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Business Performance Manager

Overview of our Business Performance Manager Service. Helping Small Businesses Increase Revenue, Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency and Drive Innovation

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Business Performance Manager

  1. 1. The Business marketplace is Changing
  2. 2. Its gone from this...
  3. 3. To this
  4. 4. The Knowledge Economy is growing. Traditional products and physical channels are declining. Knowledge is considered a product and its being delivered seamlessly over the Internet.
  5. 5. Where business is conducted is also changing
  6. 6. Business used to beconducted here or here
  7. 7. Now its done everywhere
  8. 8. Virtualization and Cloud Computing has redefined how business is conducted.Large and Enterprise companies haveembraced Cloud Computing and arebenefiting from increased productivity andemployee satisfaction while reducing costssignificantly.
  9. 9. Business has gone social. People want to collaborate and share information with: • ColleaguesCollaboration breeds • Partnersinnovation. Feedback from • Clientscustomers improvesproducts and increasesproductivity.
  10. 10. Social media and Increases incollaboration have also lead competition meansto a change in customer that customer loyaltybehaviour. is at an all time low. Businesses areCustomers are forced to becomemore demanding, more customerwanting an focused andimmediate develop withresponse from the customerbusinesses they from.
  11. 11. Changes in the businessenvironment meansSmall businesses & startups are increasinglybeing pressured to bemore responsive andflexible.At the same time theyare also beingchallenged reduce costsand become moreefficient.
  12. 12. Small businesses & startups arechanging to more customerdriven solutions that help themaddress the challenges ofincreasing revenue, reducingcosts and improving processes.However, even businesss thathave committed to theseprinciples face new and uniquechallenges in their journey.
  13. 13. Small Businesses and Startupshave been slow to identify andimplement new businessprocesses and practices.Small Business & Startupsneed to fill the expertise gapin new business practiceadoption at an affordableprice.
  14. 14. Our Business Performance Manager (BPM) servicecan help customers successfully face thesechallenges. Business Performance Managers work as an extension of the customers team. Leveraging years of experience of working with small businesses & startups, they help customers plan, measure and grow their business.
  15. 15. Goals of a Business Performance Manager
  16. 16. These goals are achieved by focusing on ourThree Key Concepts:
  17. 17. Financial Control Business Performance Managers (BPM) help clients control their cash flow by reducing costs and improving cash collection processes BPMs ensure client management team have frequent, high quality financial data to help them make informed decisions. If your business does not have a finance team BPMs can produce your management accounts.
  18. 18. MARKET PLANNING Getting your Marketing & Advertising right is crucial for small businesses, it can be the difference between success or failure. Business Performance Manager (BPM) helps businesses: •Analyzes 7Ps of marketing •Ensures Branding is aligned with corporate vision •Improves customer loyalty •Introduces Inbound Marketing strategies & Internet Marketing
  19. 19. BUSINESS PLANNING & GROWTH Not having a Strategy and Performance Management system in place puts businesses at risk. Business Reporting Manager (BPM) helps in clients with: • Corporate Strategy • Business Planning/Budgets & Forecasts • Growth Strategies • Employee Performance Management • Building of new reporting systems - Dashboards, Scorecards & KPIs
  20. 20. PROCESS IMPROVEMENT & INNOVATIONPolitical, cultural and technological Innovation is the introduction of newevents and trends have a profound ideas, goods, services, and practices.impact on how business is It’s not just about new technology. It’sconducted as they affect your about new ways of doing things: newcustomers and staff. methods and new processes. Business Performance Managers (BPM) drive innovation initiatives for our clients helping increasing productivity and efficiency. Key Areas of focus: • Cloud Computing • Process Improvement • Outsourcing options • New Products & Markets • Open source software options
  21. 21. TALENT MANAGEMENT Recruiting and retaining quality staff is one of the biggest challenges small business faces as they find it difficult to compete with larger companies. The workforce is changing; employees are more demanding. The BPM help small businesses and startups•• Ensure you recruit and retain the best employees• Implement succession management to reduce business risk• Ensure the organizational structure is agile and able to respond to change• Ensure your business is fosters a culture of productivity and innovation
  22. 22. KEY OUTPUTS OF BPM• A Business Plan for internal performance management.• Continual improvement program based on performance in Financial, Marketing, Strategy & Talent Management Health Checks.• Market data reports providing you bench- marked insight on how your business is performing compared to similar businesses.• Regular Strategy "Deep Dive" sessions review performance and set your business expectations in for the next six months and beyond.
  23. 23. KEY BENEFITS OF BPM•Gives you tools to manage your business more effectively.•Shows you how to improve your businesss profitability.•Gives you guidance on how solve your business problems.•Provides you with advice on how to grow your business
  24. 24. We offer two levels of Business Performance Managerservice depending on the size of the business.Core Hours Dedicated to your Business:Seeds & Start-ups: 10 hours per month minimumEstablished Small Business: 20 hours per month minimumWork is delivered on site or virtually depending on yourlocation.Business Performance Managers are available via email andtelephone outside of their core hours if required.
  25. 25. Contact bpm@arinobe.com0203 286 7829 +447825 002 908arinobe_sme arinobe_sme