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Building Your Business on Meaning and Purpose - 3 Steps to Building an Authentic Community.


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This is a keynote I gave at Traveling Vineyard's 2014 Harvest conference in order to help their top 150 Wine Guides understand how to build their businesses on meaning and purpose. The talk includes a narrated journey about the approach that Mack Web uses to build better businesses through community and passion.

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Building Your Business on Meaning and Purpose - 3 Steps to Building an Authentic Community.

  1. 1. @MACKFOGELSON Building your Business on Meaning and Purpose 3 Steps to Growing an Authentic Community Traveling Vineyard Harvest 2014
  2. 2. @MACKFOGELSON Life looked a whole lot different before I had two of these. These are my kids: Ryan and Easton.
  3. 3. Ryan Sabrina 6 @MACKFOGELSON Ryan is 6. She’s about to start first grade. She can swim in the deep end and read chapter books. She’s a little CEO in the making.
  4. 4. Easton James 3.95 @MACKFOGELSON And this is Eason. He’s almost 4. As of this spring, he can ride a big boy bike without training wheels. Just this week he’s decided that Spider Man is in fact an actual profession and that’s what he’s gonna be when he grows up.
  5. 5. @MACKFOGELSON My husband Jon and I were married 8 years before we decided to have kids. So, before Ryan and Easton. There was bliss and freedom. No kids. It was paradise.
  6. 6. @MACKFOGELSON There were no Cheerios to vacuum out of my car. (I don’t care who you are. If you’re a mom, you have Cheerios in your car).
  7. 7. @MACKFOGELSON There was no pressure getting dinner on the table because Easton’s hungry and cranky and a severe meltdown is brewing.
  8. 8. @MACKFOGELSON No sleepless nights because Ryan’s in the bathroom puking every 45 minutes. No cleaning poop stains out of underwear because their arms aren’t long enough to wipe properly. No packing lunches at the end of a 14 hour day where I just want to sit on the couch and have a glass of wine.
  9. 9. @MACKFOGELSON There was no having to ask 300 times if Easton would please just put his pants on so that I could possibly make it to work before this time tomorrow.
  10. 10. @MACKFOGELSON But over the last 6 years, and in the midst of going through all of these glamorous and wonderful things that they never tell you about before you actually become a parent, something happened. I just started to feel like life was accelerating at an incredible pace and I wanted to make the most of it.
  11. 11. @MACKFOGELSON And so, two and a half years ago, we made a change. Instead of building websites, we wanted to help businesses put meaning ahead of money. We wanted to help these companies focus first on their higher purpose. What they really stood for at their very core of their company- beyond sales and revenue.
  12. 12. Companies need to possess these 3 things. @MACKFOGELSON That meant that these companies would have to be willing to use marketing very differently. Not just as a tactic or a hack, but as a lifestyle. And that takes a very special company. So we identified 3 characteristics that we knew they needed to possess in order for this approach to work.
  13. 13. @MACKFOGELSON 1The aspiration required to build a better business. Desire These companies must have the desire to build a better business. It isn’t always about the money. It’s about making someone’s life better. The lives of your employees as much as it is about your customers.
  14. 14. @MACKFOGELSON 2The compassion necessary to put others first. Heart These companies had to have heart. This approach isn’t about self-promotion and hard core selling. Certainly this approach would help them make money. It’s just that these companies would want to create something that people really wanted to be a part of (and tell their friends about). They were willing to put others first.
  15. 15. @MACKFOGELSON 3The driving force essential to enduring the tough stuff. Passion And lastly, and most importantly, these companies had to have passion and also be willing to do the work. This approach is not easy. This building a better business stuff takes a lot of time and hard work. They needed to have the passion so that they would drive forward when the work was hard and they wanted to quit.
  16. 16. We were meaning & purpose. @MACKFOGELSON seeking We realized that if we found companies like this, who had Desire, and Heart, and Passion, it meant that our team would have purpose in their work beyond money.
  17. 17. @MACKFOGELSON And it also meant that we got to spend our days with passionate people and companies who we really cared about. And when you work with companies and people like that, success is inevitable.
  18. 18. We want better businesses. @MACKFOGELSON to build And so that was it. That was what we wanted to do. We knew we wanted to help companies build better businesses.
  19. 19. @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 And so we developed a process that would help companies build their brands and the communities in a very meaningful way. It didn’t put the focus on the tools like social media, or content, or email marketing, etc. (even though we do in fact use those tools). It put the focus on accomplishing goals for their WHOLE business.
  20. 20. @MACKFOGELSON Marketing shouldn’t 
 be about tactics. Marketing should be about 
 building a better business 
 from the inside out. When you start from goals, marketing isn't about tactics. It becomes integrated strategy that helps you build a better business from the inside out.
  21. 21. Put the on the people. @MACKFOGELSON focus And in order to do that, you have to put the focus on your customers (That’s you. That’s everyone who works at Traveling Vineyard. That’s your guests, that’s the friends of your guests). You have to care about them. You have to listen to them.
  22. 22. Put the on the passion. @MACKFOGELSON focus You need to ignite a passion that people are attracted to and really want to be a part of.
  23. 23. @MACKFOGELSON Communities are not 
 built by businesses. Communities are built by people. Communities are built from a passion that people feel about something. You’re part of this community because you’ve found other people who share the same passion. The passion to contribute to your own well-being and happiness and of your family. And be around other people who also care about those same things.
  24. 24. @MACKFOGELSON Traveling Vineyard isn’t about selling wine. This company is about changing lives. Although there is a passion for wine inside of this community, the passion that has been ignited with Traveling Vineyard is not about wine, it’s about changing people’s lives. The lives of women (and men) that you’ve been hearing over the last few days.
  25. 25. @MACKFOGELSON what are we working on with Traveling Vineyard? So I want to switch gears for a little bit and talk about what Mack Web is helping Traveling Vineyard to do.
  26. 26. @MACKFOGELSON So the first time I met Rick and Huib, I knew they had Desire, Heart, and Passion. I remember sitting in the Traveling Vineyard office with them as Rick told me story after story, and showed me pictures, of just a few of the more than 1,400 (mostly) women who were all part of this wine selling thing.
  27. 27. @MACKFOGELSON And as I listened to these stories, It was clear that Traveling Vineyard was about a whole lot more than selling wine. It was about these incredible people who had found meaning and purpose in their lives by starting businesses of their own through the Traveling Vineyard.
  28. 28. @MACKFOGELSON Are you sure she works for Traveling Vineyard? So when I went to their website and I saw this:
  29. 29. @MACKFOGELSON What about 
 these guys? And this….
  30. 30. @MACKFOGELSON Who the heck 
 is this? And of course, this, I thought, who the heck are these people? These are not the people from Rick and Huib’s stories. From what I was seeing on the outside, there was no way to experience the difference that Traveling Vineyard was making in all of these people’s lives.
  31. 31. @MACKFOGELSON And so the transformation began to bring Traveling Vineyard’s insides to the outside. As I explained to Rick and Huib when we first met, our work with the Traveling Vineyard isn’t really about marketing. It’s about telling their story. Your stories. And fostering this incredible community of people that already exists.
  32. 32. @MACKFOGELSON So that instead of seeing this….
  33. 33. We see behind the passion. @MACKFOGELSON the people We see the real people who are behind all of this passion that’s at the root of this company. If we can communicate that passion, we will ignite that same passion in other people and attract them to this community and build Traveling Vineyard’s business.
  34. 34. @MACKFOGELSON So instead of that stock footage, we see Kirby. We hear her story about the difference that Traveling Vineyard has made in her life. How her life has changed.
  35. 35. @MACKFOGELSON We see Kristy and we hear her story (which is different than Kirby’s). These stories build a connection with other people who also share that passion and want to be part of this community.
  36. 36. @MACKFOGELSON So over the next several months, and over the next several years, we’ll be working on a whole lot more than that. We’re going to be building some content on the blog and on the website and doing all kinds of things offline to provide you with the resources you need that will help you build your businesses. So that we can show what success looks like in real life.
  37. 37. We’re on goals. @MACKFOGELSON focusing And so we’re focusing on two very important goals for our work with Traveling Vineyard.
  38. 38. Increase leads. @MACKFOGELSON quality 1) We’re working to attract more quality leads. More people like all of you who have that passion and want to have meaning and purpose in their lives as well.
  39. 39. Move forward. @MACKFOGELSON leadership 2) We’re also working on moving Traveling Vineyard’s industry leadership forward. What that means is really being the example. They’re a company with Desire, Heart, and Passion and they will show other companies what it means to build a better business.
  40. 40. This is a commitment. @MACKFOGELSON long-term And this stuff doesn’t happen over night. This is more than a new logo and beautiful website. It’s more than telling these stories. There’s a lot of work to be done to bring the inside to the outside. So just like I tell Rick and Huib, this a minimum 2-3 year process to START this transformation both on and offline.
  41. 41. @MACKFOGELSON Communities are built from the inside out. This is a lifestyle, not a tactic. Traveling Vineyard already has what it takes to be a great company, but for a long, long time, their outsides have not matched their insides. So we’re helping Traveling Vineyard improve what is already there. We’re guiding Rick, Huib, and the Traveling Vineyard team as they build a community of life-long customers and a brand that you can all be proud to be a part of and build a business with.
  42. 42. Our begins today. @MACKFOGELSON journey This is going to be a long, hard-working, and extremely rewarding journey. It’s a new approach that’s truly about building a better business and better lives for everyone who is part of this organization and community. We are all a team and we need to work together to make it great. And it starts here, today.
  43. 43. @MACKFOGELSON how can you build your business and your community? So that all sounds pretty great. Hopefully this makes you really excited about what we’re working on with Traveling Vineyard because the more their brand grows, the better it is for your business. But let’s talk more about you. How you can use these same things to grow your business and your community.
  44. 44. Build your community by doing 3 things. @MACKFOGELSON There are 3 really important things to do when you’re working on building your community.
  45. 45. @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 @MACKFOGELSON Set Goals 1 Be Human 2 Listen 3 There are lots of things I could teach you today about building community and your business, but here are three really important ones: Set goals, be human, and listen.
  46. 46. @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 @MACKFOGELSON Set Goals 1 Be Human 2 Listen 3 We’ll start with setting goals.
  47. 47. @MACKFOGELSON 1Be intentional about what you want to accomplish. Set goals Funny thing about goals is that when you dream them up and write them down, you actually get them accomplished. When you’re working on growing your business and building a community, you’ve got to start from goals.
  48. 48. @MACKFOGELSON Set Goals What do you want to accomplish in 3-5 years,
 1 year, this week, today? And when you’re setting goals, you want to think both long term and short term. What do you want to accomplish: In 3-5 years? In 1 year? This week? Today?
  49. 49. @MACKFOGELSON What do you want for your business, your family, yourself? Don’t just think about goals your business. Break it down to what you want for your family. What do you want for yourself? Maybe you want to hit a financial goal. Maybe you want to become a better leader. Maybe you want to spend more time with your family.
  50. 50. @MACKFOGELSON When I’m setting goals for the business, I involve the team. Every quarter we gather at my house to identify goals for the company and what we really want to achieve. It keeps us focused on what we want to accomplish long term, but we also break it down into actionable steps that we can take so that we’re actually working toward those goals we’ve set.
  51. 51. @MACKFOGELSON For my family, one my my goals is to spend more quality time with Jon, my husband. It seems silly that I would set this as a goal, but because the business will always require so much work, I really have to make an effort to carve out this time for us.
  52. 52. @MACKFOGELSON And I also want to have the means to take my family on more vacations. Also working on that goal of spending more quality time with my husband and also my kids.
  53. 53. @MACKFOGELSON I do have a shoe problem. And in addition to going on vacations and enjoying my family, I’d also like to enjoy some more shoes. May be silly, but it’s a personal goal for me to have the means to have some fun and support my shoe habit.
  54. 54. @MACKFOGELSON Most importantly my goal for me long-term is balance. And taking care of myself. Working out. Eating great. Not letting work take over every inch of my life (even though I love it). I really want to focus on taking care of me. Set a good example for my team and may family. And that’s certainly a goal I’ll continue to work on long term.
  55. 55. @MACKFOGELSON Where would you like to be 
 in just 1 year? Sometimes setting visionary goals for that 3-5 year period is too far away. So in addition to that visionary goal, think about the shorter term. Where would you like to be in just 12 months? At the end of this year, what do you want to have accomplished? Once you’ve identified that, you can even break this down into 9 months, 6 months, 3 months even so that you have a bit of a road map.
  56. 56. @MACKFOGELSON What will you do this week that will get you closer? So that when you get ready to face the week, you know what you’re working toward based on these longer term goals you’ve set. What is it that you are going to accomplish that helps get you one step closer to that 1 year goal? Your 3-5 year goal? It helps to bring the vision down to reality.
  57. 57. @MACKFOGELSON What will you do today that will make a difference? How about today? Be intentional about your time. When you’re on Facebook, have a mission or you’ll be on there all day. Time yourself. Spend your time engaging and building relationships and then move on to the other important things that you have to accomplish in your day so that you’re working toward those goals you’ve set.
  58. 58. @MACKFOGELSON I have made a promise to myself to be very specific about the time I spend during my day. There’s always so many meetings. so I block out time to get work done so I don’t have to work at night and I can work toward accomplishing my goals.
  59. 59. @MACKFOGELSON Set Goals What’s the first step? 
 Break it down. Start somewhere. Start small. ! So when I’m setting goals, I like to break them down so that I actually know how I’m going to accomplish them. And sometimes, all that takes is determining that very first step. Break it down into that first phone call or even just searching something on Google.
  60. 60. @MACKFOGELSON Set Goals Who can you ask for help? 
 There’s always someone who is willing to open a door. Probably the most important thing about setting and accomplishing goals is thinking about who can help you. Think through your network of friends and supporters. Do you know someone who may know someone who can help?
  61. 61. @MACKFOGELSON Don’t be afraid to ask. Even if it seems like a long shot. “ “- Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook Don’t go it alone and don’t be afraid to ask for help. When I started Mack Web, I knew nothing about business. In fact, I have two English degrees. I’ve learned everything about growing this team by reading blog posts, books, going to conferences, and asking friends for help.
  62. 62. @MACKFOGELSON Set your goals and identify what success means to you. Make sure that when you’re setting goals you’re also identifying what success looks like. What package does your success come in? Sometimes your reward is contrast. Clarity that something isn't right for you. Is it more time with your kids? Breaking a financial ceiling you never thought you'd hit?Just remember that success comes in different packages. Keep your expectations in check.
  63. 63. Always to your goals. @MACKFOGELSON go back Always stay rooted in goals. When you’re feeling stuck or like things are not going the way you’d like them to, go back to goals. Go back to those indicators of success. Reevaluate, define your steps, and continue moving forward.
  64. 64. @MACKFOGELSON Setting obtainable goals is key to happiness. Instead of perfection, we should aim for sustainable and fulfilling. “ “- Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook And always bring it back to purpose and meaning.
  65. 65. @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 @MACKFOGELSON Set Goals 1 Be Human 2 Listen 3 OK so goals are really important to building your business and your community. And so is being human.
  66. 66. @MACKFOGELSON 2People like people who are authentic and genuine. Be human Social media is about people. It’s about being a real, actual human that other people can relate to and trust. Along with that passion, that’s what really builds a community.
  67. 67. @MACKFOGELSON Be Human The people who are winning 
 on social media are those 
 who have earned trust. The people who win on social media, and the people and companies who are able to build a community around their passion, are those who have earned trust by being authentic and genuine and are living up to the promises their brand has made.
  68. 68. @MACKFOGELSON It’s not about the numbers. It’s about the connection. And the thing to remember about social media is that it’s not about the numbers. It’s not about building this huge group of people just so that you can sell them something. What you want are people who listen, participate, and engage.
  69. 69. @MACKFOGELSON Be Human Make an effort to 
 actually care about the 
 people around you. Your ultimate goal is to build a network of people who think highly of you. People who respect you. People who view you as a knowledge source. People who know they can came to or call when they need help. You want people to feel connected to you.
  70. 70. @MACKFOGELSON Don’t make it about the sale. What’s important to them? How do you do that? Don’t always make it about the sale. Don’t shove your business card into someones hand. Ask about them. Talk about their lives and what’s important to them. If you can focus on being authentic and genuine, you will attract sales. Just be human and make an effort to actually care about people.
  71. 71. @MACKFOGELSON Be Human Have a balance
 between your professional
 and personal side. That starts with being a human yourself and showing your personality both on and offline. When you’re with people in person, it’s easier to earn their trust and understand that you’re authentic and genuine. But that’s not always the case online. You want to make sure your human-ness is being communicated effectively online.
  72. 72. @MACKFOGELSON Let’s take a look at Kirby’s profile on Pinterest. She has a great photo and her bio says: Wine Consultant - The Traveling Vineyard she then has a link to her website and her bio page. Nothing wrong with any of that, but what if Kirby revised her bio a bit to include her personality, to show her authenticity, her passions, and things that actually make her human.
  73. 73. @MACKFOGELSON Before After Here we see Kirby’s loves: wine, food, and life….but especially being a mom. This shows who she is and makes her approachable and friendly. Someone who’s easy to connect and reach out to. This makes her human. Good wine, good food, good life. As a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide 
 & Wine Tasting Mommy, I get to enjoy them all. (I love talking about them, too. Hint, hint.)
  74. 74. @MACKFOGELSON Same thing here on Twitter for Kiersten. Her bio talks about her job at Traveling Vineyard. Which is fine, but it doesn’t help us understand anything about Kiersten as an authentic and genuine human.
  75. 75. @MACKFOGELSON Trying new wines, learning wine things, making wine money. As a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, I get to do it all - on my own schedule. Jealous? AfterBefore ! This keeps Kiersten’s personality in the mix but changes the focus just slightly to be more authentic and less sales-y which will provide a better chance of a connection with Kiersten.
  76. 76. Be who both on and offline. @MACKFOGELSON you are So the big takeaway here is that you really have to work to help people trust you online. Show them that you’re human just like you would offline.
  77. 77. @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 @MACKFOGELSON Set Goals 1 Be Human 2 Listen 3 So we’ve talked about setting goals and being human. When you’re working on building your community (and your business) the most important thing you can do is listen.
  78. 78. @MACKFOGELSON 3Always remember that 
 this is not about you. Listen This is the hardest step. You’re the one who’s responsible for making things happen in your business. You’re setting goals. You’re taking the action steps. You have an agenda that you want to accomplish. You want to be in control of how things are going to go.
  79. 79. @MACKFOGELSON Listen You’re not the most 
 important part of 
 the customer equation. But remember the importance of being human. And when it comes to building relationships with people, (especially online) the most important thing to remember is that you’re NOT the most important person in the relationship. You’ve got to put the focus on them.
  80. 80. @MACKFOGELSON Listen Is there anything 
 you can do to 
 make their life better? Talk to your customers. Ask them what they think. Is there anything that would help make their lives easier? Is there something they want to learn more about? You actually need to ask them what they need.
  81. 81. @MACKFOGELSON What is your biggest problem? How can I solve it? “ “- Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook When you put your customer’s needs first, when you serve others, you will build your community and your business.
  82. 82. @MACKFOGELSON Listen Show them you’ve listened 
 with action. Provide the 
 value they’re seeking. After you’ve received that feedback, show them that you’ve listened through action. Don’t make this about you. Make it about the value you can provide your customers. Here’s how…
  83. 83. @MACKFOGELSON Try the 4-1-1 rule: 4 pieces of curated content 1 re-share of another’s content 1 self-promotional item There’s a ratio here that you really want to balance. So the majority of the stuff you’re doing is not all about you. You’re focusing on the conversation and providing value.
  84. 84. 4 pieces content. @MACKFOGELSON of curated So let’s look at an example of each of these. In terms of curated content….
  85. 85. @MACKFOGELSON You’ll want to make sure you’re listening to your customers and understanding what they’re really passionate about. Wine? Probably. You can then read blogs like Vine Pair or Wine Folly who provide a lot of value that your customers would probably love. If you’re a team leader, you can share blog posts on leadership and taking care of your customers.
  86. 86. @MACKFOGELSON And then share that value on social media and give credit to the source. This does two things: 1) it provides your audience with valuable content (that you didn’t have to create because someone else wrote it). They feel good about you. You’re smart. This helps them to feel more connected. 2) It helps to forge a connection between you and the person who wrote the content. People like to feel special. When people know you find them valuable, they are more likely to feel connected to you (and this is one of the ways to grow friendships and relationships online).
  87. 87. 1 re-share another’s content. @MACKFOGELSON of
  88. 88. @MACKFOGELSON So here’s an example of a re-share or RT from Traveling Vineyard. We RT something that Deanna shared that had @homegoods tagged in there. This is going to be really relevant and valuable for Traveling Vineyard’s audience and because Home Goods is in the tweet, their social media team will see that Traveling Vineyard shared it. Now it may take some time to turn their head, but it wouldn't be such a bad idea if Home Goods then decided to follow Traveling Vineyard and share their content and the great things they’re doing.
  89. 89. 1 self- item. @MACKFOGELSON promotional
  90. 90. @MACKFOGELSON So here’s an example of amore self-promotional tweet. Traveling Vineyard was sharing something about Harvest. And there was still value in this tweet because they’re trying to get others to be able to participate in the fun (whether they can come to Harvest or not) so they’re providing the hashtag.
  91. 91. @MACKFOGELSON When I share curated content, I like to write something clever to explain the value in it that shows my personalty. I also like to include images wherever possible (people like images).
  92. 92. @MACKFOGELSON And I also try to share something personal. But again, follow that 4-1-1 rule so that you have a balance between making it about you and making it about them. It’s that ratio that I’m not talking about myself all day long, I’m providing value, that overall, I’m doing things that really benefit my audience and make it about them.
  93. 93. Make are really listening. @MACKFOGELSON sure you You just want to make sure you’re really listening to what they want rather than what you want for them. For example…
  94. 94. @MACKFOGELSON When you’re posting your stuff on social media, you’re hearing what your audience really wants. Look at what people are liking, sharing, or commenting. We’ve found that the Traveling Vineyard community on Facebook likes recipes. This recipe had 18 shares and 20 likes.
  95. 95. @MACKFOGELSON And they REALLY like when we share quotes. On this one alone there were 48 shares and 78 likes.
  96. 96. @MACKFOGELSON They also really like graphics like these. 169 shares and 104 likes and a ton of conversation. You just need to listen to what they respond to and adjust accordingly. Make it about them. Keep testing out your balance for your 4-1-1 ratio.
  97. 97. Your goal a conversation. @MACKFOGELSON is to spark It’s easy for people to like things. It’s harder to get them to have a conversation with you. To be engaged. To participate.
  98. 98. @MACKFOGELSON Try different things. And try things that get them talking. For this post, we shared a quote from the article we were sharing. Fewer people liked and shared this, but it sparked a little conversation and connection. Makes them feel like you’re listening.
  99. 99. @MACKFOGELSON Try asking questions to spark conversation like this on Twitter.
  100. 100. @MACKFOGELSON Or like this on Facebook. Start a sentence and let your community finish it. So try lots of different things, but really make sure you’re listening.
  101. 101. @MACKFOGELSON Show them you listened through action. Take the online offline. I’d make some sangria for her. Or find another recipe in another week or two and share that with her online. Bring some recipes to your next party. Or find a recipe that’s similar to what they said they liked and seek them out to share it with them on social media. You just have to listen and paying attention to what they’re saying.
  102. 102. @MACKFOGELSON Listening is a dynamic process.
 Make the effort to adapt. And don’t do the same thing day in day out. Experiment with different things not only on social media but at your tastings and listen. Then apply what you learn.
  103. 103. Listen they’re really saying. @MACKFOGELSON to what Just remember to listen. Don’t just do what you want for them. Put the focus on what they actually need.
  104. 104. @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 @MACKFOGELSON Goals 1 Strategy 2 Tactics 3 KPIs 4 Action 5 Results 6 @MACKFOGELSON Set Goals 1 Be Human 2 Listen 3 And so I’m going to challenge you to do all of these things. Set your goals. Work on being authentic and genuine both on and offline. Really listen and provide value and don’t make it about you. That’s what it’s going to take to build your community. And that’s just the start. We’re going to be helping you and Rick and Huib along the way so that we can continue to teach you these things and really help you grow your business. It’s going to be a lot of work, but it’s going to be worth it.
  105. 105. @MACKFOGELSON Your guide If you want some more guidance on building your community and your business, we have a guide that will help you. Always feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to help.
  106. 106. @MACKFOGELSON So this is a photo wall that we built at Mack Web. We put this up to remind us why we’re here. The people and the things on this wall are what really matters to us. This is why we work so hard. This is what gives us meaning and purpose in our lives. And doing all of the things that I have talked about today, those are the things that have helped to build our company over the last few years. And doing these things have made us successful. It’s taken a few years, but it’s really working. Which makes me feel really good because…
  107. 107. @MACKFOGELSON I really want to continue taking care of this team.
  108. 108. @MACKFOGELSON And I really want to make sure I’m always focused on taking care of this team.
  109. 109. @MACKFOGELSON The secret is, 
 there is no secret. Just do the best you can with 
 what you’ve got. “ “- Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook Owning a business and being a mom is hard, hard work. It’s a continuous journey of self-discovery. You learn what you can handle, how much you can endure. You learn that you possess courage and the ability to take risk and that you do in fact have the courage to sustain it. Remember to stay rooted in the goals you’ve set. Don’t compare yourself to anyone but you. Start small. Don’t give up. Provide value. And most importantly, have a purpose for doing this besides money. Remember that you’re not just selling wine, you’re changing your lives.