LTE: Building New Killer Apps


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Every once in a while a new technology changes the game. Some benefit from it while others fail to adapt. Long Term Evolution, or LTE for short, is on the surface ,just yet another fast wireless standard bringing us faster mobile networking. But just like the freeway was much more than just a faster road, LTE actually has a chance to change the rules for app developers and create new possibilities.

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LTE: Building New Killer Apps

  1. 1. L TE New Kil ler AppsBuilding
  2. 2. About Marko Gargenta* Developer of Android Bootcamp for Marakana.* Instructor for 1,000s of developers on Android at Qualcomm, Cisco, Motorola, DoD and other great orgs.* Author of Learning Android published by O’Reilly.* Speaker at OSCON (3x), ACM, IEEE, SDC, AnDevCon.* Co-founder of* Co-chair of Android Open conference: AN
  3. 3. What LTE Is
  4. 4. Why youd careLTE is FasterLTE is RicherLTE is Safer LTE > 3G++
  5. 5. LTE is FasterSPEED AVERAGE LATENCY LIMIT SPEED ONEWAY86/28 12/5 15 Mbps Mbps ms Faster! Over 50%LTE enables Video sharing, conferencing, HD streaming.
  6. 6. Much more bandwidth 3G LTE 1.25MHz - 5MHz 1.4MHz - 20MHz e for dataBuilt for voic Built
  7. 7. Latency Reduction 65 ms 50 ms Low latency 10 ms 10 ms => High speed apps HSPA HSPA+ LTE LTE WiMAX MIMO2x2 MIMO4x4 Higher peak rates (theoretical) 173 Mbps High peak throughput 86 Mbps => Rich content 55 Mbps 42 Mbps 14 Mbps 11 MbpsHSPA 5MHz HSPA+ 5MHz Credit: Alcatel-Lucent
  8. 8. LTE is Richer * HD video * Multipart video * Real time gaming * Cloud computing * Enhanced reality
  9. 9. LTE is Richer 3G LTE vs. IPv4 IPv6 N -10- digit MD 15-dig it IMSI identifier based i dentifier
  10. 10. LTE provides for Quality of Service.Slower traffic yields to faster packets. Such as video conferencing.Your app can take advantage of this.
  11. 11. Application impact Smartphone Model for 2012 Video StreamingAvg Call Thruput (kb/s) Interactive Web Video Size of bubble Indicates Aggregate Data Usage Browsing Audio Streaming Email Gaming SMS MMS 4.0 Busy Hour Calling Attempts (BHCA) As networks become more capable, users will want richer apps. Credit: Alcatel-Lucent
  12. 12. Simplified Worldwide Roaming LTE is unifying standard providing seamless international roaming & device economies of scale
  13. 13. LTE is Safer* Network authentication (128-bit keys)* SIM robust and non-invasive key storage* RAN encrypted data communication to prevent eavesdropping
  14. 14. More Security Features* Identity protection (IMSI/IMEI) against snooping & alteration* IpMS granular security per service* IPSec for secure tunneled IP communication
  15. 15. 2G Built for voiceCredit: Paul Vlaar
  16. 16. 3G Built for voice and dataCredit: Wikipedia
  17. 17. Mobile used to be for voice e ing to peopl People talk
  18. 18. LTE: More than a faster road Credit: Imre Solt
  19. 19. LTE Enables M2M g to everythin Everythi ng talks
  20. 20. The Internet of Things Everything is connected to everything
  21. 21. Mobile M2M Roadmap
  22. 22. The world is adopting LTE Europe America , candinavia North oPCS 2010: Lau n ches in S urope izon, Met r Eastern E 2010: Ver Dividend -Mobile pe an Digital 2011 : AT&T, T 2011: Euro Germany Lau nches – E des to LT 2012/13: 3G upgra Asia ca tin Ameri hes launches ndia BWA La 2011: I a Mobile unc ntial la In pipe line: Chin 2011: Pote broadband TD-LTE for fixed113 LTE network commitments in 46 countries156 operators in 64 countries investing in LTEAt least 55 LTE networks in service by end 2012 Credit: Alcatel-Lucent
  23. 23. LTE is getting cheaper LTE 1st generation$5,000$1,000 $500 $100 HSPA+ HSPA+ 1st generation LTE 2nd generation $50 2nd generation (multimode) Commodity price 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Credit: Alcatel-Lucent
  24. 24. The Long Term Evolution GSM/UMTS HSPA+ GSM/EDGE UMTS/HSPA+ GSM/EDGE L TD-SCDMA 1xRTT T 1x/Do-R.A E 1x/Do-R.A B/A+ WIMAX E le ad to LT A ll roads Credit: Alcatel-Lucent
  25. 25. Follow the money Source: Analysys Research
  26. 26. App Development Best Practices
  27. 27. Plan for mix of networks 2G LTE 3GYour app can make intelligent choices based on network.Networks differ on bandwidth, latency, throughput, reliability,security, and more.
  28. 28. nData coming i Use bigger buffers LTE is faster than 3G so big buffers work better. True even when switching to and from 3G. r he buffe Data in t t Data going ou
  29. 29. Pre-fetch for faster experience Anticipate and pre-load data user will want. Experiment with algorithm that works best for your app. LTEs larger bandwidth and lower latency helps. credit: David Shankbone
  30. 30. Cache more often Your App CacheBe mindful about spikes in network trafficTry to use smart cache to mitigate for spikes
  31. 31. One session for multiple GETs GET/Response Session GET/Response GET/Response* LTE was designed for long sessions* Old networks: Small but frequent requests* LTE: fewer requests->better responsiveness and lower latency* Group requests into single session
  32. 32. Take advantage of all-IP network Start stream A Stop stream A Session Start stream B Stop stream B Start stream A* LTE: idle to active in 100ms -> always-on experience withoutactually being active all the time* Concurrent media streams experience: start one while stopping theother, as in voice over a scrolling map
  33. 33. Favor downloading over streaming vs. ing g Downloa d Streamin Expect 2 to 8s delay when switching between LTE and 2G/3G. Streaming is also more expensive on battery.
  34. 34. Avoid aggressive behaviour Aggressive App Other Apps* Aggressive behavior: continuously using network without consideration for others.* Results in tying up network resources and drains battery.
  35. 35. SummaryLTE represents a potential game changer; Itcreates opportunities for new killer apps.Accept the long term evolution and thrive. credit: KillDevil at Wikipedia
  36. 36. Thank you! Slides/Video: Sponsored by: Marko Gargenta, @MarkoGargenta (c) Marakana