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Early Bridge Introduction


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Early Bridge Introduction

  1. 1. Turning Thought Into Action Delivering the Right Customer Experience
  2. 2. Introductie: EarlyBridge Experience shows that the success of an organization goes hand-in-hand with the degree to which they are successful in acting in the best interests of their customers. EarlyBridge (formerly Van de Laar / Pothoven) advises and implements strategies to improve customer contact in all channels, thereby boosting business performance. Because times like these require fast results, EarlyBridge applies methods that deliver tangible short-term improvements and results. EarlyBridge offers you a welcome combination of strategic long-term consultancy and short-term, practical and results-oriented business transformation.
  3. 3. Customer Journey Mapping: Focus on the best interests of the customer This methodology helps your organization to set up your processes from the customer‟s perspective. Customer Journey Mapping can be used to improve existing processes or to launch new products and services. What Customer Journey Mapping can do for your organization: • Fast, pragmatic and cost-efficient insights into customer needs, customer processes and the channel mix. • Processes aligned and optimized from the customer‟s perspective. • Marketing objectives activated and processes aligned with brand values. • Insight into where you can realize cost-savings – without jeopardizing performance. • Pinpoint per channel concrete improvements to strengthen performance.
  4. 4. Experience Based Training: Mobilize your organization Experience Based Training is an innovative performance improvement and training concept to translate marketing, sales and service strategies into action. What Experience Based Training can do for your organization: • Cost savings through more efficient and results- oriented customer interaction • Better sales results and marketing performance thanks to customer-focused working • Higher customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score by creating the right customer experience in each channel • Leverage inbound customer contacts for customer- focused cross-selling (increases profits) • Strengthen the customer relationship (reinforces reputation and repeat sales) • Greater loyalty to your brand by making good on your brand promise in one-to-one interactions with customers
  5. 5. Sales Performance Scan: Easier buying = easier selling Unique about this insightful scan is that both sides of the sales/buying process are analyzed. First, the customer perspective is analyzed to understand how easy it is to buy. Next, the processes, barriers and opportunities are analyzed to understand what is stimulating and what is hindering sales. Both „outside-in‟ and „inside-out‟ are made transparent. The results of both analyses are combined and translated into concrete improvements to drive sales. What the Sales Performance Scan can do for your organization: • Barriers and levers are uncovered from both the internal (salesperson) and external (buyer) perspective • You know which concrete improvements you can/must execute • You can begin immediately to realize extra sales • A welcome spin-off of the Sales Performance Scan is that it provides insight into unnecessary – and thus avoidable – costs.
  6. 6. Service Performance Scan: Fast, better service delivery at lower costs Poor service delivery costs you customers. The Service Performance Scan gives you fast insight into where your service processes can be improved. First, the customer‟s access to information and ability to get solutions to their problems are analyzed - your service process from the customer‟s perspective. Thereafter your existing service and fulfilment processes are screened. By combining the outcomes of both analyses, necessary improvements are pinpointed that can increase customer satisfaction and/or reduce costs. What the Service Performance Scan can do for your organization: • Barriers and levers are uncovered from both the internal (your organization) and external (the customer) perspective • You know which concrete improvements you can/must execute • You can begin immediately to improve your service to customers • You know where you can reduce costs and improve cost-to-serve
  7. 7. Customer Experience Scan: Knowing how your customers experience you How do your customers experience their contact with your organization – really? In which channels is the interaction satisfactory, where can it be improved? Are you missing opportunities? The comprehensive Customer Experience Scan gives you the answer to these and other questions. What the Customer Experience Scan can do for your organization: • Barriers and levers are highlighted from both the internal (your organization) and external (the customer) perspective • You know where your opportunities lie and which concrete improvements to prioritize • You realize more targeted and efficient changes and improvements to your customer processes in order to align them better with the customer needs • You know what you must do to eventually align your customer processes with your brand values and your company philosophy
  8. 8. Channel Proficiency Scan: Better channel synergy How does your mix of distribution and communication channels perform? And more important: how is the synergy and alignment between channels? Is there consistency? Or does one channel undermine the performance of another? The Channel Proficiency Scan gives you fast answers to these questions. So you know how “mature” your channels are. And which steps you need to take per channel in order to realize fully-developed multi- channel processes. What the Channel Proficiency Scan can do for your organization: • You get fast insight into the performance per channel (sales, satisfaction, and process quality) and the channel interactions. • You know exactly which concrete activities are needed to enable your channels to work together more effectively. • You have better insight into channel-specific activities as a step towards structural improvements.
  9. 9. How we do it: Turning thought into action The starting point for everything that EarlyBridge does is that effective customer contact is possible only when the processes and the organizational behavior reinforce the marketing strategy and brand values of the company. Depending on the issue at hand, a project can focus on: • Organizational improvements in customer Strategy processes or channels & • Training and coaching • Activation of the marketing strategy or Brand experience positioning The strength of EarlyBridge is the ability to combine the existing knowledge and talents in an organization into a holistic approach to customer contact, built from the customer perspective. Channel We call it „turning thought into action‟. It‟s our way Behaviour of activating and mobilizing the latent strengths in & employees your organization. Process EarlyBridge does this step-by-step, using finely scoped and measureable pilot projects. Broader implementation follows proven success.
  10. 10. How EarlyBridge can help your organization to think from the customer perspective: Analyze customer insights: Learn to listen to the customer and transform the learning into structural improvements. Develop customer journeys: Pinpoint what the added value of the channel strategy is for the customer. Align the organization in the interests of the customer: For organization-wide impact and breaking through the status quo. Design a roadmap for the organization: Guide the organization at all levels and activate the strategic framework. Execute practical, results-oriented pilots: In order to test the roadmap and realize concrete results Extract learning from pilots: Leverage experience for broader implementation and visible results. Achieve essential change in your organization: So that beginning now employees work customer-focused from the customer perspective.
  11. 11. Over the founders The strength of EarlyBridge sits in the chemistry between the two founders. Both specialists in multi-channel customer interaction and customer experience management. And both driven by the same vision of –and passion for –improving customer contact. Kathy van de Laar has worked in direct customer contact and CRM in the US and Europe for more than 20 years. She has extensive experience in driving change for marketing, sales and service organizations for companies such as ABN AMRO, AT&T, BT Cellnet, FedEx, IBM, Merck Medco, OHRA and Philips. She advises companies in customer strategy and translating strategy into practical implementations. Christiaan Pothoven has more than 17 years experience in the financial sector including ABN AMRO Bank where he last served as Head of Customer Experience & Innovation for direct channels. His expertise is in multi-channel customer interaction and the integration of distribution channels.
  12. 12. Learn more about EarlyBridge Every company has its own dynamics and challenges. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our products and services can help you reach your objectives. Call or mail for an appointment. We would be happy to introduce ourselves and discuss your situation and needs. EarlyBridgeBV Herengracht 518 1017 CC Amsterdam T: +31 (0)20 – 715 5918 F: +31 (0)20 – 715 5941 E: