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Lamppost 11.5.09.Pp

  1. 1. The 2241 Russell St. Berkeley, CA 94705 (510)644-6290 Lamppost H1N1 FLU VACCINE CLINIC at LECONTE November 5, 2009 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18!!! Cheryl Wilson – Principal Jill Wang – PTA President It takes a special person---with patience and wisdom to share--- to unlock the treasure awaiting within children everywhere. J. Zatorski Important dates Thanks to so many of you—teachers and parents—we are SUN., NOV. 8 unlocking the treasures within our children. In addition to our annual Visual Thinking Strategies – Try It! Day for LeConte adults, free, Berkeley Art unforgettable Halloween Jamboree (which can now be viewed on Museum, 2:00-5:00PM, RSVP required to YouTube at, there 415-690-6887. are several other events and activities that have occurred this past TUES., NOV. 10 month that we can all feel proud about. Did you know that over 12 of Berkeley Symphony at LeConte our students in the after school program received swim lessons at the 10:30AM, Auditorium Willard School Pool; 40 of our fifth graders attended the Mosaic WED., NOV. 11 Project Outdoor School in Napa for five days; all second grade SCHOOL CLOSED students were visited by insects and beetles from the Insect Discovery Veteran’s Day Lab; 20 parents attended the first Latino Literacy Project; over 20 THU., NOV. 12 volunteers gave up two Saturdays to support our school and that’s not LeConte Auction Planning Meeting, all! So as we begin the process of recruiting new families and 6:30PM, Library conducting school tours, please share some of the news included in TUES., NOV. 17 this issue with families who may be seeking a school next year. PTA Meeting, 5:45PM – free dinner, Flu Vaccine: The Berkeley Public Health Division will be 6:00PM meeting. Free childcare & Spanish translation provided. administering the H1N1 vaccine on Wednesday, November 18th between 8:30 and 10:30AM. With your written permission, your child WED., NOV. 18 can receive the vaccine for free. You should have already received a Vaccine Clinic, 8:30AM -10:30AM packet explaining the procedures. If you want your child to receive WED., NOV. 18 the vaccine, you must sign and return the consent form. School Governance Council (SGC) Meeting, 6:30PM - Principal Wilson THURS., NOV. 19 In this issue find out about. Picture Make Up Day • Leadership Committee Meetings THURS., NOV. 19 • School-wide news: New staff members, English Classes for English Language Advisory Committee Parents, Steps to Improve Achievement, and more (ELAC), 5:00PM, Cooking Room • Special Recognition and Events: Students of the Month, Free FRI., NOV. 20 Flu Shots, and more Celebrate LeConte Assembly (families welcome), 8:15AM, Auditorium Please see the Calendar for the full list of LeConte events (we recommend that you put the Calendar on your fridge to keep track of school events). SAT., NOV. 21 School Benefit, Mrs. Dalloway’s Bookstore, 10:00 – 9:00PM 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. 2. NOTICES: NO SCHOOL for STUDENTS, Fri., November 6 (Parent/Teacher Conferences all day) SCHOOL CLOSED – Wed., November 11 (Veteran’s Day) LECONTE LEADERSHIP COMMITTEES Coalition of Families for African American Students (CFAAS) The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, January 28, 6:00PM. During the October meeting, Tim Brown, a social worker and consultant with the San Francisco School District, shared a brief video and led a discussion about African Americans’ struggle for access to education and the role of parents. The group expressed their concerns about the achievement of African American students and provided Principal Wilson with a list of ideas and needs to support their children. One question, which may be of interest to all families, is how to help children complete math homework. The new mathematics program, Everyday Math, has “family letters” that explain all new concepts. If you would like to know more about the math program so that you can assist your child more easily, please ask your child’s teacher for copies of the “family letters.” Also, Principal Wilson agreed to facilitate a mathematics workshop for families. This workshop will most likely take place in January during various leadership committees meetings. English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) The next meeting will be Thursday, November 19, 5:00PM, in the cooking room. During the previous meeting Jocelyn Bale Glickman and Maestra Bernal announced that a committee has formed dedicated to recruiting new students. ELAC members signed on to assist with recruitment for the Two-Way Immersion Program at various childcare centers, preschools, churches, and kindergarten fairs throughout Berkeley. English classes for parents will be taking place on Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00pm. Other parent workshops were announced as well as various ideas on how to draw in more Latino parent involvement. The Día de los Muertos altar will be on display outside Donna's office until November 30th. Families are welcome to contribute pictures or symbolic objects that represent a loved one who has passed. Please hand these in to classroom teachers. School Governance Council (SGC) The next meeting will be Wednesday, November 18, 6:30PM, LeConte library. The October meeting was devoted to discussing recruitment for incoming families, especially parents/guardians of kindergarten students. Several teachers attended this meeting because we focused on the question, “Should LeConte have two Two Immersion or two English kindergarten classes next year?” Several issues were raised about the pros and cons of having two versus one regardless of the program. Though this question is still being discussed, the group all agreed that we need to focus on making our school more appealing to all families. SCHOOL-WIDE NEWS New Staff Members We are pleased to welcome several new staff members to LeConte. We now have three additional noon supervisors, Nick Bowen, Ray Davis, and Stella Munro, and four additional tutors, Kelli-Jean Chun, Bridgid McGarth, Melanie Silvis, and Lizelle Serrano. Most of these staff members are enrolled at UC Berkeley. They were selected because of their enthusiasm and experience with working with young children. Their schedules vary based on their college schedules; however, most of them work between 8:30AM and 1:00PM depending upon their role. Now that all tutors are on board, teachers can begin working with students who need more direct instruction. Tutors will be challenging our students to excel. Tiffany Ballestrasse is also new to LeConte. She replaced Robin Jew, who taught as a member of the BEARS after school program. Miss Tiffany is a credentialed teacher who enjoys “making learning fun and engaging for (her) students.” 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  3. 3. Announcing the LeConte Math Challenge! We are excited to announce the LeConte Math Challenge, which will recognize students who are achieving goals in mathematics and encourage students to reach for more. Students will be recognized with certificates in the auditorium for achieving the following grade-level standards: Kindergarten - mastering numbers up to 30 First and Second Grade - mastering addition facts Third and Fourth Grade - mastering multiplication facts up to 12 Fifth Grade - mastering multiplication of multiple digits We are shooting for 100% accomplishment by June! Students will work with their teachers or Ms. Wilson to demonstrate their mastery of their grade-level standards, then they are encouraged to work on the next goal. You can work on these standards at home too – please ask your child’s teacher or Principal Wilson if you would like more information. Latino Literacy Project Thanks to LeConte parent Juana Rodriguez, LeConte received a grant for $12,000 from UC Berkeley to provide a series of workshops for Spanish-speaking parents and caregivers. The goal is help families develop strategies and skills to help their children become more engaged learners. The project consists of a series of nine workshops, spread out across the school calendar, designed to teach practical literacy-based activities. The first workshop was held Saturday, October 24. The workshops are led by Sera Hernandez, a graduate school student from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education, under the supervision of a UC professor. After School Program News Our Community Kidz After School Coordinator, Charity DaMarto and her staff members have been utilizing community resources in exciting ways. For about eight weeks, LeConte students took swimming lessons at the Willard Middle School pool. The attached pictures show their excitement and enthusiasm as beginning and advanced swimmers. On October 22, Community Kidz hosted the “Lights On” After School event that included good food, entertainment, and sports and math games. Thanks to all of you, it was a well-attended evening that gave families an opportunity to relax and enjoy their children and other LeConte families. On October 27 several upper grade students participated in a “Byo-bu” (Holding screen) Workshop sponsored by team of Japanese educators. The purpose of the workshop was to help students understand the essence of Japanese traditional art and to develop more practical devices for intercultural understanding through a collaborative learning experience. Photos of all of these events are attached and we also have DVD of the Byo-bu workshop. Keep up the good work Community Kidz! On Tuesday, December 1, from 6:00PM to 8:00PM, Community Kidz is hosting the first Family Literacy Night. The goal is for families to learn strategies and activities that will help them engage and develop their children’s literacy skills. This is the first of four workshops. Dinner will be provided. Class News Second Grade Art Project: Our art teacher, Lucy Ames, facilitated a project for second grade students that involved the use of disposable cameras. She secured several donated cameras so that students could photograph images, culminating in various collages. Selected photographs are on now display at the Walgreen’s across from the Berkeley Bowl. Insect Discovery Lab: The second grade teaching team hired a consultant from the Insect Discovery Lab to do a presentation about a variety of insects and creepy crawlers. The students not only learned about various characteristics, habitats, and life cycles of the creatures but also had a chance to hold and handle them. This is the type of learning that engages and motivates students, as you will see from the photos attached. Thank you Ms. Aguas, Ms. Logan, and Ms. Louie for arranging this exciting way to make science content come alive! LeConte Lamppost 3
  4. 4. Mosaic Project: Principal Wilson visited the fifth graders at the Mosaic Outdoor School on October 15th. During her visit, she heard the students share appreciations about their daily experiences. It was clear that one of the values of the project is the language of respect and tolerance that students learn to use at Mosaic. For example, they learn not to spread “poison” (another word for rumors) and to avoid words that “blame” others. The fifth grade teachers will be helping students remember and apply this learning throughout the year. Principal Wilson was surprised and touched by the number of boys who asked that she contact their mothers by telephone to tell them, “I miss her and I love her”! English Classes Classes for adults who want to learn English began last Thursday, October 24th. The classes are held in Room 201 and will be offered from 6:00 to 8:00PM every Thursday evening at least until February 2010, depending upon the attendance. These classes and the childcare are being paid by PTA funds. BUSD Kindergarten Information Fair, Saturday, December 5 This fair is for families with children entering kindergarten next year and other newcomers to BUSD. It will be held in our auditorium from 10:00AM to 1:00PM. We need at least four more parents to act as spokespersons for our school. If you are available and would like to act as a representative, please contact our PTA President, Jill Wang . Parents usually volunteer for an hour. They answer questions, share experiences as parents of LeConte, and generally provide information about our school. Make up Picture Day, Thursday, November 19 This make-up day is for any families who wish to have their child’s picture retaken and for students who were absent on Picture Day in October. As before, the cameras will be set up in our auditorium. Donna, our school secretary, will request volunteers if needed. Enhance Your Child’s Learning at Home With Free Educational Software Berkeley Unified School District has arranged for elementary students to have free access to the Compass Learning educational software, which you can easily access from home or school. This software is aligned with state and national standards and provides a stimulating (and fun!), customized learning environment for each child. Your child should have brought home a personalized letter describing the software and how your child can get started. The letter contained your exact user name and password, but most follow a standard format: Compass Learning is at User Name: LeCFirstNameLastInitial Password: FirstInitialLastInitial School: BUSD For example, John Smith has a user name of LeCJohnS and a password of js. Contact August Fern at if you are having difficulties logging in or would like to set up a parent account to monitor your student's progress. Tour Guides Needed to Show LeConte to Prospective Parents LeConte parents are needed to help facilitate school tours beginning Tuesday, November 16. The tours will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30AM to 10:00AM, November 16 to December 17 and January 5 to February 4. School visits are offered to all incoming kindergarten and other families new to BUSD. We are seeking volunteers who feel comfortable answering questions, reassuring families about the kindergarten experience, and explaining what they love about LeConte. If you are available to lead a tour, please contact our PTA President, Jill Wang, at or 510-647-5012. Steps to Improve Achievement All teachers have developed learning goals for at least four to five students who are in need of strategic and consistent academic support to help them show improvement in specific subject areas. These students will be monitored throughout the year. 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  5. 5. All students in grades first through fifth have completed reading, spelling, writing, and mathematics assessments that are used to design instruction for further growth toward meeting the grade-level standards. All of this data should have been discussed with parents/guardians during the conferences. Kindergarten students will complete a reading assessment after January. Principal Wilson is teaching 12 to 15 upper grade students for three-hour sessions on Saturdays. The students will participate in nine sessions that are designed to help them improve their reading fluency and comprehension skills and their mental math and test-taking abilities. Principal Wilson has provided all teachers with a comprehensive list of the English language arts standards that they are required to teach for the year. This list of standards is to be used as a guide for long-term planning and monitoring student progress. Most students need support with learning English language arts (reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, writing, etc.). SPECIAL RECOGNITION & EVENTS Halloween Volunteers Thank you to all of our amazing Halloween Volunteers for creating a spectacular event for our school. Firstly, sincere thanks to the coordinators of our fantastic Halloween Jamboree: Catarina Negrín, The Whole Event; Ronny Gaal, Booths; Ashley Kayler, Haunted House; Chris Martin & Petronella Van Berry, Food; Basia Lubicz & Estella Sisneros, Book Fair. We couldn’t have done it without your time, dedication, and imagination! Thank you also to the many LeConte adults (parents, guardians, extended family members, and friends) who pitched in to design, set up and staff the booths; bring, cook, and serve food; build and personally haunt the Haunted House; set up the Book Fair; sell tickets; and clean up after it was over. A warm thanks to all of our Room Parents for organizing volunteers for the class booths, and to the Sigma Omicron Pi (S.O.Pi.) Sorority at UC Berkeley, which sent five terrific volunteers. We tried to keep track of everyone, but please forgive us if we have inadvertently left any names off this list of Halloween helpers: Jonathan Aaron; Allen, Tony and the French lady; Ann the Bunny Lady (who donated one of her bunnies to LeConte, hooray!), Allen Adams, Charlie Beyer, Iain Boltin, Jamie Brown, Ben Buettner, Rafael Canales, Guadalupe Cardenas, Margi Clark, Cal Collier, Mark Coplan, Cynthia Dambach, Sharonda Easley, August Fern, Mark Fiedler, Alison Field, Laura Figueroa, Jeannie Gee, Ron Gilbert, Linda Ghallager, Stephanie Gilmore and her children Paige & Eferm, Anna Goldstein, Leticia Gonzalez, Robin Jew, Denise Hall Montgomery, Margaret Heidhues, Charlie Huizenga, Aimie Jory-Hile, Diana Hsu, Stacy & Lillian Kaufman, Saman Kigmarsi, John Kittredge, Sam Kiumarsi, Joe Lamb, Gazel Valdez Lechuga, Jiyun Lee Cameron, Irene Leja, Keir Lenihan, Mike Linn, Sarah Linvill, George Lippman, Jenny Lipow, Robert MacCarthy, Steve Mastin, Khaleyma McCall, Mark McDonald, Kerris McKnight, Perris McKnight Neal, Karen Mecksworth, Paz Melendez-Canales, Peter Montgomery, Ellen Moore, Susanna Moore, Xuan Nguyen, Eli Nichols (the flying ghoul in the haunted house), Matt Nichols, Brenda Oh, Asa & Karl Olsson, Rosalba Pacheco, Justine Paniagua, Penny Peak, Laurel Reece, Lilia Rodriguez, Teresa Guerrero Rodriguez, Melissa Saavedra, Cary Sanders, Anika Schinko, Peter Schouten, Lauren Shun, Marie So, Daphne Somkin, Alex, Heather & Ali Tehrani, Pierre Thiry, Jessica Villa, Jeanette Wallin, Jeff Wallin, Jill Wang, Michelle Wong, Natalie Wren, and Ellen Zhang. Thank You to Volunteers Berkeley Project: On October 10 about twelve volunteers from UC Berkeley’s Berkeley Project completed the templates and helped paint the maps of the world and United States that are now on the large playground. The templates for the maps were purchased by our PTA from the Peaceful Playgrounds program. The maps will be used to provide an additional activity and play area for students to experience during recess. Coach Miles and Charity DaMarto will be helping students learn geography games that incorporate the maps. Special thanks to Basia Lubicz for coordinating the Peaceful Playgrounds project. Hotwire Team: On October 14, two members from the Hotwire Team helped Ms. Sisneros complete a variety of tasks in our school library. LeConte Lamppost 5
  6. 6. Project Peace East Bay: LeConte parent José Figueroa helped coordinate a volunteer effort sponsored by Project Peace East Bay. Several members of this organization helped clean up and organize different areas in our school on October 24. Thanks to this group, we were able to organize the Lost and Found area and clean out an upstairs closet, which can now be used to store materials that are used by our upper grades. Students of the Month Please see the attached list of our Students of the Month. With information provided by the teachers, Principal Wilson prepared certificates and copies of photos for each student to take home. Please be sure to ask your child for those copies and, of course, congratulate your child based on the comments from her or his teacher. H1N1 Flu Vaccine Offered to BUSD students: Wed., Nov. 18, 8:30-10:30AM Berkeley’s Public Health division will bring the H1N1 flu vaccine to LeConte on Wednesday, November 18th from 8:30 to 10:30AM. School-aged children are top priority for receiving this vaccine. The first choice is for children to get their vaccine from their usual health care providers. Consent forms must be completed in advance by parents. Public Health will provide vaccine information and nurses to administer the vaccine; at least six more parent volunteers are needed to help guide students through the vaccination process. If you can volunteer, please contact Principal Wilson at Most children will be able to receive the nasal spray form of the vaccine (no needles!). LeConte Auction Planning Kicks Off: Thu., Nov. 12, 6:30PM Attention party planners and anyone who likes to have a good time - we will be holding our first auction planning meeting of the year on Thursday, November 12th at 6:30 PM in the LeConte library. All are welcome - Please join us! The May auction is a great night out and a huge fundraiser for Leconte. Stop by, no obligation. If you are interested in helping there are lots of jobs, large and small. No prior experience required! Questions? Contact Anna Goldstein (510-684-6762, and Sarah Linvill (510-206-7018,, auction co-chairs. Family Film Series at Elmwood Cinema: Sat., Nov. 14 & Sun., Nov. 15 – The Neverending Story The November Family Film at Rialto Cinemas Elmwood is The Neverending Story about a boy who becomes entwined in a book that he is reading and must save the world it describes. This program benefits the PTAs of Emerson, John Muir, LeConte, and Malcolm X Elementary. Tickets are $4. Location: 2966 College Avenue at Ashby, Berkeley. For more information: 510-433-9730, The Cinema has worked hard to choose appropriate films, but please check htt;:// for a parents’ rating guide if you are unsure whether your children will enjoy it. Celebrate LeConte Assembly – Friday, Nov. 20, 8:15AM, Auditorium Have you learned the school song yet? Do you know the school values? Come learn them from the students during our next Celebrate LeConte Assembly on Friday, November 20. LeConte families are always invited to stay for these short assemblies, where we celebrate the great work of our students, on the last Friday of every month. ask anna advice from a LeConte mom Dear Anna, In this time of flus and sniffles, I wonder what is LeConte's policy for handling a sick child? Dear Concerned Parent, Of course, LeConte wants to maximize the good health of all its students. First of all, the school depends on parents keeping their sick children home. Please keep your child at home if s/he is; - vomiting, - running a fever or has had one during the previous 24 hour period, - is taking the first 48 hours of an antibiotic medication, - has a cold less than 3 days old, - has a heavy or green nasal discharge, - has a constant cough, - is very cranky or acting in an unusual manner, - or has symptoms of a possible communicable disease such as sniffles, reddened eyes, sore throat, headache 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  7. 7. or abdominal pain. If it is difficult for you to stay home with your ill child, you can try Bananas Inc., an excellent childcare referral and support agency. They can help find childcare for your sick child. Their # is 510.658.0381 or You will be notified immediately if your child becomes sick at school with a temperature, sore throat etc., or any injury or accident that requires more than a band-aid or ice. LeConte does not have a school nurse and limits medical treatment to ice packs for bumps and bruises, a forehead touch or thermometer to check for fever, a bucket and cloth for upset stomachs, soap, water and sterile bandages for open wounds. Flyers Attached Please review the following announcements and see attached flyers related to the events listed below: • P&O Committee Meeting, November 12, 7:00PM, Malcolm X • Preschool to Kindergarten Informal Reception for Parents, Sunday, November 15, 4:00-6:00PM • Open House for Gifted Students, Stanford University, Sunday, November 15 • ELAC training, Monday November 16, 2009 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Longfellow Middle School. • Mrs. Dalloway’s School Benefit Day, Saturday, November 21, 10:00AM – 9:00PM • Information Fair, Saturday, December 5, LeConte, 10:00AM – 1:00PM December Lamppost To submit information for the December Lamppost, please email Principal Wilson at or Penny Peak at Deadline: Sunday, November 29, 2009. MEET OUR WONDERFUL STAFF In each issue of the Lamppost, we are pleased to introduce you to a few members of LeConte’s talented staff. Jeannie Gee Kindergarten Teacher, Room 110 I started teaching in Berkeley a little over 30 years ago. I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in children’s learning. It’s so rewarding to see the children grow in their own unique, special ways. Every year is a new thrilling adventure and never a boring moment. I can say that my students have always kept me on my toes. You don’t sit still for too long in this profession! My favorite subject as a student was reading. In my opinion, the most important lesson that can be taught is to always work to the best of your ability. Mrs. Henderson was an inspirational teacher to me. She was real strict but she believed in me and I have always been grateful for her support.  Julie Venuto Full Inclusion Teacher Throughout my years as an undergraduate student at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, I often thought about becoming a teacher. It was not until I had taken a few graduate courses and began substitute teaching that it really hit me I had found my true path. In 2001, I met a boy with autism spectrum disorder, and I immediately adored him and wanted to know more about him and his disability. I began working with this little guy and a few other children with autism in their homes and school placements before becoming an inclusion teacher. LeConte Lamppost 7
  8. 8. Being a special education teacher is so dear to me, and I look forward to every day that I have the opportunity to help my students achieve their greatest potential. he most important lesson, I believe, that a person can learn in school is how to work with others despite their differences. Working with others is a challenge that all of us face in multiple aspects of our lives, be it in our jobs or in our homes. I think that school is a place for students, families, and teachers to be part of a community and share unique gifts with one another so that all might achieve greatness. Julie was named a Disability Culture Hero by KQED and Kaiser Permanente in 2008.  Susan Katz Third Grade Teacher, Two Way Immersion, Room 207 I have been teaching for over 15 years. I am a National Board Certified Teacher and I began my career as at Teach for America Corp member in Oakland. I am also a children’s book author. My writing career began when I was in fourth grade. I won contests throughout middle school and high school. My mother was an art teacher for over 30 years. I consider teaching children to be reflective, kind, responsible, creative and critical thinkers as important as teaching reading, writing, and mathematics. My students often come away with a new found love of writing. I have been working for BUSD for seven years. I taught at Cragmont for five years in their Two Way Immersion Program.  Bessie Citrin Fourth Grade Teacher, Room 205 I am a first generation Californian with Texan roots. For the last 20 years I have taught at Malcolm X and LeConte, after having taught, consulted, and trained teachers in Oakland, rural Pennsylvania, Mendocino, and Berkeley, in public and private schools, grades K-8. Before returning to public school teaching in 1990, I completed coursework towards a doctorate in clinical psychology. I have two grown children and one grandchild, such joys! I lived rurally in New York and Mendocino for several years, raising animals and gardening. My passions include teaching math and word study, choral singing, natural history, ecology and people—our diversity and richness—and working with the tremendous LeConte community. Most of all, I thrive on the brilliance of each of our children, their observations, discoveries, and the moments they share with me. They keep me ever young!  Luis Argueta Fifth Grade Teacher, Two Way Immersion, Room 201 I decided to become a teacher two years after completing my Bachelor’s Degree in History/ Administrative Studies from UC Riverside. I really enjoyed algebra when I took it in sixth grade at Fontana Junior High. Mr. Allen taught it so clearly that it became my favorite subject. Although Mr. Allen was the person who helped me focus on math, it was my first grade teacher, Ms. Morris, who inspired me the most. She was “that” teacher! She helped my brother and I a lot our first years in this country. This leads me to what I like most about being a teacher—the ability to help families who are new to the educational system learn the pitfalls and access points, knowledge that is needed to make their educational experience as successful as possible. In my opinion the most important lesson to be learned is that inequalities exist; therefore, I see part of my job as helping to remove barriers and work toward equality. 8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  9. 9. LeCONTE CALENDAR NOVEMBER 1 – DECEMBER 5, 2009 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday NOV. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Parent/Teacher Parent/Teacher Parent/Teacher Parent/Teacher Parent/Teacher November Art Conferences Conferences Conferences Conferences Conferences Stroll, EARLY EARLY EARLY EARLY all day 11:00-2:00PM DISMISSAL DISMISSAL DISMISSAL DISMISSAL NO SCHOOL for Rockridge BART K – 12:25 K – 12:25 K – 12:25 K – 12:25 STUDENTS 1st-3rd – 1:05 1st-3rd – 1:05 1st-3rd – 1:05 1st-3rd – 1:05 4th-5th – 1:10 4th-5th – 1:10 4th-5th – 1:10 4th-5th – 1:10 East Bay LGBTQ Welcoming & Inclusive School Forum, 5:30PM- Malcolm X 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Visual Thinking Berkeley Symphony SCHOOL LeConte Auction Elmwood Family Strategies – Try 10:30AM CLOSED Committee, Film Series: Never It! Day, free, LeConte Auditorium Veteran’s Day 6:30PM, Library Ending Story, 12 Berkeley Art noon, Elmwood Museum, P & O Committee Cinema, $4 2:00-5:00PM, meeting, 7:00PM, RSVP Malcolm X 415-690-6887. 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Elmwood Film ELAC parent PTA Meeting School Picture Make Up Celebrate LeConte Mrs. Dalloway’s Series: Never training, 5:45PM – free dinner Governance Day Assembly (parents Bookstore Sales Ending Story, Longfellow, 6:00 – 7:30PM Council - English Language & guardians, please Benefit (LeConte 12 noon 6:30-8:00PM Cafeteria Meeting, 6:30PM, Advisory attend!), receives 20% of Kindergarten Free childcare & Library Committee - Auditorium, sales that day from Information, see Spanish translation Celebration 8:15AM-8:35AM collected receipts) flyer provided. 5:00PM, Cooking 10:00AM-9:00PM Stanford Open Room House for Gifted Students, see flyer 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Mobile Dairy – A SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL cow visits LeConte CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED 9:45AM Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Coalition of Holiday Holiday Holiday Families for African American Students Meeting, 6:00PM, Library 29 30 DEC. 1 2 3 4 5 Family Literacy BUSD Night, 6:00-8:00PM, Kindergarten Fair includes dinner LeConte Auditorium 10:00AM – 1:00PM LeConte Lamppost 9
  10. 10. LeConte felicita a sus... ESTUDIANTES DEL MES (determinado por los maestros del salón) Vea sus fotos y certificados en el tablón de Estudiantes del mes LeConte congratulates its... STUDENTS OF THE MONTH (Determined by the classroom teacher) See their pictures and certificates on the Student of the Month bulletin board Teachers/ Students/Estudiantes Maestros Ms. Aguas Mr. Argueta Ms. Barer Ms. Bernal Ms. Blanchard Ms. Carriedo Ms. Lewis Ms. Citrin Ms. Cross Ms. Gearring Ms. Gee Ms. Katz Ms. Logan Ms. Louie Ms. Roberts Ms. Torres Ms. Woodard 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  11. 11. Berkeley Art Museum A distinguished art museum showing works Try It! that inspire the imagination and spark critical dialogue. Photo by Ben Blackwell Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) at the Berkeley Art Museum when: Sunday, November 8, 2009; 2-5 pm Admission free with RSVP who: All LeConte Elementary School Parents, Guardians & Teachers Are Invited! (Please note, this event is designed for adults only – children will be able to attend a VTS family event being planned for the holidays) where: Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive Entrances at 2626 Bancroft Way & 2621 Durant Avenue (between College and Telegraph). RSVP: by Nov. 7 to Sarah Lenoue at or 415-690-6887 LeConte Elementary School is one of the many schools nationwide utilizing Visual Thinking Strategies, a school curriculum and teaching method that uses art to develop critical thinking, communication, and visual literacy skills. Studies have found that VTS builds critical thinking skills that students transfer to other settings and other subjects, including writing, math, social studies, and science. VTS produces measurable academic growth in students with varying ethnicities, income levels, and school achievement. See for more information. It’s fun to “do” VTS! We are lucky to have this program at LeConte. Come try it at this special event. LeConte Lamppost 11
  12. 12. Museo de Arte de Berkeley Un museo de arte distinguido que exhibe obras que inspiran a la imaginación y provocan un ¡Pruébelo! diálogo crítico. Foto: Ben Blackwell Estrategias de Pensamiento Visual (VTS) En el Museo de Arte de Berkeley cuándo: Domingo, noviembre 8, 2009; 2-5 pm Entrada gratis con RSVP quién: ¡Todos los padres, tutores y maestros de la Escuela Primaria LeConte son invitados! (Note por favor, este evento está diseñado para adultos solamente – los niños podrán asistir a un evento para familias durante las vacaciones) dónde: Museo de Arte de Berkeley/Filmoteca Pacífico Entrada: 2626 Bancroft Way y 2621 Avenida de Durant (entre College y Telegraph). RSVP: antes del 7 de Nov. con Sarah Lenoue, o 415-690-6887 La Escuela Primaria LeConte es una de muchas escuelas a nivel nacional que utiliza Estrategias de Pensamiento Visual (VTS), un currículo escolar y método de enseñanza que utiliza el arte para desarrollar el pensamiento crítico, y habilidades de comunicación y comprensión visual. Varios estudios han encontrado que VTS desarrolla habilidades de pensamiento crítico y los estudiantes utilizan estas abilidades en otros entornos y temas, incluyendo la escritura, las matemáticas, las ciencias sociales y ciencias naturales. VTS produce crecimiento académico medible en estudiantes con diversos orígenes étnicos, niveles de ingresos, y el rendimiento escolar. Ver para más información. ¡Es divertido hacer VTS! Tenemos la suerte de tener este programa en LeConte. Vamos a probarlo en este evento especial. 12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .