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A brief introduction to the idea of using social media and the internet to tell stories through the medium of film and television. The slides are a collection of ideas and references that are useful for anyone working with narrative, storytelling and writing for various mediums. Andrew McAvinchey with slides and links from many sources including Stephanie Spiro who provided the slides on Twitter use

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  • Make a list of 5 objectives in the next 5 minutes… break…
  • Once again you’ll be working as digital agencies to fulfil a brief. You’ll be rewarded for innovation, teamwork and originality. It’s an opportunity to explore the material we’ll cover in the lectures, but more importantly, it will be an opportunity to apply in practice the opportunities that you will find yourself in your research. These are the technologies available today that may not have been available last month, as well as the tried and trusted techniques well established in Digital Marketing. You’ll also be able to become familiar with some of the approaches that are now old hat, such as Facebook pages and Google Adwords. But please, stay current and use your imagination!
  • Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. We’re all familiar with Facebook, but how many of us know about Open Graph, Facebook Connect and it’s uses?How about Facebook marketplaces? aims to become largest marketplace on the web. Facebook’s top ecommerce platform, Payvment, has launched its latest version that “includes an array of new features designed to meet the needs of larger retailers, brands and agencies.”What about Mobile? Mobile payments and NFC are set to change the way commerce is conducted in a fundamental way. With that comes new business models and opportunities, but also the challenge of getting your head around the technology in time to take advantage.There are exciting emerging technologies, such as immersive 3D environments, gaming technologies, cloud computing, semantic web…. That’s not the point. The important thing to remember is that people don’t really change, what they want doesn’t really change, and if you keep it about people, you’ll find the technology to suit your purpose, and not the other way around.Don’t worry- embrace it! A change is as good as a rest!
  • Fragmented marketsPiracyDisruptions to the value chainVariety of business models - Linear distribution models are sometimes no longer validExpected price point of zero for many forms of digital content including web and mobile services, films, music, games, entertainment and even applications & software products
  • Digital marketing presents an unprecedented opportunity for creative marketing. Our lives are dominated today by technology and there seems no end to how it will continue to dominate us, how we live, communicate, shop and make decisionsAccording the Irish Internet Association:The Irish search advertising market is worth 48 million euroIn March 2011, broadband access in Ireland had risen to 1.62 million households, 10.4% up from the previous year. 36% of those are mobile subscriptions
  • More than half of Irish adults own a smartphoneWith the launch of cheap Android and Blackberry devices, this number is increasing exponentially on both prepay and postpayAlmost 98% of iPhone users download apps on a regular basis, and 77% of the rest75% of smartphone users are willing to share their location with a brand under the right conditions, with trust and reward being the main factors We are also producers of content… in the UK, 18% of the population say they participate in grading and creating online content.
  • Every demographic is using the internet for more things every day:• Playing games• Downloading movies, music and video clips• Watching TV• Listening to the radio• Watching webcasts• Uploading content• Making comments#40% of UK adults participate in online games73% of Europeans use social network sites16% of Europeans use Twitter16% of Facebook users are over 5536% of iPad users in the USA are between 35-44.
  • The best social media work is done with a scientific approach. Experiments in digital marketing are useful for:Audience developmentAudience identificationNiche audience marketingBrand developmentStory developmentResearch
  • Read Seth Godin. Subscribe to his blog.
  • Become an expert on finding solution’s to your client’s problemsDon’t try to become an expert on the technologyEnjoy the creative challenges presented by digital marketingSpend your money wisely and make sure your client knows what they’re spending their money onAlways work to an outcomeTake a snapshot and work from there….
  • What is marketing for?Marketing is connecting your product or service with people.Those people are an audience, or they are customers, or they are clients, or they are friends. They may be all of those things.Digital marketing means that you can connect with a limitless amount of people.There are no limits to how many people you can connect, there are no limits to what kinds of people they can be, there are no limits to how much money or value you can create.There are no limits to the changes you can make in the world.Think big.
  • The old linear model has been replaced by a new, always on virtuous circle
  • 4 Social Media Areas of Interest: Listening and getting feedback - measuring & analytics Talking - How can we get our own messages out get messages back in and how do we get people talking (the way we want them to...) Connecting - can we create communities, get people connecting on our behalf, and spreading our narrative through communities and friends? Selling by recommendation and education
  • Introduction to Social Media for filmmakers

    1. 1. Introduction to thePractical Use of Social Media Presented by Andrew McAvinchey For Screen Training Ireland 11/4/2012
    2. 2. Andrew McAvincheyTwitter: @amcavincheySkype: amcavinchey 2 04/11/2012
    3. 3. The GoalMy goal today:To provide the some of the social media skills necessary foryou to tailor a particular solution to a particular problem in theproduction of content for distribution to mass globalaudiences.Note: I do not intend to provide a generic solution to socialmedia use… Because there is none… unfortunately! 3 04/11/2012
    4. 4. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA? Start with what does social media mean for you?do you have a twitter account?do you have a Facebook account?do you have a LinkedIn account?do you have a blog? 4 04/11/2012
    5. 5. What to expect from the course…This course will focus on: The Zen guide to social media use The snapshot: avoiding the use of everything, and finding focus for social media Popular social media platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs and Facebook Social Media 101: setting up accounts Social Media 102: building a following Production Tools 1: Social Media for Research Production Tools 2: Social Media for Storytelling Targeting audiences and collaboration Case Studies Transmedia production: what is it and how can it help me? Social Media Strategy: Introduction Measurement and continuous engagement New Social Media platforms for storytellers 5 04/11/2012
    6. 6. Plus some surprises… 6 04/11/2012
    7. 7. The Challenge of Social Media and Content ProductionFragmented marketsPiracyDisruptions to the value chainVariety of business models - Linear distribution models aresometimes no longer validExpected price point of zero for many forms of digitalcontent including web and mobileservices, films, music, games, entertainment and evenapplications & software products 7 04/11/2012
    8. 8. Practice, Practice, All is Coming 99% Practice, 1% Theory - Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Founder of Ashtanga Yoga Institute 8 04/11/2012
    9. 9. Digital Technology 9 04/11/2012
    10. 10. 10 04/11/2012
    11. 11. Digital habits are changing… 11 04/11/2012
    12. 12. Experiments in Social Media 12 04/11/2012
    13. 13. The best social media work is done with a scientific approach.Experiments in digital marketing are useful for:• Audience development• Audience identification• Niche audience marketing• Brand development• Story development• Research 11/4/2012
    14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA IS AN EVOLVING PROCESSTwitter is an organic process that happens over time, soDON‟T give up if its not working immediately.FACEBOOK and other social media platforms cannot bemeasured by LIKES alone. There are more importantthings in the world than to be LIKED.One person sharing one link with two of their friends isVIRAL. That‟s all. 11/4/2012
    15. 15.
    16. 16. NarrativeCommunity Data GOLD
    17. 17. The Snapshot
    18. 18. Good overviewMashable guide to social media filmmaking: 11/4/2012
    19. 19. WHERE TO START? Take a guess…But make sure it‟s informed… 11/4/2012
    20. 20. Social Media Landscape2012 11/4/2012
    21. 21. The OpportunityThere are no limits!You create the opportunities. 11/4/2012
    22. 22. Connect for valueConnect clients with customersConnect people with valueConnect markets with productsConnect markets with servicesConnect data with valueConnect data with cashConnect business with revenueConnect communities with brands 11/4/2012
    23. 23. Blurred lines: Ads, PR and Marketing…“People influence people. Nothinginfluences people more than arecommendation from a trusted friend.A trusted referral influences peoplemore than the best broadcastmessage. A trusted referral is the HolyGrail of advertising.” - MarkZuckerber, Facebook 11/4/2012
    24. 24. The integrateddigital agency model PR Promotions Advertising Direct Marketing Digital 11/4/2012
    25. 25. The correct mindset for Social Media CommunicationReputation: IMAGE:What others say about What you say aboutYou, your content, Yourself as ayour brand brand or service Reputatio n 11/4/2012
    26. 26. Old vs. NewThe Message 11/4/2012
    27. 27. Old vs. New 11/4/2012
    28. 28. Changes Changes in Changes in Changes in technology media trust ONE WAY Message Monologue + CONTROL DIALOGUE, FEEDBACK AND CONSUMER INTERACTION AuthenticConversations Relationships Connections Engagement 11/4/2012
    29. 29. Create Conversations The new role for content creators is to create Conversations not Messages As well as building a story, you are also building your brand You can consider your brand the public face of your narrative Your brand‟s reputation is developed by creating and maintaining conversations that engage and build your brand 11/4/2012
    30. 30. Why?Conversations create communityCommunities surrender DataData means value.VALUE: data, brand reputation, being involved in theconversation about your contentCreate TRIBES – see Seth Godin… 11/4/2012
    31. 31. Storytelling In Social Media 11/4/2012
    32. 32. truthWe‟re all looking for the truth in one form or another.“our” truth is who we areTruth doesn‟t necessarily mean factsNarrative is how we keep the truth intact. Narrative is howwe put order on the chaos and keep ourselves from goingnuts.
    33. 33. narrativeThe term „narrative‟ has been used interchangeably with„storytelling‟.narrative does not include view point. Narrative survives the narrator because it appeals toshared core beliefs between the storyteller and listenerNarrative encourages „retelling‟ -communication, collaboration and reflection
    34. 34. coherenceCorrespondence of truth to coherence rather than factsremains as attractive in the virtual world as it is in the realworld.
    35. 35. Belief in narrativeBelief systems (narrative) lower the fear of loss of controland chaos.Loss of identity vs. SurvivalIn a narrative, all knowledge is tempered with beliefs andvalues of the listener. All knowledge is tacitA narrator can control belief.
    36. 36. communityShared understanding of what is coherent in the narrativecreates communitiesSelf identification with archetypes and belief in a narrativeis a psychological need- a survival mechanismThis links straight to the heart.If you control narrative you control community
    37. 37. The Fall of The Egyptian Empire
    38. 38. How?Inside- Out Outside- BRIEF InWhat can I produce What are peopleand what do I want to interested in?say? Production Develop relevantConstruct a message content or products Distribution that give me a roleBuy Media Earn MediaTell your story OUTCOME Be part of the story 11/4/2012
    39. 39. Think about…The media channels you useIs this new news?Will my audience care?Is it true or credible?The consumer- who are they?What are the audience talking about already?What will the experts and Key Influencers think?Will there be a backlash?Why should they care?Can I capture data and permissions? 11/4/2012
    40. 40. Keep going…Once you have started the conversation, keepgoing, change and adapt. Evolve with the conversation.ALWAYS MEASURE! 11/4/2012
    41. 41. SummaryPredicting the futureBeing InformedThe Blurred lines of PR &DigitalYour message vs. yourreputationWorking from the OutsideInThe importance ofcontinuous engagement 11/4/2012
    42. 42. The long tail 11/4/2012
    43. 43. 11/4/2012
    44. 44. Youtube and Storyful collaborate to curate reliable content (with reliable journalists) 11/4/2012
    45. 45. THE FUTURE OF STORYTELLING possible-futures-for-storytelling/ 11/4/2012
    46. 46. Niche and Global NICHE: reaching a global community with a global village mentality. WATCH VIDEO>>> In three years, The Guild, a homemade comedy series about gamers playing a World of Warcraft-like virtual role-playing game, has gone from cute one-off to full- fledged phenomenon. The shows run so FELICIA DAY: far has garnered an estimated 65 million THE GUILD views, and has even spawned its own comic book.“in the world of the web, even a niche audience could be millions ofpeople. Felicia Day engaged her cult following and created TheGuild‟s 5+ minute episodes herself, her way, marketing it organicallyby cultivating an accessible, honest brand, and tapping in to herenormous social media network.” Fast Company Magazine 11/4/2012
    47. 47. Social Media 101 Setting Up Accounts 11/4/2012
    49. 49. Twitter Overview Courtesy of @stephspiro
    50. 50. “Start thinking about Twitter as a new form of onlinecommunication in a new shape, and also a platformfor listening to the communication of others in newways.” -Mashable Twitter Guide
    51. 51. Why Twitter?Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that allows you to communicate in 140characters or less.It‟s an easy-access way to interact with anyone around the world in real-time.On Twitter you can follow your interests, cultivate new relationships, connectand speak with anyone, spread the news, share links, etc.
    52. 52. Just sign in and follow your interests at
    53. 53. Simple Twitter Definitions:Handle - This is the name you choose to identify yourself on Twitter. For example, my Twitter handle is @amcavincheyFollowing - You can choose to follow people on Twitter by visiting their profile and clicking “follow.” This is how you customize yourTwitterfeed.Twitterfeed - Although we‟re all on the same site, everyone‟s Twitterfeed looks different. We customize our real-time newsfeed (orTwitterfeed) by choosing who to follow so their tweets turn up in our „feed. Our „feed becomes visible when we log on to the site and click“home.” You can see a collection of your own tweets by clicking on “profile.”Hashtags -Hashtags look like this (#) and they‟re used to tag themes in a tweet, to make them easier to find, highlighting the wordwith the #hashtag. If you click on a highlighted hashtag, you‟ll see a newsfeed, in real-time, of that theme or word. For example: Acommon hashtag theme is #FollowFriday. Another example: If you‟re tweeting about movies, you may want to use the hashtag, #film.@reply - This is how you respond to someone directly, mention, or credit them in a tweet. You should check your @replies to see ifpeople are mentioning you. (A direct message, or “DM” is a private message that you can send to a person who is following you.)
    54. 54. Additional Resources*ESSENTIAL READING: Mashable‟s Twitter Guideprovides comprehensive and easy-to-followinstructions: in Plain English (a video): Your Interests. Discover Your World. Twitter.
    55. 55. Remember: Twitter is intuitive, but it takes some timeto get the hang of it. Don‟t give up. Explore! Younever know who you might connect with. Start byfollowing people with similar interests. Then look atwho they‟re following and see if you want to followthem too. Twitter is social and interactive, so youshould contribute to the conversation, retweet, thankothers for retweeting you, share links and ideas, andenjoy the flow of news, tidbits, talks, and real “tweets”in real-time.
    56. 56. Social Media 102 Building a Following
    57. 57. Twitter Demo Account• @burlosocial• 20+ people to follow• More lists...
    58. 58. More lists...• GREAT LIST (Flavorwires Top 10 People to follow in FILM): follow-on-twitter• Best Film people to follow (another AWESOME LIST): film/15_Twitter_Feeds_Every_Documentary_Filmmaker_Should_Follow.html#.UJKZ YkIrzww• Another great list: 20110312-170700-009.html
    59. 59. Now set up your own
    60. 60. Practical Exercise:RESEARCH• Research the following using only TWITTER:1. Transmedia Definition2. Top 5 transmedia producers3. Audience numbers following HUNGER GAMES on twitter
    61. 61. The Hunger Games• According to Danielle DePalma, social media strategist for The Hunger Games: between Facebook, Twitter, YouT ube and Tumbler, The Hunger Games has more than 6-and-a-half- million followers. • SEE THIS LINK:
    63. 63. GIRLS• 4 million viewers in Season 1 in U.S. market and growing rapidly• How do they use social media? @hannahHorvath• Watch video>> 7582 followers
    64. 64. OPERATION TRANSFORMATION• Using Facebook and Twitter effectively in Ireland
    65. 65. Other great Case Studies• Undroppable• Felicia Days The Guild• Louis C.K.• Connected the Movie: TIFFANY SHLAIN• (& Let It Ripple) ... CLOUD FILMMAKING....see article• Four Eyed Monsters
    66. 66. Sundance Social Media 2012• Do use Facebook, Twitter, Fansites and blogs to promote• Dont autopost from one to the other!• More tips... click here...
    67. 67. Twitter summary• Twitter is for NETWORKING and engaging• No two Twitter feeds are alike but were all jacked in to the same global network.• You find and create your niche community out of this larger community.• Twitter is for poking around and it provides incredible access to all kinds of like-minded people all over the world• For more resources: tutorial/
    68. 68. Social Media 103
    69. 69. Over 500 Million Active Users JulyWorldwide 2010 500 M Internationalisation Open Registration 2007 2008
    70. 70. Over 1.64m Active users in Ireland• Over 2/3 of the Irish online population now using Facebook regularly 1.64+ 2008 2009 Source: Facebook internal data, june 2010 Note: Active users are registered users who have logged on to Facebook at least once in the last 30
    71. 71. Over 1.64m Active users in Ireland Daily 176 minutes 17 visits 58% daily Average minutes per user Average visits per user Active users log in (monthly) (monthly) (daily)Source: ComScore November 2009 & Facebook Internal Data, Worldwide, June 2010
    72. 72. Facebook Demographics Ireland Gender AgeSource: Total active audience Facebook internal data March2009
    73. 73. Facebook Today - Ireland Huge Growth and Engagement 1.64m monthly active Users in Ireland Over 2.325 billion monthly page views Over 73% penetration of the online population Over 58% of users return to the site daily 119 Average number of friends on Facebook in Ireland Over 378k users access Facebook on mobile in Ireland 83% of users come back to Facebook every week
    74. 74. Target your audience
    75. 75. Target specific audiences Country Age Workplace School Interests Music Celebrities Political View Movies Gender City Books College TV Shows Relationship Town
    76. 76. Reaching mass & targeted audiences All Irish 18-45 Married Women Women in Women Ireland 16-44 in Ireland 709,000 577,000 105,000 *Facebook Ad Platform data Jan 2010, subject to market fluctuations
    77. 77. 2 dedicated Ad positions Homepag e Ad Ad Space Unit
    78. 78. Premium Ad formatsEncourage users to interact & share your advertising Like ad Event ad Polling ad Video Commenting ad
    79. 79. Premium Ad formats Encourage users to interact & share your advertisingLike ad Polling ad
    80. 80. ASU’s deliver targeted responseMultiple advertisers drive responses & conversions
    81. 81. Know Facebook• Get to know the Edgerank Algorithm that Facebook uses to decide which of your posts will appear in fans newsfeeds. That means going heavy on the photos & video, posting new content when fans are most likely to see it (not just when its most convenient for you-- use Hootsuites message scheduler for scheduling), and asking friends & family to "like, share, comment" on new content in order to seed the affinity score.
    82. 82. More tips• Create a Facebook page• Fill out info tab• Share the page• Consider ads• Like other similar pages• Advertise your Facebook page on posters etc• Post content!
    83. 83. Facebook Pages
    84. 84. Facebook Pages – content ‘Hub’ for FMCG brands • Create unique dialogue between brand & audience Drive Fans & Post Develop deeper Create a 2-way directly into their relationship with dialogue Newsfeeds consumers
    85. 85. Community and Social Media Listening & Getting Talking Feedback Connecting Selling Andrew McAvinchey WebElevate04/11/2012 89 Programme
    86. 86. Social Media 104• LinkedIn• Tumblr
    87. 87. The 6 Golden Rules1. Be a person.2. Join the conversation.3. Try transmedia (expanding your stories over multiple platforms.)4. Fish where the fish are (especially for marketing and distribution)5. Don’t sell something people can’t buy. e.g “3 weeks till our film is on iTunes!,” - give them something to do while they wait!6. Ask your audience. locations, screenings, character development, story development....
    88. 88. MEASUREMENT ANDFEEDBACKAnalytical tools:• Facebook Insights• Google Analytics• (Salesforce)
    89. 89. Handy tools• Desktop: Tweetdeck• Android phone: Twitter app• iPad: Tweetbot (its a paid for app - but is the business)• Also use Hootsuite for the craic. Very like Tweetdeck, but looks prettier. Good for combining Facebook and multiple twitter accounts
    90. 90. The future• search: social: syndication - the three ss• outside in vs. inside out advertising- ads contain apps• Cowbird• Pinterest• Diigo/Delicious• Web video platforms• Collaborative/Cloud Filmmaking :• Amazon!?