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Google plus business page

  1. 1. Creating a Google Plus business pageWhat are the advantages in creating a Google Plus business page and what can you do that isdifferent than a Facebook fan page?Facebook Fan Page Applications and advertisers: exclusive deals for liking a page Both Google and Bing take Facebook and Twitter into account when they rank your site. Fan pages are public. For people to see your Page, they don’t have to login to Facebook or be your “friend” to have access to it. Pages are actually the only part of Facebook that are totally public.Google Business Page Hangouts feature: video chats with Muppets Google pages still very post based and not very interactive. Ability to be able to target specific audiences will help marketers. (Britney Spears was asking her followers what country they are from. She circled them into different countries). Brands can bombard info that pertains to different niche markets without annoying other fans. Great place for social media savvy, early tech adopters, photographers, food bloggers, but lacks “regular” people. Inevitable with Google Analytics integration you won’t need to ask your fans for info to circle them. Analytics will create the circles for you. Google+ Pages will have the edge in terms of SEO. Google supercharges its ranking algorithm - Google+ Pages to be on the top of the SERPs. Google Plus business pages can now have multiple admin (up to 50)Google+ hangoutsGoogle+ hangouts: It’s a feature of Google+ that allows conference video chats (like Skype) butquite a bit more. You can collaborate on blog posts. Other key features:
  2. 2. Face time: Seeing people face to face and hearing their voice in real-time is so much more intimate, personal and impactful – than any other communication. Chat with donors, clients, volunteers and more – saving travel expense an time. Staff meetings – in a tight economy, small nonprofits can struggle with rent and office costs. Skip them both. In Google+ you can collaboratively write notes and use a sketchpad like a whiteboard – all while still seeing up to 10 people face-to-face. Document revision/editing – how many times has someone in your office sent an email to 4 people asking for reviews on an attachment. You can open a document and see everyone’s cursors and real time updates. Pretty cool. Broadcasting knowledge – Apparently live broadcasting is coming soon which would allow organizations to host info sessions, give topic speeches/presentations and more – via a public link beyond the 10 person limit. It’s like each one of us getting our own TedTalks channel. Mobile – Log in to a hangout via mobile as well. Can you imagine taking your smartphone into a food pantry in Detroit, a jungle in the Amazon, or a girl’s school in Afghanistan, interviewing service recipients, giving tours and more – all live?TipsCreate an awesome “About tab”: Make it useful, compelling and memorable for visitors. ManyGoogle Plus users decide whether to put you in their circle based on your About.Use an attractive main image: It goes without saying that your main image on your GooglePlus business page is what will create the first impression for visitors. So make it count.Turn your avatar into a gallery: You can upload multiple photos for the main avatar. Thiscreates sort of a photo flip.Seek to help your clients/customers/donors: Don’t just promote your ownorganization. Honor your community.Search for conversations around your cause: Comment on those conversations asappropriate. Support other people’s agendas before your own.Hangout: One of the best Google Plus features is Hangouts, where organizations can connectwith fans, volunteers and donors in a video conference. Hangouts allow up to 10 people at atime and you can collaborate on shared documents or just have a casual chat. Combine on apost or document while in Hangout mode.
  3. 3. Search: The search features in Google Plus are extremely robust. You can search public posts,posts shared with you, personal profiles (the parts that are public or shared with you), Pagesand Sparks. You can even use Google’s Search Operators when searching Google Plus. Thisallows you to fine-tune the results and save time. When you do a search on Google Plus, youcan also save the search in your left sidebar, under “What’s Hot.”Discover: A common way to use Circles is to categorize people you follow based on their areaof expertise. I have a circle that includes nonprofit techies, where I’ve discovered useful articles,ideas and discussions. What makes using Circles different from using search is that Circlesallows for off-topic discoveries that could never happen with “pre-meditated” searches.
  4. 4. Collect: When we think of Google Circles, we normally view them as a tool to organize people.But why not create circles for storing content that you’ve discovered on Google Plus? You cando this by creating a circle and adding only you to this circle. When you do this, anything thatyou share with this circle will only be seen by you. This stream is located under your profileimage with all of your other circle streams.Create: When you create a private circle as described immediately above, you can add notes,links and even draft ideas for your content piece. Remember that no one can see any of thisbecause you’ve shared the circle with yourself (you also don’t need to lock the post).