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Quality Assurance in call centres

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CCMG QA Presentation

  1. 1. Presented by Old Mutual and BYC
  2. 2. • Typical findings of QA within our industry • When QA does and doesn’t work • Debra De Graaf – Old Mutual Case Study • Processes for QA effectiveness • Alternative thinking on QA – Outsource • Technologies – the barriers/challenges and value • Who QA relates to within the company • Something to think about!
  3. 3. Compliance driven ‘Big Brother’ Tell mentality rather than pro-active skills development Lack of alignment internally on ‘desired standards’ Variances in QA done by languages Variances in QA done by customer contact Use team managers to do QA – not core competence Use good agents to do QA – ‘only know your business, not holistic customer needs, customer demographics, coaching skills Lack of customer orientation in QA evaluations; focus on process, not brand, customer, retention, propensity to cancel, etc Various volumes completed consistently throughout the contact centre Manual processes between QA and coaching – cumbersome Reports don’t add value – talk to volume done rather than what’s working and what isn’t QA for operations only
  4. 4. Choose short calls due to time constraints Choose assessors first language calls assuming delivery same in all languages Seen as task rather than value add to the organisation Demographic doesn’t understand different customer needs across generations QA doesn’t pick up on process opportunities to improve customer and organisational cost savings
  5. 5. Soft skills – questioning, relationship building Communication skills – all elements Sales skills – objection handling – features and benefits Product skills Retention skills Propensity to cancel – risk to business model Compliance if applicable First time resolution Brand protection
  6. 6. Acknowledge good performance Coaching of front line Training material focus/reviews Incentive leverage Analysis – what’s working – what isn’t Process enhancement opportunities Benchmark against external customer surveys Benchmark against competitors Change to ensure meeting customer needs
  7. 7. 165 years old 1,000’s of employees Tons of customers 100’s of products Constantly changing Decision making Stakeholders Objectives Targets Customers
  8. 8. Ensure everyone understands desired standards Involve key stakeholders in what will be measured and what won’t Change your QA in line with your customer behaviour & changing business needs Have equal balance between Soft skills/sales skills/communication skills Product information Compliance (if applicable) Ensure reports add value to relevant functions Ensure equal volumes evaluated per agent Ensure objectivity in your call/written evaluations Ensure coaching regular and effective on findings Ensure aligned to external customer feedback Ensure effective analysis and feedback of results
  9. 9. Play to your strengths If you don’t have systems/processes or skills internally get help Outsource some or all of your QA Gain objective and independent feedback Change mindset of QA from ‘big brother’ to developmental BYC?
  10. 10. Qnique Nice Verint QPS Ocular Remedy HPL Excel To name but a few........ Expensive to purchase Time to implement Skills to build & change & manage? Multiple environments – no single view Costly upgrades What do you want from it? Can you get it easily?
  11. 11. Recruitment – right people right skills Training – right focus on training investments Operations – coaching/management effectiveness Marketing – product/campaign assumptions correct Finance – business model assumptions correct on sales ratios Board of directors – strategic aims of the contact centre fulfilled Customers – your ability to change in line with their needs/demands/desires
  12. 12. QA - key skill to obtain optimum results Objectivity imperative especially when financial impact Customer experience is your only differentiator Customer retention critical to business models Our QA model more competitive than internal (35% cost saving)
  13. 13. Email: Tel: 0215319949 Cell: 0825533576 Web: