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Evolution of the European Network of Living Labs Alvaro Oliveira


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Poznan, Poland. October 24th 2011
Shaping out the Future Internet for a better society - Global Partnerships for Social Innovation

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Evolution of the European Network of Living Labs Alvaro Oliveira

  1. 1. Evolu&on  of  the    European  Network  of  Living  Labs   Prof.  Álvaro  de  Oliveira      President  of  the  ENoLL  Associa8on   (European  Network  of  Living  Labs)     Poznan,  Poland.  October  24th  2011   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer  society  -­‐  Global   1   Partnerships  for  Social  Innova8on    
  2. 2. Overview  •  Challenges  of  our  8me  •  Living  Labs  •  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  •  Living  Labs  cross-­‐border  projects  •  ENoLL  Globaliza8on    •  The  case  of  Brazil  (BNoLL)  •  The  case  of  Africa  (ANoLL)  •  The  case  of  China  (CNoLL)  •  Global  projects  •  ENoLL  PPP  ini8a8ve  ut  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   Shaping  o society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   2   Innova8on    
  3. 3. Global  Challenges  of  our  Time  •  Finding  solu8ons  for  clean  energy  sustainability  •  Finding  solu8ons  for  climate  change  •  Managing  democraphic  shiQs  •  Wellbeing  and  assisted  living.  Health  and  ageing  •  Providing  safer  water  supplies  •  Food  sustainability  •  Waste  management  •  Green  mobility  •  Improving  security     Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   3   Innova8on    
  4. 4. Big  Challenges  of  our  Democracies  •  Transparency  and  trust  on  the  poli8cal  system  •  Trust  in  the  public  administra8on  •  Ci8zens  mass  par8cipa8on  •  Behaviour  transforma8on  •  Sense  of  belonging  and  iden8ty  •  Social  inclusion  and  social  integra8on  •  Crisis  of  the  world  financial  system  •  World  stability     Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   4   Innova8on    
  5. 5. EUROPE  2020  Architecture   3  Priori&es   Smart,  Sustainable  and  Inclusive  growth   5  Targets   7  Flagships    75  %  employment  rate   Innova&on  Union       Youth  on  the  move    3%  GDP  investment  in  R&D     A  digital  agenda  for  Europe   ‘20/20/20’  climate/energy  targets     Resource  efficient  Europe       An  industrial  policy  for  the  globalisa&on   <  10%  ESL;  40%  ter&ary  degree       An  agenda  for  new  skills  and  jobs   20  million  less  people       European  plaYorm  against  poverty              at  risk  of  poverty         Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   5   Innova8on    
  6. 6. Implementa8on  barriers     for  the  Digital  Agenda   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   6   Innova8on    
  7. 7. Sustainable  Solu8ons  •  Wicked  problems  call  for  diverse  types  of  knowledge,   resource,  par8cipa8on  and  collabora8on.    •  Behaviour  change  requires  the  mo8va8on  of  millions  of   individuals  and  their  communi8es;  solu8ons  cannot  be   pushed.  •  New,  distributed  and  highly  par8cipatory  systems  imply  new   roles  for  public  and  private  spheres:  demand/user/ci8zen   driven  open  RDI  enabled  by  ICT.   Living  Labs     User  driven  open  innova8on  eco-­‐systems  engage  and  mo8vate   all  the  stakeholders,  s8mulate  co-­‐design  and  co-­‐crea8on  of   technology,  products,  services  and  social  innova8on.  Create  lead   markets  and  enable  behavior  transforma8on   7  
  8. 8. Living  Lab  Ecosystem   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   8   Innova8on    
  9. 9. Living  Lab  Methodologies  •  Users  engagement.  Communi8es  Sustainability.    •  Experiment  ideas,  services,  concepts,  products.  •  Discovering  what  users  want  and  need.  Discovering   unexpressed  needs.  Source  of  new  ideas.    •  Speeding  up  acceptance.  Earlier  adopters.  Users  do  the  selling.  •  Large  scale  sustainable  behaviour  transforma8on   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   9   Innova8on    
  10. 10. ENoLL  and  EU  Presidencies  Finish  Presidency,   Portuguese  Presidency,     French  Presidency,     Spanish  Presidency,     Hungarian  Presidency,     Danish  Presidency,     Autumn  2006   Autumn  2007   Autumn  2008   Spring  2010   Spring  2011   Spring  2012   6th  Wave     1st  Wave     2nd  Wave     3rd  Wave     4th  Wave     5th  Wave     6th  Wave     Slovenian  Presidency,     Sweedish  Presidency,     Belgium  Presidency,     Polish  Presidency,     Spring  2008   Autumn  2009   Autumn  2010   Autumn  2011   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   10   Innova8on    
  11. 11. 274  Living  Labs  1st  Wave     –   19  2nd  Wave     –   32  3rd  Wave     –   68  4th  Wave     –   93  5th  Wave   –   62   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   Total   274   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   11   Innova8on    
  12. 12. European  Network  of   Living  Labs  •  ENoLL  contributes  to  the  crea8on  of  a  dynamic,  mul8-­‐layer  and   mul8dimensional  European  Innova8on  ecosystem.  •  ENoLL  facilitates  the  coopera8on  and  the  exploita8on  of   synergies  between  members  and  groups  of  members  (thema8c   domains)  •  ENoLL  aims  at  the  Future  Internet,  Living  Labs  and  Smart  Ci8es   convergence  •  ENoLL  globalisa8on  fosters  interna8onal  open  collabora8on  to   solve  the  big  challenges  of  our  8mes,  thus  contribu8ng  to  World   stabilisa8on   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   12   Innova8on    
  13. 13. ENoLL  Today  •  236  EU  Living  Labs    •  38  Living  Labs  outside  EU  •  ENoLL  Office  headquarted  in  Brussels  with  one  full  8me  staff  member (services  to  members,  project  facilita8on,  events,  monthly  newsleEer,   ac8ve  presence  in  online  and  in  Social  Media,  engaging  in  strategic   projects)  •  Suppor8ng  services  including  the  Living  Lab  Summer  Schools  (Paris  2010,   Barcelona  2011,  Helsinki  2012),  Living  Lab  Prize    •  Globaliza8on  of  ENoLL  (in  Brazil,  in  China  and  in  Africa)  •  ENoLL  PPP  Policy    ini8a8ve  •  6th  Call  for  ENoLL  membership     Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   13   Innova8on    
  14. 14. Thema8c  Sub  Networks  of  Living  Labs  •  Energy  Efficiency.  Sustainable  Energy.  Climate  change  •  Well  Being  and  Health  •  Smart  Ci8es.  Future  Internet.  Internet  of  things.  •  Social  Innova8on.  Social  Inclusion  •  e-­‐Government.  e-­‐Par8cipa8on  •  Crea8ve  Media.  User  driven  contents.  Social   Networks.  Web  2.0  •  Thema8c  Tourism.  Culture  Services  •  Territorial  and  rural  development  of  Smart  Regions  •  Sustainable  Mobility  •  Industrial  and  logis8cs  development.  •  Security   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   14   Innova8on    
  15. 15.            ENoLL  Achivements  and  Plan  (1/2)   Large  Scale  Projects  •  Collabora8ve  CIP  Living  Labs  projects  (Energy,  AAL,  Mobility…)  •  Project  involvement  and  facilita8on  on  Smart  Ci8es  Call  (CIP   ICT-­‐PSP  programme):  porjolio  of  13  projects.  •  Partner  in  5  Smart  City  CIP  pilot  projects  •  APOLLON  and  FIREBALL  Projects  •  Future  Internet  and  Living  Labs  Social  Innova8on  Convergence   (CONCORD)   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   15   Innova8on    
  16. 16.                ENoLL  Achivements  and  Plan  (2/2)   Opera&ons  and  governance  •  Governance:  Advisory  Board  and  Think  Tank  •  Annual  conference  •  Thema8c  Workshops  •  Regional  Workshops  •  Knowledge  crea8on  and  sharing:  Living  Labs,  thema8c  tools  and   methodologies:  users,  finance,  IPR,  Interna8onal  coopera8on,  Governance  •  Living  Lab  Summer  School  (Paris  –  2010;  Barcelona  –  2011;  Helsinki  –   2012)  •  Connected  Smart  Ci8es  Network  •  Thema8c  domain  networks       Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   16   Innova8on    
  17. 17. Bringing  together  the  FI  PPP  offer     and  the  Urban  Living  Labs  demand   Funding   FI  PPP   CONCORD   ENoLL   Stakeholders   Living  Labs   Projects   Engagement   Stakeholders  Technologies   Playground     Early  markets   Resources   Repository   INFINITY   Test  beds   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   17   Innova8on    
  18. 18. Crea8ng  New  Markets   for  FI  PPP   ENoLL   Pilots     FI  PPP   Concord   Periphèria  |  CitySDK  |  Citadel   in  Africa,  Asia  and  (Use  Cases)     Brazil   World  Bank     Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   18   Innova8on    
  19. 19. Bringing  together  the  FI  PPP  offer     and  the  market  demand  communi8es  •  Set-­‐up  the  necessary  communica8on  channels  and  tools  •  Bridge  the  engagement  gaps  between  offer  and  demand  through   proac8ve  dissemina8on  and  media8on  •  Facilitate  and  support  the  convergence  of  business  requirements  •  Link  projects  with  exis8ng  networks  and  communi8es  and  develop   new  networks  •  Iden8fy    and  proac8vely  engage  poten8al  business  partnerships  •  Support  the  business  partnership  development,  ac8ng  as  “midwifes”   with  tools  (templates  for  NDAs,  contracts,  MoUs,  LeEers  of  Intent,   Business  Plans,  etc.)  and  proac8ve  business  coaching.    •  Iden8fy  adequate  funding  sources  and  facilitate  their  access  •  Create  follow  up  mechanisms  and  success  indicators   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   19   Innova8on    
  20. 20. Bringing  together  the  FI  PPP  offer     and  the  market  demand  communi8es  •  Set-­‐up  the  necessary  communica8on  channels  and  tools  •  Bridge  the  engagement  gaps  between  offer  and  demand  through   proac8ve  dissemina8on  and  media8on  •  Facilitate  and  support  the  convergence  of  business  requirements  •  Link  projects  with  exis8ng  networks  and  communi8es  and  develop   new  networks  •  Iden8fy    and  proac8vely  engage  poten8al  business  partnerships  •  Support  the  business  partnership  development,  ac&ng  as  “midwifes”   with  tools  (templates  for  NDAs,  contracts,  MoUs,  Lejers  of  Intent,   Business  Plans,  etc.)  and  proac&ve  business  coaching.    •  Iden8fy  adequate  funding  sources  and  facilitate  their  access  •  Create  follow  up  mechanisms  and  success  indicators   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   20   Innova8on    
  21. 21.                ENoLL  Achivements  and  Plan  (3/3)   Globaliza&on  •  Brazilian  Network  of  Living  Labs  (BNoLL)  –  Public  Launch  on  9/Jun/2011  •  Chinese  Network  of  Living  Labs  (CNoLL)  –  Public  Launch  on  18-­‐19/Oct/2011  •  African  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ANoLL)  –  Public  Launch  on  14-­‐15/Nov/2011  •  Memorandum  of  Understanding  with  Interna8onal  organiza8ons   ―  FAO  Food  and  Agricultural  Organiza8on  of  the  UN  (MoU  and  Ac8on  plan)   ―  United  Forum  Ubiquitous  Network  Industry  and  technology  Development  Forum   (China)   ―  Beijing  City  Administra8on  and  Public  Service  Innova8on  –  Informa8on  System   and  Equipment  Center  (CAISEC)  China     ―  World  Bank     ―  INSME  Interna8onal  Network  of  SMEs  (In  progress)   ―  EEN  Europe  Enterprise  Network  (In  progress)     Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   21   Innova8on    
  22. 22. InovAmazonas  09/06/2011  Amazonia  Brazil  
  23. 23. InovAmazonas  09/06/2011  Amazonia  Brazil  
  24. 24. InovAmazonas  09/06/2011  Amazonia  Brazil  
  25. 25. Brazilian  Network  of  Living  Labs  09/06/2011  Amazonia  Brazil  
  26. 26. Crea&vity.Innova&on  –  Interna&onal  Conference  29/06  –  01/07/2011  Manaus,  Amazonia  Brazil  
  27. 27. ENoLL  &  United  Forum  Exchange  Workshop  18/10/2011  Beijing  China  
  28. 28. ENoLL  &  United  Forum  Exchange  Workshop  18/10/2011  Beijing  China  
  29. 29. Launch  of  the  Chinese  Network  of  Living  Labs  18/10/2011  Beijing  China  
  30. 30. Interna&onal  Workshop  of  ICT  Innova&on  on  Energy  Efficiency  19/10/2011  Beijing  China  
  31. 31. African  Network  of  Living  Labs  ini&a&ve  10/05/2011  IST  Africa   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer  Botswana   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   31   Innova8on    
  32. 32. African  Network  of  Living  Labs  ini&a&ve  10/05/2011  IST  Africa  Botswana  
  33. 33. Connected  Smart  Ci&es  Network  19/11/2010  Helsinki   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer  Finland   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   33   Innova8on    
  34. 34. Network  for  Future  Learning  10/10/2011  OECD  Paris  -­‐  France  
  35. 35. 3rd  European  Innova&on  Summit  13/10/2011  European  Parliament   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer  Brussels  -­‐  Belgium   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   35   Innova8on    
  36. 36. MoU  with  CAISEC  26/11/2010  Beijing  China  
  37. 37. MoU  and  Ac&on  Plan  with  FAO  24/01/2011  ENoLL  FAO  Innova&ng  4  Development  Rome  -­‐  Italy  
  38. 38. MoU  with  Asian  Smart  Living  Summer  School  (Taiwan)  01/09/2011  Barcelona  Spain  
  39. 39. ENoLL  PPP  Ini8a8ve  ….to  strengthen  the  Europe-­‐wide  open  RDI  ecosystem  of  the  274-­‐strong  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  ins<tu<onally,  financially  and  in  terms  of  its  RDI  infrastructure,  including  new  avenues  of  research  and  experimenta<on  in  social  and  other  sciences.  This  can  occur  through  the  cons<tu<on  of  a  Public  Private  Partnership  –  the  ENoLL  PPP  –  to  be  launched  in  the  final  years  of  the  7th  Framework  Programme  and  consequently,  this  having  the  poten<al  to  change  drama<cally  the  innova<on  landscape  in  Europe  in  Horizon  2020.     Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   39   Innova8on    
  40. 40. ENoLL  PPP  Workplan  Planned  ac8ons  in  two  categories:  •  Strategic  Innova<on  Ecosystems,  large-­‐scale  pilot   ini8a8ves  aiming  to  s8mulate  the  growth  and  development   of  Living  Lab  innova8on  ecosystems  across  a  broad   spectrum  of  sectors  and  at  different  levels  of  governance.  •  Enabling  Ac<ons,  five  strands  of  ac8vity  covering  a  range   of  areas  that  support  and  reinforce  the  strategic  innova8on   ecosystems  and  defined  as:   –  Knowledge  Crea8on     –  Talent  Development,  Capacity  Building,  and  Job  Crea8on     –  New  Policy  Instruments     –  Interna8onal  Coopera8on   –  Coordina8on,  Dissemina8on  and  Engagement     Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   40   Innova8on    
  41. 41. Wide  public  consulta8on     of  the  draQ  document  •  Public  announcement  of  the  PPP  ini8a8ve  (Ghent,  Dec  2010)  •  Public  launch  White  paper  (Rome,  January  24th,  2011)  •  1st  DraQ  of  White  paper  opening  of  public  consulta8on  (Budapest,  May   16th,  2011)  •  Mee8ng  with  the  European  Parliament  (October  11th,  2011)    •  DraQ  of  the  ENoLL  PPP  White  paper  to  the  European  Commission   (October  13th,  2011)  •  Con8nua8on  of  the  public  discussion  of  the  PPP  policy  paper    (October   24th,  2011,  Poznan,  “Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer  society  -­‐     Global  Partnerships  for  Social  Innova8on”)  •  Final  version  of  the  ENoLL  PPP  (November  2011)       Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   41   Innova8on    
  42. 42. Launch  of  the  ENoLL  PPP  Ini&a&ve  24/01/2011  ENoLL  FAO  Innova&ng  4  Development  Rome  -­‐  Italy  
  43. 43. Álvaro  Oliveira  discussing  the  ENoLL  PPP  with  the  Commissioner  Neelie  Kroes  03/05/2011  Brussels  -­‐  Belgium  
  44. 44. Event  .  Thema&c  Domain   Local   Date   ENoLL  PPP  Co-­‐Crea8on  Calendar  of    January  2011  ENoLL  FAO  Innova8ng  4  Development   Rome   24  ENoLL  Thema8c  Domains   Public  consulta8on  events   11-­‐13  May  2011   Botswana  Inclusion.  Social  Innova8on  ENoLL  Thema8c  Domains,  Opening  the  Consulta8on  for  ENoLL   Budapest   16  May  2011  members  Launch  of  ENoLL  5th  Wave,  Future  Internet  Assembly  Energy   Lisbon   4  May  2011  Inov  Amazonas  EU  Brazil  Living  Lab  Collabora8on   Manaus   6-­‐7  June  2011  ENoLL    Thema8c  Domains  ENoLL  PPP  Public  Discussion   Bled   13-­‐15  June  2011  EU  Brazil  Living  Lab  Collabora8on,   Manaus   August  2011  LL  Crea8vity  and  Innova8on  Congress   Brazil  Sustainable  SMART  Ci8es.  Design  thinking.  LL  Methodologies   Helsinki   August  2011  ENoLL  Summer  School  2011   Barcelona   August  2011  LLs  in  the  EU  Regional  policy  context   Thessaloniki   3-­‐4  October  2011  Knowledge  4  Innova8on  Conference  European  Parliament   Brussels   11-­‐13  October  2011  EU  China  Living  Labs  Collabora8on   Shanghai  and   17-­‐20  October  2011  Global  Collabora8on,  addressing  the  big  challenges  of  our  8me   Beijing  ENoLL  6th  Wave  Launch   Poznan   24  October  2011  Public  Launch  of  the  Brazilian  Network  of  Living  Labs   Vitoria,  Brazil   3-­‐4  November  2011  Euro-­‐Africa  Coopera8on  Forum  on  ICT   Cape  Town,   14-­‐15  November  2011   South  Africa  Final  ENoLL  PPP  recommenda8ons   Brussels   November  2011   44  
  45. 45. Thank  you!     Álvaro  de  Oliveira                Phone:                +351    21    486    67    84              Skype:            alvaroduarteoliveira             TwiEer:   @openlivinglabs   Facebook:   ENoLL  European  Network  of  Living  Labs   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  beEer   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   45   Innova8on    
  46. 46. Living  Lab  Methodologies  (2/2)  •  Increased  collabora8on  between  public  authori8es,  research  centers,  businesses   and  user  communi8es.  Sharing  good  prac8ces  •  Flexible  and  adap8ve  design  process  rooted  in  real-­‐life  experience  with  increased   chances  of  succeeding  with  new  products.  Shorter  lead  8me  from  concept  to   market  (promote  viral  adop8on)  •  BeEer  and  more  intensive  use  of  internal  ideas.  BeEer  access  to  ideas  outside  the   organiza8on.    •  Accelera8on  of  innova8on.  Increased  produc8vity  of  the  RDI  ac8vi8es.    Includes   wider  socio-­‐economic  and  socio-­‐ins8tu8onal  factors,  enablers  of  sustainable   development.  Co-­‐crea8on  methodologies  and  tools.  •  Not  only  the  “immediate”  or  direct  factors,  rela8onships,  func8onali8es  or  impacts   of  the  “object”  under  LL-­‐experimental  RDI,  but  indirect  impacts,  externali8es  and   poten8al  side  effects.  •  Improved  coopera8on  in  Interna8onal  Networks.  Facilitate  the  interna8onal   posi8oning  and  privileged  access  to  the  markets.    •  Facilitate  the  development  of  human  capital  and  a  beEer   sustainability   Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for   culture   society  -­‐  Global  Partnerships  for  Social   46   Innova8on