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Java Champion Wanted

We are looking for a Java Champion. Someone who wants to tinker with cutting edge software, publish research articles and speak at conferences, travel the world and educate engineers at large companies.

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Java Champion Wanted

  1. 1. Looking for a Java Champion!
  2. 2. About Marakana● 12-person team in SF● Growing at 100% per year● Informal work place
  3. 3. People & Culture at MarakanaMarakana experta are published authors, speakers, open source contributors.
  4. 4. About this gigAs a Marakana Expert, you will get to: ● Play with cutting edge software ● Make a name for yourself ● Travel the world
  5. 5. Playing with cutting edge softwaremeans:Research new techFigure out what is hotBuild working software prototypeCreate a sample code or applicationto prove the conceptCreate a shippable productUse our tool chain to build a
  6. 6. Were immersed in: and many more...
  7. 7. Heres what we mean by playing with cutting edge softwarewe play here
  8. 8. Make a name for yourselfYou have the opportunity to ● Write and be published ● Speak and be televisedWe think of ourselves as arecord label building talent.You are the talent.
  9. 9. The world is your oyster Our clients are all over the world. You get to work with some of the best engineers out there.* Actual travel map of an instructor last year. Travel anywhere from 25 to 75% of time.
  10. 10. You got what it takes?Apply: