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Mack Web Solutions has developed a "why to" guide

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  • Mack Web is really working on helping businesses understand that social media is not just asking your customers on Facebook what their favorite color is (all day long). We want you to understand that social media is a tool that can help you reach your business objectives in an entirely new and different way. But you have to be ready for some work, you have to be consistent, and you ALWAYS have to be providing something of value.\n
  • Today we’re going to teach you some stuff about Google+ so that you can stop avoiding it and start making it work for your business. We use it for our business and we think it’s super duper.\n
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  • This means greater exposure for SEO purposes. Facebook is different. All content shared on Facebook is closed and only available within the network. \n
  • AJ shared this post on Google+ about email click rates dropping.\n
  • Let’s say I did a search for email click rates dropping. AJs post comes up in the results.\n
  • When you integrate keywords in your posts on Google+, you have the opportunity to be returned in the results for a search on that subject. You can also integrate hashtags to follow the people who are talking about that topic on Google+.\n
  • You can be very strategic about the keywords and hashtags you use in your posts on Google+. It could help you to come up in the search results (as mentioned before).\n
  • When you do a search as you’re logged in, you will see what the friends from your network liked/didn’t like based on their reviews, +1s.\n
  • This example is a little more related to local, but it’s also a great way to show how Google+ integrates everything about your search experience. I searched for [eating out fort collins] and the results I received included reviews from the people who are in my network.\n
  • Google+ is completely integrated with other Google products like search, local, events, reviews, and hangouts which makes it easy to utilize these features while you’re on Google+. Google is really working to provide a unique experience with search.\n
  • There’s a ton of features on Google+ that make it a pretty awesome tool. It is very different and much more robust than the other social networks.\n
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  • Be sure to complete everything in the ABOUT section.\n
  • NameFor SEO purposes you want to make sure you’ve completed your name (which is actually the SEO title) and that it is your real name for branding purposes.\n
  • TaglineThis is the meta description that can aid in conversion, so make sure you’ve got that completed and that it helps to very quickly tell people why they would want to click on you.\n
  • Again, I repeat, this is your meta description. Use it wisely!\n
  • Introduction\nThis is where your bio will go. The first sentence may also show up on the SERPs. Be sure to include links back to important pages on your website.\n
  • Also, make sure that you integrate links into your bio that point to significant pages on your website. Even those links can include keywords, even better. Just make sure it’s organic (not stuffed).\n
  • Other ProfilesAdd your other social profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.\n
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  • ContributorThis is where you can feature your blog or other blogs where you are a contributor. \n
  • This also connects to Rel Author (, so make sure you complete this portion of your profile as it will allow your page and photo to come up in search results and helps to build trust and brand awareness.\n
  • VideosYou can also film videos right from Google+ (using your computer) and post it on your profile. These videos will be stored on your account and people can view them in your profile.\n
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  • You’re probably gonna wanna read this:\n
  • It’s so easy to start a hangout. You can make the hangout private, or select the “enable hangouts on air” which will allow access to the public. \n
  • When you’re hanging out, you can send notes to the group through chat, invite more people to join, do a screen share, even put a crown on your head with Google Effects. Really awesome tool and it’s all free!\n
  • When you have a hangout, it will show on your wall. When Mack works remotely on Tuesdays, we have Google+ meetings as a team.\n
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  • Put some stuff on your wallPeople are going to come check out your profile and you will want to have some valuable posts on your wall so that people can see what kind of stuff you share and want to follow you. It doesn’t have to be your content. We like to use the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time share really great content that you find on the web (and put your spin on it with key takeaways). 20% of the time feature your stuff or your company’s stuff as long as it is providing value and not just shameless self promotion (don’t just promote your services. Share a process, piece of knowledge, some expertise).\n
  • I get the most engagement when I’m being authentic, genuine, and transparent. People like to know what you’re struggling with, what you’re having success with, etc. Be brave and show who you are.\n
  • Find people you want to followGo circle them. Read their posts on their wall and circle the people on their wall that you find interesting. Look at their circles of people they’re following and circle them. Build your community by posting great stuff and providing value.\n
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  • When you click on the CIRCLES link in the left column, you can view the people who are in your circles. You can then organize them and share them with others.\n
  • Comment & ShareComment on other people’s posts (and provide more than just, “this is great.” Tell them why). Share them, +1 them. Engage with them and you might make them part of your community.\n
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  • Format Your Posts for Better ReadabilityAJ Kohn wrote the book on this! Check him out:\n
  • AJ usually uses a bold heading (use the * at the beginning and end of the heading* to make it bold) and then formats a snippet from the feature article, and then gives his take. Sometimes he also includes hash tags to follow the conversation. I like to think of Google+ like a mini-blog.\n
  • After you create your presence on Google+, make an effort to stay in there. If you really want to build your online community, you have to make it part of your routine. Check out this article: It will give you some tips on how to build your social presence using Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. It’s geared toward SEOs, but really applies to anyone who wants to be successful at building their brand online.\n
  • Now let’s talk about Google+ and local search\n
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  • With local search, among other things, there are three items that you will want to pay attention to: geography, quality, and reviews.\n
  • When you (or your customers) are searching from your mobile device for a local business, your results will be specific to your current location (that’s why your phone is always asking you if you want to “allow” your location). Google cares about your geography so that they can provide you with the most relevant results.\n
  • When I click on the LOCAL icon in the left column, Google+ shows me recommended local places near my current geographic location (Fort Collins). If I am in south Fort Collins, the results that come up on my phone are going to be different than if I’m in north FoCo.\n\nYou can also see here that because June is in my Google+ circles, and because she has reviewed some local places, her photo shows up on my local feed.\n
  • Another important factor is quality. When Google is retrieving results to return for that local query, they are sifting through Google+ Local profiles of all of the businesses in the area. The more complete the business listing, it’s possible that it is more likely to come up higher on the list of results. If at all possible, provide photos of your business. This is especially important if you are a restaurant or retail establishment. If your company provides more of a service (like Mack Web), you could include photos of your team or your office space. Your task is to show how your business is unique. This will help your customers most of all, and it will certainly help your rankings in Google.\n
  • Now that Google+ Local is the new Google Places, it’s important for Harper Point to claim this page in Google+ local. Make sure to integrate a link to your website (this will show below the main photo there at the right above Directions), describe what your business does, and cultivate reviews. Great job of integrating photos.\n
  • Reviews are probably the most important factor in the local equation for two reasons: they help Google understand that the business is viable and trafficked, and it gives the customer confidence in using that business based on recommendations in reviews. \n\nYour job is to cultivate 5 reviews of your business (and you want your reviews to be authentic and genuine--not from the same IP address or all on the same day--so that they help make the sale for you). Having 5 reviews will help your rankings. Write a personal email to your customers and ask them to provide a review. In order to make this convenient, send them the link directly to the page where they can write this review. Consider offering an incentive.\n\n
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  • On a side note: if your business receives a review, engage with the customer providing the review. If the review happens to be negative, address the situation with integrity and character. How you handle the negative review in public reflects on your business.\n
  • Harper Point can respond to this review by thanking them for the review \n
  • This doesn’t just apply to local. Be a real business. Focus on customer service. Listen to what your customers need. Ask them for feedback. Give them what they need. Reflect this on your website and in person.\n
  • Thanks for joining us! Please contact us with questions and feedback. We’ve provided some resources for you on the next slide along with information about how to connect with us online. \n
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  • If you’re ever in Fort Collins, Colorado, come see us! \n
  • Guide to-google+-and-your-business

    1. 1. Your guide to why Google+ is important to your business Lunch & Learn September 13, 2012
    2. 2. Google+quit avoiding it
    3. 3. Don’t be this dude
    4. 4. Why you should be on Google+
    5. 5. Google+ is an open network. The content that is shared ispublic and can be featured in a search result
    6. 6. You can integrate keywords and hashtags (but be natural)
    7. 7. You can find outwhat your friends like
    8. 8. Everything’s in one convenient place
    9. 9. Before you use Google+ to build your community
    10. 10. Make sure your profile is complete
    11. 11. Use your real nameit will be featured in a search
    12. 12. Taglinemake it worth reading
    13. 13. Introductionput a bio in there
    14. 14. Other profilesintegrate other social outlets
    15. 15. Contributoris huge if you have a blog or if you are famous
    16. 16. Videosfor pretending you’re a superstar
    17. 17. Google+ hangouts are the bomb
    18. 18. Now you’re ready to build your online community
    19. 19. Put some stuff on your wall so that you look cool
    20. 20. Find some peepsthat is, people you want to get content from
    21. 21. Comment & sharetell people they’re great
    22. 22. Format your postsfor better readability
    23. 23. Biggest thingis to be consistent
    24. 24. But waitthere’s more
    25. 25. How to use Google+ to boost local rankings
    26. 26. Focus ongeography, quality & reviews
    27. 27. Geographyresults are based on location relevance
    28. 28. Qualitymake sure your listing is complete
    29. 29. Reviewsget 5 of them
    30. 30. Reviewsmake sure you’re managing your reputation
    31. 31. Biggest thing for local is to be present
    32. 32. That’s all we got you can go now
    33. 33. Some resources for you
    34. 34. Google+ resources from Mack Web search stuff Google+ stuff
    35. 35. How to connect with Mack Web• Website -• Blog -• LinkedIn-• Facebook- www.facebook/mackwebteam• Twitter - @mackwebteam• Google+ -• Pinterest- Feel free to send us a question or comments Follow us on Twitter to get the latest blogs and other sundry awesomeness. Connect with us on LinkedIn so we can learn about each others industries. Circle us on Google+ and start connecting on there.