Question 6 & 15


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Question 6 & 15

  1. 1. Question 15. Communication is the exchange and flowof information and ideas; from one person to anotherstudying the communication process is important to aleader because his / her chain of understanding thatintegrates members of an organization from top tobottom, bottom to top, and side to side. However, theleader is required to listen actively, hear the messageclearly and understanding the meaning. Describe thetraits of active listening.
  2. 2. An important aspect of communication is the ability to listen. Themost essential and basic quality which a leader must have is that of aleader must and must be a good listener, only because other actionwhich a leader has to perform like to take any decision, to give orderall are depend on what the leader is listen. If a leader is not a goodlistener then is likely for him to misinterpret the message and he willnot be able to get the actual situation and problem.On the other hand, that a leader must be a good listener he mustalso need to be an active listener. WHO IS ACTIVE LISTENER?Active listener is that person who is having interest not only in thematter but speaker also. Active listening should always be a goal withthe leader focusing on both the verbal and nonverbal language of thespeaker. Active listening involves concentrating only on the speakerand ignoring outside interruptions. Active listening also needs to benon- discriminatory act; don’t just listen to higher ranking employees,listen to everyone.
  3. 3. Cont’dThe most successful organization have workforcethat is engage in all level from CEO to Janitor. Eachemployee are the piece of the whole that make up theorganization and should be value equally.Active listening is an easy powerful way to make peoplefeel value while simultaneously make the listener awareof the issues that need to be resolved and areas that canbe improved.Listening is important in any relationship but itessentially important for leader to listening to theirfollowers in order to be more effective.
  4. 4. Leaders must provide good Attention at time of listening to histeam -Leaders should focus on speaker through his mind as wellas with his body. He should avoid Emotional involvement –Listening to what speaker is saying not what you want him tosay. Leader should be cool and calm – Hold judgment up till thespeaker finish. Making clarification by asking question related tothe issue discuss. At last summarized all the conversations –problem, option and solution and Share the summary to end theconversation.
  5. 5. 1. Be There – Be present in heart, mind and spirit with theperson. You need to hear what he/she need to say if youdon’t have time, or what to listen wait until you do.2. Accept – Accept the person he / she without judgment orput the person in a mental box or category eve though he/ she may be very different from you.3. Trust – The personal ability to handle his or her ownfeelings, work through them, and find solution to his ownproblems.
  6. 6. Cont’d4. Listen – Don’t plan what you are going to say. Don’t plan how youcan interrupt. Don’t think of how to solve the problem. Don’t thinkwho to admonish, how to console or what the person “should” do.DON’T THINK TO STRUGGLE OR REACT…… LISTEN5. Stay with the other person – Put your self in other’s person shoes.Don’t become that person but understand what he / she is feeling,saying and thinking. Stay separate enough to be objective, butinvolve enough to help.
  7. 7. ConclusionActive listener allow the leader to understand what messagethe group member are sending him, and also foundation of returningfeedback effectively to the members.
  8. 8. THANK YOU FOR LISTENINIG.Presented by:Atanda Safurat AdenikeMatric No: 813148