November 28, 2011 - Superintendent's update to the Board


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Superintendent's Update to the Board on activities happening in the Vancouver School District.

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November 28, 2011 - Superintendent's update to the Board

  1. 1. Report to Board [7/11/11]We still have an on-going bargaining impasse and job action – hopingfor a mutually agreed upon settlement soon.The Board met with the Minister today – he also met with school basedadmin and senior staffSchools/sites visited• Roberts Elementary• Queen Alexandra - Fine Arts Multicultural Integrated Learning forYouth School - (FAMILY) - Project Chef with Barb Findlay at QueenAlex – best pasta sauce that I have ever tasted• Van Tech followed by the best lunch that I had ever had• John Oliver (and the new Learning Commons)• Cunningham Elementary to read to students – Grandpa’s teeth• Tyee Montessori Elementary• VLN• Lord Byng – saw some tremendous teaching and learning takingplace.• General Gordon• Visited the Workshop and spent an hour or so talking with some ofour trades and other workers about the great job that they do.Attended the UBC Faculty of Education External Advisory Committeemeeting on the evening of Nov. 8th– interested to hear what directionsUBC may be taking with respect to future education and potentialrelationships with the VSBAttended the United Way breakfast on November 16 in the cafeteria andhelped SMT flip pancakes. Thanks to Kabir Bhagaria and the rest of theUnited Way team for organizing this.Reminder of the IOUE annual United Way breakfast on December 29 atChurchill
  2. 2. Attended the Education in the Inner City: a panel discussion about innercity children living in poverty and their school experience on the eveningof November 14th at the Vancouver Public Library’s Downtown BranchFacilitated the VSB Retirement reception on the evening of November 10at the local Masonic Hall – thanks to Patsy Peters, Donna Wong and stafffor their assistance and the choirs and musicians from Hamber andByng.Attended the Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated EarlyCare and Learning: Reception to celebrate a new vision for Child Care inBC co-facilitated by Trustee Gregson and Rita Chudnovsky on theevening of November 16 at the SFU Harbour Centre, VancouverAttended a meeting of new VPs in a facilitated session led by JordanTinney, Denise Johnson and Rob Schindel on November 16Attended the strategic planning implementation visioning exercise forVSB staff on the evening of November 24 organized by Jordan Tinneyand facilitated by Peter NormanAlso attended the city-wide DPAC meeting – session on Parenting andConflict led by Raj Dhasi on the evening of November 24Gave a presentation to all administrators at John Oliver LearningCommons about focusing on the right drivers versus the wrong drivers(Fullan)End of this week will meet with College and University representativeson the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT)Will attend a meeting called by the Deputy Minister on December 8 andalso attend parts of the BCSTA Trustees’ Academy – two Vancouvergroups of students will provide featured entertainment will be featured:the Gladstone Musical Theatre and the Eric Hamber Jazz Choir.