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As a company leader, you are responsible for the strategic direction and tactical execution of your business. Knowing your customers, both the “squeaky wheels” and the “silent majority”, is key. You need facts.

Your customers will love you - your competition will hate us.

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Ceg Services Summary

  1. 1. The CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE GROUP Managing the Customer Experience
  2. 2. Customer Experience Management Transform Customer Disappointment… To Customer Delight. • Your company typically hears only the • Conduct a Customer Experience Audit “squeaky wheel” customers (<20%). The to gather facts about your customers: issues of the other 80% or more, the “silent • Identify what they need and what they aren’t getting. majority”, are seldom addressed. Capital • Increase focus on what matters most. funds are deployed on projects that don’t • Decrease focus (and expenses) on what matters least. provide a significant Return on Investment. • Identify your dominant differentiating strength directly from the Voice of your Customer. • Compressed timelines lead to speedy product • Implement a Process Excellence Plan to launches. But unless quality checks are in simultaneously increase speed and quality place, your customers may suffer from poor through Standardization and Simplification: service, product recalls, and extended wait • Improve customer satisfaction. times. • Improve employee satisfaction and accuracy. • Reduce costs as re-work and overlap is elim. • Typical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) fall • Deploy Actionable Customer Metrics short of measuring what matters to the • Deploy an early warning system to enable proper customer. It takes a significant amount of monitoring and response of customer-impacting issues. these “lagging” indicators (i.e. • Identify key touch points for contacting your customers complaints/tickets) to “bubble up” the – confirm product receipt, up-sell & cross-sell opportunities, ensure contract renewal, exit interviews. problem for corrective action. 2
  3. 3. Customer Experience Audit Your best existing customers are your basis for retention and growth. • They critique you every day, whether you hear them or not. • They hold the key to strategic advantage over your competitors. Who are your best customers? Tier C • The ones who make you money. Tier B • The ones who are loyal to you. Tier A Existing Customer insights reveal: Base • What’s most and least important to their purchase decision. • How your company stacks up to what’s important to them. • Straight from the mouth of the customer suggestions for improvement. • Measurable likelihood they will “tell a friend” about your business. (key to revenue growth) • Concrete testimonials you can use for future marketing.
  4. 4. Process Excellence “Excellence in Execution” consistently ranks #1 in the Top 10 CEO Challenges, according to the Conference Board. • Most differentiating factor between companies launching similar products and services. • Best insurance against sub-par profits and poor Return on Investment (ROIC) performance compared to peers. Before launch, new products transition through each of your organizational silos. • Shortcuts in early stages compound issues in later stages leaving operational groups “holding the bag”. • Process Excellence ensures your products launch on time and right the first time. • Your customers deserve it! • Your business depends on it!
  5. 5. Actionable Customer Metrics Over-promising at the point of sale (“unlimited”, “works everywhere”, “replaces DSL”) can set you up for failure. • Build customer trust through transparent and realistic descriptions of your offering. Quick proactive response to service issues is paramount. • Inform your customers of issues before they have a chance to inform you! Leads to Revenue Gain Leads to Customer Churn/Attrition
  6. 6. Founder – Customer Experience Group Vice President Customer Experience - ALLTEL WIRELESS Industry first to find and correct bad customer experiences with data cards, smart phones, core data network, roaming network, and provisioning systems. Over $30M EBITDA impact with minimal capital invested. Drove the implementation of Six Sigma, and LEAN standards throughout the organization. Organized a council of top level executives – drove $100M in Operating Income improvement Director – Nationwide Engineering – ALLTEL Corporation Recruited, managed and motivated a team of exceptional Engineers who designed wireless voice and data communication systems across the nation. Cut costs by 40% while simultaneously improving delivery. Standardized pricing resulting in over $24M increase in Equity Free Cash Flow. First application of standards including TQM, TL9000, & ISO 9001 Manager System Performance - AMERITECH CELLULAR, Chicago, IL Implemented and tested new technologies and trials for the Chicago area including several industry firsts in CDMA, TDMA, voice and data services. Designed performance metrics for the customer experience.
  7. 7. Are you Ready? As a company leader, you are responsible for the strategic direction and tactical execution of your business. Knowing your customers, both the “squeaky wheels” and the “silent majority”, is key. You need facts. • Customer Experience Audit - to provide decisive customer data • Process Excellence Program - to improve execution speed and quality • Actionable Customer Metrics - to monitor & respond to what matters Your customers will love you - your competition will hate us. Mike Stafford 501-255-7751 www.CustomerExperienceGroup.com