European smart cities and smart city projects in user empowered innovation ecosystems Ana Garcia


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ENoLL (Ana Garcia, ENoLL Office) was invited to participate in the workshop on Open place-making: A New Paradigm for Citizen Enablement in the framework of the international Conference on Future Internet for New Century Cities held in Zaragoza, Spain on November 8th - 10th, 2012. The workshop was organised by Zaragoza Living Lab, long-standing member of the European Network of Living Labs from the second Wave.

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European smart cities and smart city projects in user empowered innovation ecosystems Ana Garcia

  1. 1. European  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ENoLL)       European  smart  ci9es  and  smart  city  projects  in  user   empowered  innova9on  ecosystems   Ana  Garcia   European  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ENoLL)   Zaragoza  workshop,  Nov  9th  2012   “Open  place-­‐making:  a  new  paradigm  for  Ci9zen  Enablement      
  2. 2. The  contents  
  3. 3. What  is  ENoLL?   European Network of Living Labs, Brussels based international non-profit organisaton,   facilitates the cooperation and the exploitation   of sy n erg ie s betwee n i ts 30 0+ m embers worldwide.W i t h i n E N o L L , t h e w h o le eaninnovation cycle i.e end-users, E urop with ndSMEs, coorporations, citizens, ed ic i e s a ly L i n k s s i o n p o l s p e c i alpublic sector, NGOs, academia i e Co m m ve s and itala n d t h e w i d e r re s e ar c h t i in Dig p e i n i t i a ze d value E u r ocommunities form a ni recog d a f o r Citie , s,d e d i cat e d n e t w o r k o f n t Age gh S m ar n De sig ,thematically organised Living u e t, (t h r o I n t e r n n, CultureLabs. F u t u r e nno vatio …) Soci al I ern ance, , eGo v Health
  4. 4. What  is  a  Living  Lab  A  Living  Lab  is  a  real-­‐life  test  a n d   e x p e r i m e n t a 9 o n  environment   where   users  and   producers   co-­‐create  innova9ons.     Living   Labs   have   been   characterised   by   the   European   Commission   as   Public-­‐ Private-­‐People  Partnerships  (PPPP)  for  co-­‐crea9on,  prototyping,  valida9on  and   tes9ng  of  new  technologies,  services,  products,  etc,  in  real-­‐life  contexts.  
  5. 5. The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs      Real-­‐life  test  and  experimenta9on  Public-­‐Private-­‐People  Partnerships  (PPPP)  environments  for  user-­‐driven  open  innova9on   320  Living  Labs   5  
  6. 6. Short history of ENoLL...•  ENoLL was founded in 2006 as an informal network in the framework of the Finnish EU-Presidency•  Grown into a non-profit international association representing a diverse community of over 300 ENoLL certified’Living Labs – globally!•  Association founded in 2010 with ENoLL office in Brussels facilitating knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnership …  
  7. 7. ENoLL Full members•  IBBT-iLab.o (BE)•  Flemish Living Lab Platform (BE)•  Northern Rural-Urban Living Lab (FI)•  Laurea Living Labs Network (FI)•  HumanTech LivingLab (FI)•  Suuntaamo Tampere Central Region Living Lab (FI)•  Helsinki Living Lab - Forum Virium Helsinki (FI)•  Ways Of Learning for the Future (FR)•  Telecommunication Networks Integrated Services Lab (EL)•  Trentino as a Lab (IT)•  Lighting Living Lab (PT)•  i2Cat- Catalonia Digital Lab (ES)•  espaitec Living Lab (ES)•  Bird Living Lab (ES)•  Consorcio Fernando de los Rios Living Lab (ES)•  Botnia Living Lab (SV)•  Manchester Living Lab (UK)•  City Lab Coventry (UK)•  The European Society of Concurrent Enterprising Network (IT)•  Aalto University School of Economics (FI)•  ESADE (ES)•  Finnish Living Lab Network of Universities of Applied Sciences (FI) •  …
  8. 8. ENoLL Office services• ENoLL Office in Brussels facilitates knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnerships between the members:•  Organizes networking events, workshops etc. to exchange information and best practice•  Disseminates information on EU funding and project opportunities, supports to build project consortia and develop joint projects•  Influences EU policies and engages in debate with EU institutions, takes part in EU Consultations etc•  Partner in key strategic initiatives and projects of strategic importance and benefit to the whole network  
  9. 9. ENoLL in projects•  ENoLL is a partner in initiatives and projects of strategic importance and benefit to the whole networko  EPICo  SmartIPo  Concord (FI PPP)o  InnoMatNeto  PERIPHERIAo  FUSEPOOL –o  CENTRALABo  SPECIFIo  CitySDKo  IDeALL•  …
  10. 10. Living Labs & Cloud• EPIC Cloud and the City• The EPIC project solution combines cloud computing with Future of the Internet technologies to provide cities with new tools and possibilities for the creation and sharing of efficient, effective and economic smarter city services.
  11. 11. Living Labs & Cloud• See the EPIC Cloud and the City Brussels Pilot : Relocation Service•• …•  …
  12. 12. Living Labs & Smart Citizens•  Focus of SmartIP is on the challenge of transforming public services by empowering smart citizens’ who are able to use and co-produce innovative Internet-enabled services within emerging ‘smart’ cities.•  Project aims to take the experience developed by a wide range of existing user-driven, open innovation initiatives in Europe, particularly those developed through Living Labs, and to apply this experience to engaging citizens as active co-producers of public services
  13. 13. Living Labs & Open Data• City Service Development Kit CitySDK project is being developed to transfer Smart City applications from city to city using an open source service developer toolkit to help make it easier for developers to create new and innovative applications.
  14. 14. Living Labs & Internet of Things• Smart Peripherial cities for sustainable lifestyles• Periphèria applies creativity and Future Internet Technologies to address the sustainability issues of your city.
  15. 15. Living Labs & Future Internet•  The Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP) Programme brings public and private actors together to “advance Europes competitiveness in Future Internet technologies and systems and to support the emergence of Future Internet-enhanced applications of public and social relevance”.•  Industry-led: the PPP is a short-term (i.e. 5 year) initiative helping competitiveness and growth of industries in the internet value chain (networks, services, applications)•  European-focussed: helping to grow the vibrant European Internet industry – into a European industrial stronghold; and,•  User-driven: as services and applications become ever more agile and changing, users play a key role in driving application led initiative.
  16. 16. Future Internet PPP
  17. 17. Living Labs & BIG data• FUSEPOOL will deliver an intelligent user adaptive matching tool (partner matching, funding matching, patent research, and other possible scenarios). Key asset: information provided by the user (behavior / crowdsourcing and uploads). User data credo: accuracy improves with quantity and quality of user data while variety (breadth) increases with number of users• Open Calls to be published soon to Living Labs, SMEs and developers – Stay tuned!• …
  18. 18. Living Labs & Materials & Design• InnoMatNet aims to advance the goal of an innovation society by developing a flexible approach that establishes teams of innovators, linking materials researchers with industry (particularly the creative industry) and other innovation actors, providing support to help bring new products and processes to market.
  19. 19. Living Labs & Design for All •  IDeALL project brings together communities, driven by user-centred innovation, namely design centres specialised in “Design for All together with Living Labs. •  Lack of initiatives aimed to demonstrate the added value of the integrations between designers and Living Labs, •  Lack of operative processes for the collaboration/integration between the two different communities; •  Establishing policy action for permanently integrating design in the new product / service for SMEs; •  Specific action for the Enlarged European Union members •  Education, Training and awareness raising initiatives.  
  20. 20. Living Labs, Smart Cities & Future Internet     Smart cities: policies, application pull, public data, citizens initiatives [ Citizens ] Living lab: User-driven playground for co- creating Future Internet testbeds as and validating innovative technology platforms scenarios and services
  21. 21. Inputs  from  FIREBALL  Fireball   project   (   a   CA   of   the   FP7   for   ICT  (2010-­‐2012).   Bring   together   the   FIRE/Future   Internet   community,   Living  Lab  and  urban  development.              
  22. 22. Some  findings  from  FIREBALL  “How  European  are  currently  developing  strategies  towards  becoming  smarter  and  the  lessons  we  can  draw  for  the  future.  These  strategies  are  also  based  on  a  new  understanding  of  innova.on,  grounded  in  the  concept  of  Open  innova:on  ecosystems,  global  innova:on  chains  and  on  ci:zen’s  empowerment  for  shaping  innova:on  and  urban  development.  These  new  ways  of  innova:on  are  characterised  1)  high  level  of  ci:zen  involvement  in  co-­‐crea:ng  internet-­‐based  applica:ons  and  services  and  2)  emergence  of  new  forms  of  collabora.on  (e.g.  PPPs)”*    “Open  innova:on  and  ci:zen’s  engagement  aim  to  bridge  the  gap  between  the  R&D  of  ICT  and  actually  and  using  Internet-­‐based  applica.ons  in  These  applica:ons  and  services  are  intended  to  bring  societal  and  economic  benefits  in  areas  such  as  healthcare,  independent  living,  enterprising  and  SMEs,  par:cipa:ve  government,  energy  efficiency,  environment  and  quality  of  life.”*    *All  inputs  come  from  the  FIREBALL  whitepaper:  h^p://  
  23. 23. Some  findings  from  FIREBALL  (2)  “Smart  ci:es  need  to  develop  strategies  and  migra.on  paths  regarding  how  they  will  make  use  of  available  internet  infrastructures,  testbed,  applica.ons  and  know-­‐how,  and  how  they  will  develop  PPP  for  their  access,  use  and  exploita:on.  A  par:cular  point  of  aOen:on  is  how  those  assets  can  be  made  openly  accessible  for  both  users  and  developers  in  order  to  s:mulate  experimenta:on  and  innova:on  in  becoming  part  of  the  innova:on  ecosystem  of  ci:es.”    “Three  important  gaps  are  outlined,  which  ci:es  have  to  overcome  namely:  1.  Digital  skills  gap:  that  concerns  to  the  ability  of  ci:zens  and  companies   to  master  web-­‐technologies  and  offer  solu:ons  over  the  net  2.  The  crea.vity  gap:  that  separates  web  technologies  and  applica:ons  3.  The  entrepreneurship  gap:  that  takes  place  between  digital  applica:ons   and  innova:ve  services”  *All  inputs  come  from  the  FIREBALL  whitepaper:  h^p://  
  24. 24. Some  findings  from  FIREBALL  (3)    “Recommenda:on  in  the  paper:  ci:es  have  to  explore  various  business  models  and  iden:fy  the  ones  suitable  for  each  type  of  service.  Living  Lab  methodologies,  social  experiments,  crowdsourcing,  and  open  city  plaTorms  for  crea:ng  and  promo:ng  applica:ons  and  services  may  offer  good  solu:ons  to  this  end  and  mobilize  crea:ve  skills  of  the  en:re  popula:on  of  the  city.”    “  provide  many  of  explora.on  and  valida.on  environments.  There  is  s:ll  a  gap  between  Future  Internet  research  and  ci:zens’  expecta:ons.”            *All  inputs  come  from  the  FIREBALL  whitepaper:  h^p://  
  25. 25. CitySDK    Development  toolkit  for  the  city   services   26  
  26. 26. What  is  SDK?   SDK = Service Development Kit 27  
  27. 27. SDK  for  Pan-­‐European     City    •  Service  development  toolkit  for  the  ci9es:   –  Open  and  interoperable  digital  service  interfaces   –  Processes,  guidelines  and  usability  standards.    •  “App  Store”  for  the  City      à Cross-­‐city  transfer  of    Smart  City  Applica9ons     28  
  28. 28. CitySDK  Ecosystem  Public deliveryInfrastructures; App Stores   urban displays   Engaged SME Developers’ new Services   exploiting the City SDK ecosystem, or open source pilot apps   Project Pilots       Demonstrators, open source   CitySDK Ecosystem CitySDK components   The image cannot be displayed. Your         computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your computer, and then open the file Unified Open City Interfaces through Pilots     as CitySDK components     Cities’ prior platforms, services, interfaces, open data   29  
  29. 29. Why  CitySDK?  1.  Developing  new  services  and  scaling   them  to  wider  audiences  becomes   easier:       à  More  efficient  use  of  innova9on   capacity   à  More  opportuni9es  for  developers   à  Be^er  services  faster     2.  Helping  to  manage  the  constant   technological  change   30  
  30. 30. CitySDK            Developers  •  Created  and  developed  with  and  for  the  developers  •  Lightweight,  modular,  no  new  plahorms  •  On-­‐going  process,  not  top  down  and  outdated    For   •  Ci9es’  in-­‐house  service  developers   •  Commercial  service  developers   •  SMEs   •  Large  corpora9ons   •  3rd  sector  &  hack9vists   •  Research  organisa9ons   31  
  31. 31. CitySDK  Partnership   32  
  32. 32. CitySDK  in  “The  economist”   “CITIES  ARE  TURNING   INTO  VAST  DATA   FACTORIES”   The  Economist  ar9cle  makes  the   case  that  it  is  not  just  about  new   infrastructure  but  about  data  itself   and  how  ci9zens  and  businesses   can  both  generate  and  use  the  city   data  to  create  new  services    
  33. 33. Public deliveryInfrastructures; App Stores   urban displays   Engaged SME Developers’ new Services   exploiting the City SDK ecosystem, or open source pilot apps   CitySDK Pilots   Smart Smart Smart Participation Mobility Tourism CitySDK  Ecosystem   FixMyStreet Personal Travel Personal Tour     Assistant Guide     Unified Open City Interfaces through Pilots     as CitySDK components     Cities’ prior platforms, services, interfaces, open data   34  
  34. 34. 35  
  35. 35. Smart  Par9cipa9on  •  Bringing  the  Citys  issue  repor9ng  and  feedback  channels   closer  to  the  residents    •  Providing  ci9es  with  more  accurate  feedback  and  avoiding   unnecessary  feedback  •  Making  development  of  issue  repor9ng  and  feedback   channels  easier  •  Inspired  by  Open311  and  FixMyStreet   36  
  36. 36. Smart  Par9cipa9on  –  Lead  Pilot  in   Helsinki     When you spot an issue; fallen street sign Do: 1.  Report the issue via: a.  Sanoma Publishers’ web portal b.  SMS c.  E-mail à Direct issue reporting to the right department within the city Don’t spend time looking through the Citys official portal to find the official form for reporting such an issue.     37  
  37. 37. Smart  Mobility  –  Lead  Pilot  in   Amsterdam  Intelligent  social  traveling  People  as  informa:on  agents  The  Personal  Travel  Assistant  makes  you  a  social  traveler  and  helps  you  •  To  make  your  experience  help  others  •  To  bring  structure  in  your  traveling  chaos  •  To  connect  with  fellow  travellers  •  To  make  your  experience  enhance  public   service   Aggrega:ng  of  messages  adapted  to  your  journey  to   separate  the  relevant  from  the  irrelevant  informa:on   38   Lauri  Vanhala:  Helsinki  Public  Transport  Visualized:    
  38. 38. Smart  Tourism  –  Lead  Pilot  in  Lisbon     Personal  Travel  guide  –  real  9me  informa9on  for   tourists  and  travellers   •  Unifying  access  to  loca9on-­‐  and  9me-­‐based   tourism-­‐related  data,  and  subsequent  service   genera9on.   •  U9lizing  innova9ve,  user-­‐centric/Internet  of   Things  technologies  e.g.:   –  Augmented  Reality     –  NFC/RFID   –  Public  Urban  Displays,  and   –  Geo-­‐loca9on     39  
  39. 39. Helsinki   “Towards  a  smart  city  cluster  build  upon  user  empowered   innova9on”   The  municipali9es  use  LLs  for   Universi9es,  City  owned   economic  development  and   development  agencies   societal  ac9va9on  in  energy   (Forum  Virium  Helsinki),   issues,  or  sevice  provision  in   companies  and  SMEs  have   health  care  of  the  elderly,   established  Living  Labs.   preven9ve  care,  or  urban   living.   Companies  as  Nokia  use  LLs   Cross-­‐municipal  collabora9on   as  user-­‐centered  hubs  for   in  seqng  up  an  innova9on   idea9on  and  product   plahorm  around  open  data   development  and  na9onal   aiming  at  smart  services  for   research  ins9tu9ons    use   ci9zens   Living  Labs  as  plahorms  for   innova9on.     Helsinki  city  and   Helsinki  region.  Model   Provide  plaIorms  for   of  a  Smart  City:   organizing  compe99ons  for   innovaHon  that  are  open  to   development  of  new   innova9on  applica9ons  to   all  municipal  and  regional   parHes  with  an  interest  in   technologies  within  a   encourage  the  development   mul9-­‐leveled   of  new  mobile  applica9ons  developing  new  products  and   services   u9lizing  Open  Data   infrastructure  and   towards  the  creaHon  of   new  business  sectors.   *  inputs  come  from  the  FIREBALL  whitepaper:  h^p://  
  40. 40. Helsinki  (2)  “All  the  smart  city  ac:vi:es  in  Helsinki  boil  down  to  community  engagement,  enabling  the  dialogue  between  the  city,  ci:zens  and  companies“  -­‐  CitySDK  -­‐  Helsinki  Region  Infoshare:   -­‐  Aims  to  make  regional  informa9on  quickly  and  easily  accessible  to   all.  The  data  may  be  used  by  ci9zens,  businesses,  universi9es,   academies,  research  facili9es  or  municipal  administra9on.     -­‐  The  data  on  offer  is  ready  to  be  used  freely  at  no  cost.     -­‐  At  the  moment  at  there  are  almost  900  data  catalogues   opened  so  far.     -­‐  The  project  was  started  in  2009  ini9ated  by  Forum  Virium,  City  of   Helsinki  Urban  Facts  and  ci9es  of  Helsinki,  Vantaa,  Espoo  and   Kauniainen.  In  2014  the  ownership  and  maintaining  of  the  HRI  will   be  transfered  from  Forum  Virium  and  Urban  Facts  to  the   municipali9es  themselves.      *  Inputs  from  Forum  Virium  Helsinki  
  41. 41. Helsinki  (3)  *  Inputs  from  Forum  Virium  Helsinki  
  42. 42. Helsinki  (4)  -­‐  Apps4Finland:  h^p://   -­‐  Apps4Finland  contest  is  organized  for  the  3rd  9me  this  year,  with  ever  increasing   amount  of  compe9ng  apps,  visualiza9ons,  ideas  and  data  openings.     -­‐  Also  other  organiza9ons  in  Helsinki  have  found  the  "virtues"  of  app  contest,  as   Helsinki  Region  Transport  Authority  and  Sanoma  Publishing  organiza9ons  have   also  been  arranging  specific  App  contests.      *  Inputs  from  Forum  Virium  Helsinki  
  43. 43. Helsinki  (5)  -­‐  Helsinki  Region  Transport  Authority:     -­‐  HRT  opened  its  all  interfaces  on  2009  and  today  they  have   approximately  70  different  applica9ons  and  widgets   developed  by  its  developer  community  members.     -­‐  At  the  same  9me  when  opening  the  APIs  HRT  opened  its  own   web-­‐based  Journey  Planner  which  is  currently  one  of  the   most  popular  web  applica9ons  in  Finland.     -­‐  All  other  service  development  it  leu  to  the  developer   community,  resul9ng  in  very  heterogeneous  variety  of   applica9ons  serving  with  highly  specified  apps  also  the  very   narrow  niche  markets.   -­‐  One  good  example  app  is  the  Mobitransit  (real-­‐9me  tracking   of  trams  and  buses  in  Helsinki)  applica9on  which  is  developed   by  a  developer  from  Valencia,  who  has  never  visited  Helsinki,   but  was  able  to  access  the  HRT  API  through  web.    *  Inputs  from  Forum  Virium  Helsinki  
  44. 44. Amsterdam  h^p://      
  45. 45. Amsterdam  (2)  (Source:  Amsterdam  Smart  city  /  AIM*)  Challenges/statements  in  Smart  city  development:     Invo l veme It is nt of nd not o us gy a p aware nly a ers: te bo ut Stra adma n e ss Ro chang but also trans e and for ma t io n Business case
  46. 46. Connected  Smart  city  network   / http:/ etwork sn rtcitie / sma .eu
  47. 47. What  is  next?  -­‐  ENoLL  7th  Wave  and  network  strength:  H2013  -­‐  ENoLL  Summer  School:  August  2013  –   Manchester  -­‐  1st  Open  Living  Labs  world-­‐wide  event  (Nov-­‐ Dec  2013)  -­‐  World-­‐wide  strategic  alliances  and  Open   Living  Labs    -­‐  Next  genera9on  of  Open  Living  Labs    
  48. 48.  THANK YOU!!Ana  Garcia    European  Projects  European  Network  of  Living  Labs     @openlivinglabs   @citysdk @FI_PPP