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Cloud Driven Development: a better workflow, less worries, and more power
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Cloud Driven Development: a better workflow, less worries, and more power


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Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions have recently sprung up for Drupal, with Pantheon and Acquia Dev Cloud leading the race. The advantages are plentiful: zero set-up costs, instant upscaling, the …

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions have recently sprung up for Drupal, with Pantheon and Acquia Dev Cloud leading the race. The advantages are plentiful: zero set-up costs, instant upscaling, the use of powerful services such as Apache Solr, Varnish, Redis/Memcached, automated Drupal core updates, site profiling tools, etc.

In this session, I’ll make Drupal developers familiar with PaaS, and show the concepts of “Cloud-driven development” to speed up development and deployment processes. I will show how to use your local, development, test and production environments to organize your Drupal development, and push changes back and forth using Git, Features and Drush, eliminating the need to share the database and pushing changes exclusively via code. Finally, Drush will make your deployment a breeze.

With the free developer subscription of Pantheon and a series of Drush commands and scripts, you will be able to start developing and deploying your own Drupal projects in the cloud, and never again worry about your server. After all, you are a Drupal Developer, not a System Administrator!

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  • 1. Cloud DrivenDevelopmenta better workflow, less worries, and more powerPeter Vanhee20th October 2012 - DrupalCamp Spain
  • 2. Who am I?‣ Consumer and contributor to Drupal for over 6 years @pvhee‣ Co-founder Marzee Labs @marzeelabs, a web shop from Barcelona‣
  • 3. The Cloud“The cloud has given has us the ability to providenearly limitless, on-demand resources to speed upour web development and deployment processes”
  • 4. For me?Photo from Flickr by Abode of Chaos
  • 5. The Cloud
  • 6. Is that enough?
  • 7. Enter PaaS‣ “Platform-as-a-service”‣ Yet another service built on top of the cloud‣ Provides a computing platform and a solution stack Source: Wikipedia
  • 8. Know any?
  • 9. Paas for Drupal
  • 10. In general, Drupal PaaS offer‣ Different environments. Typically a development, staging and production environment‣ Code repository, e.g. git‣ On-demand resources‣ Specialty services for search, caching, performance optimization, etc.‣ A lot of automation of the tools you typically use (or want to) when building Drupal sites
  • 11. More good stuff‣ one-click installs of Drupal distributions‣ they teach you awesome developer processes
  • 12. Disadvantages?‣ Difficult to break away from the standard setup‣ Not always shell access - and shell in generally very limited‣ Cannot install just anything
  • 13. Cuts most of the deals
  • 14. Enter Cloud Driven Development“Cloud Driven Development puts the fun back into your Drupal development and deployment”
  • 15. Cloud Driven Development Modeladev b test c live u local
  • 16. Cloud Driven Development Model for your Team a devu local u local
  • 17. Cloud Driven Development Model with the Client b test c liveRevise new features Work on content
  • 18. Cloud Driven Development Model for Everyone Else c live
  • 19. Cloud Driven Development Model t t a dev gn b test gn c live t gn u localt code moves from left to rightg files and n database move from right to left
  • 20. The Ingredients for Cloud DD Drush+ “exportables”
  • 21. Demo using Pantheon Free developer tier at
  • 22. Spinning up a new site
  • 23. Go u local> git clone git@* drupalcamp_spain
  • 24. At Marzee Labs we maintain our own Drupal distribution ‣ contains modules and sandboxes we always use ‣ has some features we always need ‣ has smart settings preconfigured mz/mz.make mz/mz.profile mz/mz.install mz/
  • 25. Make our site> drush make --no-core profiles/mz/mz.make .
  • 26. From u local to adev> git add -A .> git commit -m "Built site from MZ"> git push origin master
  • 27. Install your site on adev
  • 28. Install your site (2)
  • 29. Pantheon Dashboard From
  • 30. A typical development flow ‣ pull the database from the dev/test/live environment * ‣ drush dl awesome_module ‣ configure and export ‣ enable the module, in our site feature* if you follow a real database-free development flow, you should do this only once at the beginning
  • 31. First: get your drush aliasesfrom ulocal to> drush a dev> drush @pantheon.dcspain.test b test> drush c live
  • 32. Deploy on adev> git push origin master> drush updatedb> drush fra> drush cc all
  • 33. Deploy on btest
  • 34. Hello Pandarus‣ A drupal sandbox* by wodenx‣ For command-line freaks‣ Deploy via command-line‣ Syncronize databases and files * soon to be a full d.o. project
  • 35. Deploy faster with Pandarus > drush pan-deploy test
  • 36. Syncing database and files never was easier> drush rsync @self:%files> drush pan-sql-sync @self
  • 37. Pre-launch dev cycle ta dev gn b test t gn u local
  • 38. Going Live tbtest gn c live
  • 39. Searching like a pro
  • 40. Caching like a boss‣ varnish / nginx - for anonymous users‣ redis - for authenticated users
  • 41. Scale! From
  • 42. Site Profiling
  • 43. Ou Yeah.. there is more‣ Drupal core updates‣ On-server development - hot fixes directly on the server
  • 44. Things to look out for‣ Drupal 8 and the CMI: will make exportables much better (think: bye-bye Features)‣ More command-line magic‣ More automation‣ Cloud Driven Development: the future for Drupal?
  • 45. Thanks! @marzeelabs