labs  domain   •   Internet  of  Things  and  Intelligent  LogisJcs   •   AutomoJve  Industry   •   Civil  AeronauJcs  Industry   •   Agrifood.  Healthy  Food   •   CreaJve  IT  Industries   •   ThemaJc  Tourism  (Eco-­‐acJviJes)   •   Security   25th  –  27th  August   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   33   33   2010  
  34. 34. Rio  de  Janeiro  Well  Being  Living  Lab   Driven  by   Partners:   Olympics   RJ  State  Government   Spirit   Healthy Olympic  Commieee   Social Living, Genesis  InsLtute   Inclusion, Sports Porto  Maravilha   e- Smart  CiJes,   Municipality   Participation Urban   Socio  Design   Environment Renewal   FUNDARPE   , Rio  de  Janeiro   QuickMind   Sustainabilit Milestone   y Well  Being   Culture, Entertainmen EduWeb   PUC-­‐Rio   Arts, Design, Living  Lab   t, Lifestyle SEBRAE   RioFilm   Fashion Affero   Globo   Digital Others FINEP   Production, SECRJ   Publishing, Thematic others   TV Tourism Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   34  
  35. 35. Amazonia  Living  Lab   Partners:   Driven  by   AM  State  Government   AmazonasTur   Nature   (a)  Includes  the  Living  Labs:   Biomedicines  and     SUFRAMA   InnovaLon    Bio  cosmeLcs.   EMBRAPA   (a)  Includes  tradiLonal   FAPEAM     Ecotourism culture,  handcrais,   Biodiversity entrepneurship,  micro   SEBRAE   (a) businesses,  etc.   CIEAM   Sustainable   (b)  CommuniLes   FIEAM   CoordinaLon   Energy   UFAM   CooperaLon.   Well CETA   Being Amazonia   INPA   Health SECT   Living  Lab     Sustainable Environment INdT   UEA   ICT (c)   others   Assisted Learning Others Culture Preservation Digital (b) Inclusion Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   35  
  36. 36. Conclusions  (1/2)   Living  Labs  are  User  Driven  Open  Innova1on  PlaDorms  where  stakeholders  have  formed  a   Public-­‐Private-­‐People-­‐Partnership  (PPPP)  of  firms,  public  agencies,  universi1es,  ins1tutes   and  users  all  collabora1ng  for  crea1ng,  prototyping,  and  valida1ng  new  service-­‐products     and  societal  infrastructures  in  real-­‐life  contexts.  Such  contexts  are  ci1es,  villages  and   rural  areas  as  well  as  industrial  plants.” A Living Lab empowers users to drive research, development and innovation for ICT based services addressing major socio-economic issues (energy and environment; well being, e-health and inclusion; media and creativity; logistics and manufacturing regional development…) •  Bringing  users  early  into  the  crea1ve   process,  accessing  the  Collec1ve   Intelligence   •  Bridging  the  innova1on  gap  between   technology  development  and  the  uptake   of  new  products  and  services   •  Allowing  for  early  assessment  of  the   socio-­‐economic  implica1ons  of  new   technological  solu1ons   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   36  
  37. 37. Conclusions  (2/2)   •  Living   Labs   are   a   pillar   of   the   European   InnovaJon   System.   The   Policy   is   supported   by   the   European   Commission   and   EU   Presidencies   and   is   in   line   with   the   Europe   2020   Strategy   and   the   Europe  Digital  Agenda.   •  EvoluJon  and  social  changes.  Sustainable  Urban  Well  Being  trends   are   emerging   driven   by   the   direct   parJcipaJons   of   the   ciJziens   and   applicaJons  of  Future  Internet  Technologies  (Smart  CiLes).   •  Regions   and   territories   are   increasingly   becoming   dynamic   Living   Enviroments  requiring  the  capacity  to  develop  enable  and  adapt  to   fast   technological,   societal   and   cultural   changes.   Living   Lab   collaboraJon   methodologies   can   be   the   answer   to   adress   these   challenges  in  the  context  of  Smart  Regions.   Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   37  
  38. 38. Helsinki  as  the  gateway  for     Finland  -­‐  China  InnovaJon     •  Well  established  and  top  ranking  InnovaJon  System.Pro-­‐acJve   openess  for  collaboraJon.Public  services  trust.Open  data.   •  Founding  member  of  the  European  Network  of  Living  Labs   (Helsinki  Manifesto  –  2007  and  1st  Wave  of  Living  Labs   iniJaJve.Large  and  well  established  LL  Network)   •  Living  Lab  higher  educaJon,  research  and  policy.  A  hub  for   InnovaJon  partnerships   •  On  the  leading  edge  of  European  Smart  CiJes  (The  Helsinki   FIREBALLSmart  City  showcase).Launching  of    the  Network  of   Smart  CiJes  on  the  18th  of  November  2010,led  by  Helsinki.   •  World  Design  Capital  2012.     •  A    gateway  to  the  European  market  driven  by  reputaJon,   InnovaJon  and  business  excellence.     10/20/10   38   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   38   38  
  39. 39. ENoLL  Proposal   •  Take  advantage  of  ENoLL  sharing  of  open  experience  and   collaboraJon.FAO,INSME,EBN  cooperaJon  agreements.   •  Recreate    in  China  the  successful  LL  experience  of  Brazil.Take  the   leading  role  in  Shangai.3  chinese  LLs:Tianjin-­‐China  LL,MC-­‐Mobile   life  Club  of  China,LLCM-­‐LL  of  China  MCC   •  Establish  Europe-­‐Brazil-­‐China  LL  partnerships.Finland  and  Portugal.   •  Renewable  energy,Environment,Health  and  Well  Being,Social   InnovaJon    are  among  the  strategic  sectors  of  Shanghai  InnovaJon   driven  growth  model    –Mayor  Han  Zheng  -­‐10th  Nov  2010  at  IBLAC  .   •  EU-­‐China  LL  Conference  to  foster  LL  iniJaJve  in  China   •  5th  Call  for  ENoLL  membership  to  be  launched  on  the  16th  of   December  2010  by  the  EU  Belgian  Presidence  in  Ghent.Results  to   be  publicly  announced  on  the  18th  of  May  2011  by  the  EU   Hungarian  Presidency  in  Budapest.   10/20/10   39   •   More  informaJon  5th  Call:   13th  October  2 October  2010   Shanghai,  13th  010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   39   39  
  40. 40.  Thank  You   Álvaro  de  Oliveira                          Phone:    +351  21  486  67  84                              Mobile:    +351  91  666  66  66                          Skype:    alvaroduarteoliveira                                                                                              Adresses:                ENoLL    Office                                                                                                                                                Pleinlaan  N  9B                                                                                                                                                1050  Brussels                                                                                                                                                BELGIUM                                                                                                                                              Alfamicro            Alameda  da  Guia,  192-­‐A                    2750-­‐368  Cascais            PORTUGAL       Shanghai,  13th  October  2010   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs-­‐  from  Policy  to  methodology   40