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GSA’s Mobile HD Voice: Global Update report


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GSA’s Mobile HD Voice: Global Update report, published on October 3, 2011, confirms that almost half of EU member countries have commercially launched mobile HD Voice services, or are engaged in trials ahead of planned commercial introduction.

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GSA’s Mobile HD Voice: Global Update report

  1. 1. Mobile HD Voice: Global Update reportOctober 3, 2011Mobile HD Voice serviceusing AMR WidebandMobile HD Voice based on AMR (AdaptiveMulti Rate) Wideband technology (W-AMR)enables high-quality voice calls in mobilenetworks and an improved user experience.It provides significantly higher voice qualityfor calls between mobile phones supportingthe feature, and can be implemented inGSM, WCDMA (UMTS) and LTE networks.The higher voice quality using HD Voiceimproves the call experience and allowspeople to better share feelings, do businessand communicate information. HD Voicetransmits a broader spectrum of the humanvoice; therefore conversation is more naturaland is likened to speaking to the other partyin the same room. HD Voice also helps Comparative codec bandwidth envelopespeople hear better in noisy environments.HD Voice helps operators to clearly The maximum benefits from using HD Voice on a compatible mobiledifferentiate their offerings and enable high network are realized or perceived when both calling and called partyquality services to voice dependent business use HD Voice-capable phones. Improvements in call quality are alsolike call center services, information observed even when calling a non-HD Voice phone, due toservices, emergency services, etc. HD Voice improvements in the acoustic performance and advanced noiseis also ideal for conference calls and can reduction capabilities present in most HD Voice phones.contribute to a reduction in business traveland raise productivity while reducing theenvironmental impact. Calls which are Commercial HD Voice services launched on 32 mobile networkseasier to hear and understand reducefatigue typically associated with long HD Voice represents what is probably the greatest advance in voice onconference calls. HD Voice changes that. mobile networks in decades. The pace of commercialization of mobile HD Voice services is accelerating. From first service launch in 2009,W-AMR speech technology is standardized HD Voice today is launched on 32 mobile networks in 29 countries:in 3GPP Release 5. The new speech- Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia,compression algorithm doubles voice Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy,bandwidth (50–7000 Hz) compared to the Kenya, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Moldova, Poland, Réunion, Romania,current narrowband speech codec (300– Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, UK.3400 Hz) without extra radio or transmissionrequirements. According to 3GPP, 12.65kbit/s or higher coding bit-rates provide high- 52 HD-Voice enabled mobile phones launchedquality wideband audio (lower bit-rates of8.85 and 6.6 kbit/s are for temporary use Leading system vendors are supporting HD Voice in their mobileduring adverse radio conditions or periods of infrastructure solutions.cell congestion). In subjective tests it wasshown that the HD Voice wideband codec 52 HD-Voice enabled mobile phones have been launched in theproduces better results than the best market. Most current products - including all Sony Ericsson Xperianarrow-band codec (12.2 kbit/s). phones, are shipping with W-AMR activated as default. The list of 52 HD Voice mobile phones, based on research by GSA, is provided laterThere is a strong business case for Mobile in this report.HD Voice and the momentum for introducingHD Voice is growing. Customers make more While initial W-AMR enabled phones were designed to support HDor longer calls with HD Voice. Surveys Voice services on WCDMA-HSPA networks, phones are now beingconfirm that customers place a high value delivered which support HD Voice on GSM networks.on HD Voice.
  2. 2. Mobile HD Voice: Global Update reportOctober 3, 2011 According to the results of a survey:  96% of customers are satisfied with HD Voice calls  86% of testers say that compatibility with HD voice would be a selection criterion when purchasing a mobile in the future  76% of testers would be prepared to change mobiles to obtain HD Voice * Verizon Wireless demonstrated a range of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and HD Voice capable user devices at Mobile World Congress 2011 and plans to deploy commercial VoLTE service in 2012. “The initialCountries with commercial mobile HD Voice service devices we‟ll support [AMR-WB] are smart phones for sure,” said(GSA – October 3, 2011) Verizon Wireless Marjorie Hsu, VP Technology Development. “Other Operator Country HD Voice devices on the road map, we‟re working through the form factor, we launch want to get the user experience right.” (Reported March 4, 2011 in Orange Moldova Moldova 09.09.2009 Orange France France 19.07.2010 Orange Armenia Armenia 24.02.2010 Network aspects Orange UK UK 01.09.2010 SFR France 09.2010 Ordinarily the voice payload for transport in the core network is PCM- Orange Spain Spain (Catalonia) 10.09.2010 coded at 64 kbit/s according to ITU-T Rec. G.711. Narrowband AMR is Mobistar Belgium 16.09.2010 transcoded to/from PCM which degrades voice quality, adding signal VIPNet Croatia 22.09.2010 Tata DoCoMo India 03.11.2010 processing complexity. Analog PCM-based transport cannot be used Mobinil Egypt 09.11.2010 with W-AMR as G.711 only applies to narrowband voice. W-AMR must Orange Luxembourg 08.12.2010 be based on one of two complementary 3GPP standards: tandem-free Luxembourg operation (TFO) or transcoder-free operation (TrFO). CSL Limited Hong Kong 12.2010 Turkcell Turkey 17.01.2011 Introduction of W-AMR into GSM systems requires TFO, which is part Megafon (GSM & Russia 27.04.2010 of 3GPP GERAN, which does not require substantial modification of HSPA networks) the core network. W-AMR and TFO can also be introduced into UMTS. WIND Mobile Canada 18.07.2011 A better option however, is to use the recommended TrFO. The TIM Italy 27.01.2011 combination of TFO and TrFO enables W-AMR calls between all types Vodafone Turkey Turkey 01.04.2011 Orange Mauritius Mauritius 07.04.2011 of 3GPP mobile devices (i.e. GSM/EDGE and UMTS/WCDMA-HSPA). Orange Réunion Réunion 2011 Orange Romania Romania 13.05.2011 HD Voice ecosystem: wide choice of compatible phones 3 UK UK 05.2011 Orange Dominican 06.2011 GSA confirms that 52 HD-Voice enabled mobile phones have been Dominicana Reublic launched in the market by several leading manufacturers. Mobiltel Bulgaria 14.06.2011 Telstra Australia 24.06.2011 Manufacturer HD Voice-enabled mobile phone Orange Uganda Uganda 07.07.2011 T-Mobile/PTC Poland 17.08.2011 Alcatel OT-981A Tribe (GSM & HSPA Glensound GS-MP1004 HD (for broadcasters) networks) HTC ChaCha, Desire HD, Desire S, Sensation Orange Kenya Kenya 25.08.2011 LG LG-A310 (Saffron) T-Mobile Austria 29.08.2011 Nokia 6720 Classic, E52, E55, 5230, E72, X6, 6700 Slide, E5-00, X5-01, Mobitel Slovenia 06.09.2011 X3 Touch and Type, X3-01 Touch and Type, X3-02 Touch and VIP (GSM & Serbia 12.09.2011 Type, N8, C7-00, C6-01, C3-01, C5-03, C5-04, E7, E6, X7-00, HSPA networks) Nokia 500, Nokia 600, Nokia 700, Nokia 701 Orange Switzerland 13.09.2011 Samsung Omnia 7 GT-18700, Omnia Pro B7350, Galaxy Ace S5830, Galaxy Switzerland S II, Galaxy S Plus i900i TDC Denmark 26.09.2011 Sony Ericsson Elm, Hazel (Quiksilver), X8, X10 Mini, Xperia Arc, Xperia Neo,Table 1: 32 mobile HD Voice commercial launches Xperia Pro, Xperia Play, Xperia Mini, Xperia Mini Pro, Xperia Acro,(GSA – October 3, 2011) Xperia Active, Xperia ray ZTE F160, Skate (also rebranded as Monte Carlo) Table 3: 52 mobile HD Voice-compatible phones (GSA – October 3, 2011) A1 Telekom, Austria Launch mid-Oct „11 latest Verizon Wireless, USA Deploying in LTE network Many phones are now delivered with HD Voice activated as default. All TMN, Portugal Trialling Xperia phones are shipping with HD Voice turned on for 3G/WCDMA- Du, UAE Trialled HSPA operation. Nokia recently launched new Symbian handsets; theTable 2: HD Voice trials, network deployments Symbian Belle release brings HD Voice for GSM operators enabled by(GSA – October 3, 2011) Nokia 600, Nokia 700, and Nokia 701 phones, and these products
  3. 3. Mobile HD Voice: Global Update reportOctober 3, 2011have HD Voice (W-AMR) turned on as Many operators are working towards agreements to enable mobile HDdefault for WCDMA and GSM modes. Nokia Voice calls to be handled across networks. Interoperability betweenalso has more affordable HD Voice products fixed and mobile networks for handling HD voice calls is also a priority.e.g. Nokia X3 and C3, launched in 1H 2011. In order to offer "seamless" HD Voice for its customers, Orange hasThe Symbian Belle software update will be announced the major steps that the company is taking:available later for other phones in the Nokiarange to operate in GSM HD Voice; N8, E6,  in 2012/2013, HD Voice interoperability between OrangeE7, C6-01, C7, and X7. countries and also between the fixed and mobile networks in a given country Log in to GSA’s GAMBoD tool to review the list and features of  in 2013, interoperability between the various operators, based HD Voice-enabled HSPA on common standards, such as CAT-IQ 2.0 for fixed HD Voice phones or WB-AMR for mobile HD Voice  Orange is looking into launching HD Voice on the 2G networks, which would make it possible to offer this service to even more customers Join the discussion – become a member of the GSA LinkedIN group: Here you will find GSA’s HD Voice (W-AMR) subgroup More HD Voice resources: Maps and charts relating to mobile HD Voice are available as PDF files via the links on and also as JPEG files at GAMBOD is available only to GSA memberorganizations and GSA website registered users whomwe have categorized as being from network operators Tutorial on HD Voice AMR Wideband Technology New HD Voice logo launched The industry supports a single windfall-gain-in-user-experience logo that has the potential tobecome a universally recognized symbol to About GSA: GSA (the Global mobile Suppliers Association) representseasily identify mobile HD Voice enabled GSM/EDGE/WCDMA-HSPA/LTE suppliers, providing reports, facts, analysisdevices and services. Some leading and information explaining market developments and trends. GSA-organizedoperators are now using the new logo. All seminars facilitate enhanced dialog between operators, members anddetails about the logo, how to become a developer communities www.gsacom.comlicensee and points of contact are provided Member organizations:on the GSM Association‟s (GSMA) Aeroflex • AnyDATA Inc • Bytemobile • Ericsson • Huawei • inCode • mimoOn • Nokia • Nokia Siemens Networks • Qualcomm • Renesas Mobile • SonyHear HD Voice for yourself! Ericsson • SpiderCloud Wireless • ST-Ericsson • Talking Eye • Telcordia Technologies • Velocent SystemsSome examples are provided via these links foryou to hear for yourself how HD Voice representswhat is probably the greatest advance in voice on Information for this report was obtained wholly by GSA (Global mobile Suppliersmobile networks in decades! Association –, referencing information exchanges with key contactsA1 Telekom Austria: in mobile network operators, in GSA member organizations, with other industryStandard mobile call: specialists, and public announcements. Voice call: Errors and omissions excepted. Updates are welcome to info@gsacom.comOrange: Stanford (Sky News presenter)