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  1. 1. UNI-SOLUTIONS Sales,Lead Generation and Marketing Committed to Success........... Business Model Work Flow for Lead Generation Start sending out eye capturing news-letters to our Prospects/Suspects and existing customers as a ‘Brand recall’ activity Call the next C-Level Proactively cold call and profile target accounts Executive to get a referral • to identify key decision makers and other relevant information to generate new business and build the sales funnel. If she gives a referral If she does not give a referral Calls are made to these contacts to schedule a meeting/teleconference Once an meeting is scheduled with the prospect, the BDE will send an meeting confirmation request mailer and upon confirmation and answers for the qualifying questions. Check if the lead is genuinely interested to hear from our director before closing the call. We are experts at intelligently cleansing your raw data, profiling your customers, sourcing new ones for you and identifying marketing flaws that may not have been previously apparent. Often clients come to us because campaigns with other suppliers haven't worked. We review the activity and help our clients to understand where the problem lies; identify what needs to change and then implement an effective campaign, delivering qualified sales appointments and an up-to-date database of valuable information. UNI-SOLUTIONS pride itself in this commonsense, unbiased approach that is centered on clearly defined objectives agreed with our clients. Uni-Solutions helps develop and manage the development of large enterprise prospects so that firms can concentrate on the major deals where a financially based value proposition may influence top decision makers to purchase a product or service. We specialize in sales funnel development, not Telemarketing skims!
  2. 2. We accomplish this by causing consequences for high-level executives, should they fail to consider a company’s value proposition. This allows a company to present a value proposition directly to top decision makers. Sales professionals will no longer wade through the blockers and gatekeepers: people who are detrimental to a sales efforts. We will provide a process so that the sales effort becomes easily tracked, provides meaningful forecasts, and most importantly,delivery. Quality call monitoring: All appointments can be recorded and assessed by our skilled project managers. They monitor the appointments to check they reach the specifications requested by the client. This ensures that only the highest quality of appointments is passed on to your sales team Targets to reach maximum decision makers: Uni-Solutions, as a company, focuses on engaging in structured and meaningful conversations with decision makers. This is more likely to harness a positive outcome and growth for your business. From our first contact with your target decision makers, we understand how building a 'relationship' with them not only develops new business for you, but also enhances your corporate brand. Staff training to embed client ethos throughout the sales process: All of our executives receive intensive product training before a client's campaign 'goes live'. This ensures that each member of the telemarketing team fully understands the background of the client's business. Such a level of in depth knowledge means they can represent the client more effectively and professionally, creating superior results. Furthermore, our executives are trained to understand the client's entire portfolio, even though they may only currently be working on a single product or service; as a result many of our clients have come to regard our executives as a valuable permanent extension to their own sales force. Uni-Solutions use well-proven 'transition' methodology - UNI-SOLUTIONS SIMPLE STEPS - that we tailor to the specific requirements of each of our clients. These are primarily: Strategy | Data | Profiling | Lead & Appointment Generation The Uni-Solutions approach minimizes the impact of the transition on our client, while maximizing the ultimate return
  3. 3. Industry Verticals we can cater to IT Sector Telecommuni Financial Manufacturing Business Education cation Services Support Network solutions Bandwidth Switcher ERP Solutions Printing & Curriculum BSS VoIP campaigns for peripherals approved on line Security IP-VPN Banks Scanning & Mobile Compliance LAN/WAN services computing Training & Learning & digital Support Telebusiness In depth profiling coaching teaching Consultancy Billing software of existing and Asset Finance, Interactive white IP Telephony Voice potential Financial Service boards Storage & Disaster Network customers Recruitment & HR Recovery integration consultancy Software ISP Generating leads applications - CRM, and appointments ERP, Security, across Banking, Accounting Life Assurance and System Integration General Insurance & infrastructure management Application management - SAP, Lotus suite, Microsoft Mobile device application software “Our simple steps ensure smooth and timely integration with maximum results”
  4. 4. ● 4years of Consulting and Services leadership ● Graveyard shift ● Knowledge Management ● Year on year sales and customer satisfaction improvement ● Decreased time-to-market ● Increased Customer Satisfaction ● Focused Approach towards ● Quality & Processes ● Productivity ● Process Mapping ● Rapid access to “Best Practices” ● 24X7 Operations ● Your internal resources can focus on “CORE” processes ● Cost Savings up to 60%
  5. 5. ● Faster turnaround time ● Time zone difference ● 24 x 7 service ● Learning curve effect Post Vendor ‘Go Live’ Steady State: Initial objectives Selection onwards (90-180 Consistently of outsourcing days) achieving desired are achieved Project Mgmt Learning Curve results Approach New Process Managing Phased Ramp-up Value Added Migration Expectation Services/ Gaps Solutions Alignment of Alignment of Identification of Continuous Corp. Cultural Corp. Cultural New Processes ‘Tangible’ improvement Duration: 2-4 Duration: 3-6 Duration: 6-18 Duration: months months months Continuous
  6. 6. ● True “Value Support” ● World Class Service ● Industry Best Practices ● High Performance Levels ● –Customer Satisfaction ● – Quality ● – Productivity ● Reduced Costs ● Continuous Service Enhancements ● Value Added Services ● State-of-the-art Infrastructure ● Scalability Thank You, Contact Us: # 204, 27th Cross, 7th Block, Jayanagar Bangalore, Karnataka INDIA – 560 082 Ph: +91 080 26642686, 32406181