Targeted Social Media for SEO


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Use targeted campaigns in accordance with social media for SEO. Create contests, promotions and marketing campaigns to attract visitors.

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Targeted Social Media for SEO

  1. 1. Targeted Social Media Campaigns that Work for SEO Presented by Kaila Strong and Elise Redlin-Cook Today’s Hashtag = #SM4SEO @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook
  2. 2. Staggering Statistics  Over 175 million users log into Facebook every 24 hours  There are more than 3.5 billion pieces of content shared each week on Facebook  Twitter now has more than 75 million user accounts  600 tweets are produced every second  Over 60 million people are on LinkedIn Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  3. 3. What Is a Targeted Social Media Campaign?  Less Sites  Targeted Market  Mass Marketing Tactics Don’t Always Work Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  4. 4. Strategy  Guy Kawasaki  Jay Baer “7 Steps to Creating a Social Media Strategy”  Social Media Examiner “8 Simple Steps to Growing a Quality Twitter Following”  Dan Zarrella “Science of ReTweets” Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  5. 5. Strategy (cont..) What do the experts have in common?  Knowing your objective  Figure out who your audience is  Plan out your message  Have something meaningful to say  Set goals  Measure results Add in some basic SEO too! Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  6. 6. Apply to Targeted Social Media Campaigns Figuring Out Your Objectives  Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your targeted campaign Image from: Search Engine People  Know your options Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  7. 7. Source: Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  8. 8. Get Started Figure Out Who Your Audience Is If you don’t know who you are marketing to, you won’t know which social sites to focus on. Source: Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  9. 9. Get Started (cont..)  Use tools to listen  Check out your competition too! Tip: When checking out your competition use search commands:  intitle:“keyword* on twitter"  intext:"bio * keyword"  near:“city, state" within:25mi  "small business" OR entrepreneur OR "start up" filter:links Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  10. 10. Get Started (cont..) Plan Out Your Message Have Something to Say Tips: Use Hootsuite, SmartBrief, AllTop page or use RSS, Google news, social search, and participate on blogs. SEO: Integrate your keywords into your messaging, and remember to drop a link whenever possible (within reason). Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  11. 11. Get Started (cont..) Set Goals and Measure Them Tips: Use Google Analytics for Facebook, measure CTR with shortened URLs, twitter analytic tools, insights on Facebook, and onsite traffic measurement tools. SEO: Check your rankings and keep track of them using both traditional methods as well as social media search tools. Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  12. 12. Execute Save time whenever possible:  Use plugins  Platforms  Get e-mail alerts  Use free applications Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  13. 13. Tying Social Into Search  Algorithms  Results Page  Link Building  Social Media Search Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  14. 14. SMO General Rules  Be keyword conscious in everything you do  Build the PR of your pages: comment links, badges to your page, etc.  Import your blog  Fill out everything Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  15. 15. The Best of Both – Social & Search  Build Great Content & Promote it  Good for Social Media?  Is it “Link Worthy”?  Can you promote it?  Examples:  Lists  Case Studies  Comparisons  Satire & Parody  Interviews  Polls & Surveys  Videos  Contests  Promote it using social media!!! Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  16. 16. Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  17. 17. Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO
  18. 18. Q&A Contact Kaila or Elise @cliquekaila @redlincook 602-314-3462 (direct) Twitter: @cliquekaila @VerticalMeasure @redlincook #SM4SEO