How To Build A Scalable Storage System with OSS at TLUG Meeting 2008/09/13

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  • 1. TLUG Meeting 2008/09/13 Gosuke Miyashita
  • 2. My company
    • paperboy&co.
      • Web hosting, blog, ec hosting and so on for indivisuals
      • About 1,000 Linux servers
      • Many single servers ...
  • 3. My goal of a scalable storage system
    • Storage system for a web hosting service
      • High resource availability
      • Flexible I/O distribution
      • Easy to extend
      • Mountable by multiple hosts
      • No SPoF
      • With OSS
      • Without expensive hardwares
    • Now I’m trying technologies for these purposes
  • 4.  
  • 5.
    • cman
    • CLVM
    • GFS2
    • GNBD
    • DRBD
    • DM-MP
  • 6. cman
    • Cluster Manager
    • A component of Red Hat Cluster Suit
    • Membership management
    • Messaging among cluster nodes
    • Needed for CLVM and GFS2
  • 7. CLVM
    • Cluster Logical Volume Manager
    • Cluster-wide version of LVM2
    • Automatically share LVM2 metadata among all cluster nodes
    • So logical volumes with CLVM available to all cluster nodes
  • 8. CLVM clvmd distributes metadata among cluster nodes Logical volumes presented to each cluster node Logical volume on shared storage LVM2 Metadata clvmd LVM2 Metadata clvmd LVM2 Metadata clvmd
  • 9. GNBD
    • Global Network Block Device
    • Provides block-device access over TCP/IP
    • Similar to iSCSI
    • Advantage over iSCSI is built-in fencing
  • 10. GNBD TCP/IP network GNBD client GNBD client GNBD client GNBD Server Exported block device
  • 11. GFS2
    • Global File System 2
    • One of cluster-aware file systems
    • Multiple nodes can simultaneously access this filesystem
    • Uses DLM(Distributed Lock Manager) of cman to maintain file system integrity
    • OCFS is another cluster-aware file system
  • 12. GFS2 These nodes can access to the GFS2 file system simultaneously GNBD Server GFS2 GNBD client cman GNBD client cman GNBD client cman
  • 13. DRBD
    • Distributed Replicated Block Device
    • RAID1 over a network
    • Mirrors a whole block device over TCP/IP
    • Available Active/Active with cluster file systems
  • 14. DRBD Replication Server Block Device Server Block Device
  • 15. DM-MP
    • Device-Mapper Multipath
    • Bundles I/O paths to one virtual I/O path
    • Can choose active/passive or active/active
  • 16. DM-MP with SAN storage /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 Seen as one device /dev/mapper/mpath0 active/passive or active/active Node HBA1 HBA2 SAN swtich 1 SAN swtich 2 Storage CNTRLR1 CNTRLR2
  • 17.  
  • 18. A scalable storage system /dev/VG0/LV0 (CLVM) mount /dev/VG0/LV0 /mnt cman GNBD cman GNBD GNBD Server GFS2 GNBD Server GFS2 Replication (DRBD) /dev/mapper/mpath0 (DM-MP) /dev/gnbd0 /dev/gnbd1 GNBD Server GFS2 GNBD Server GFS2 Replication (DRBD) /dev/mapper/mpath1 (DM-MP) /dev/gnbd2 /dev/gnbd3
  • 19. How to extend /dev/VG0/LV0 (CLVM) mount /dev/VG0/LV0 /mnt cman GNBD cman GNBD GNBD Server GFS2 GNBD Server GFS2 /dev/mapper/mpath0 /dev/gnbd0 /dev/gnbd1 GNBD Server GFS2 GNBD Server GFS2 /dev/mapper/mpath1 /dev/gnbd2 /dev/gnbd3 GNBD Server GFS2 GNBD Server GFS2 /dev/mapper/mpath2 /dev/gnbd4 /dev/gnbd5
  • 20.  
  • 21. I wonder ...
    • Many components cause troubles?
    • How about overhead and performance?
    • How about stability?
    • More better way?
    • How about other than Red Hat Linux?
  • 22.