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Content Balance: Sharing Value vs. Self-Promotion


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Content is a powerful tool that can be used to accomplish big goals for your business, but it needs to serve a purpose and focus on your customer. Work to balance your foundational and community building content and don't make it all about you.

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Content Balance: Sharing Value vs. Self-Promotion

  1. 1. Content Balance:Sharing Value vs. Self-Promotion Mackenzie Fogelson @mackfogelson Founder & CEO Mack Web Solutions 1
  2. 2. Everyone isCREATINGCONTENT @mackfogelson 2
  3. 3. But instead ofCREATINGCONTENT @mackfogelson 3
  4. 4. Just for the sake ofCREATINGCONTENT @mackfogelson 4
  5. 5. You’ve gotta HAVEA PURPOSE @mackfogelson 5
  6. 6. Build an authentic brand & community around your business @mackfogelson 6
  7. 7. But how the HECKdo you do that? @mackfogelson 7
  8. 8. Start withVALUE @mackfogelson 8
  9. 9. What do you mean by VALUE @mackfogelson 9
  10. 10. Value =CONTENT in the form of... @mackfogelson 10
  11. 11. Blog posts, white papers, infographics, video, images, etc. @mackfogelson 11
  12. 12. Value =CONTENTthat’s not all about you @mackfogelson 12
  13. 13. Your content needsto focus on yourcustomer andprovide value duringtheir experience. @mackfogelson 13
  14. 14. Your content needsto serve a need(not just becauseyou want it to rankhigh in Google). @mackfogelson 14
  15. 15. Your content needsto add value toyour business (soyou gotta make itreally, really good). @mackfogelson 15
  16. 16. Your content also needs BALANCEso it helps your customer @mackfogelson 16
  17. 17. CreateTWOTYPESRead this: @mackfogelson 17
  18. 18. The stuff on your website isFoundationalContentThis is the more static stuff thatexplains who you are and what youdo (like your sales & about pages). @mackfogelson 18
  19. 19. The other thing aboutFoundationalContentis that it’s inherently self-promotional because it is, in fact,about you. @mackfogelson 19
  20. 20. So you’ve got to pack yourFoundationalContentfull of value so that it helps yourcustomer. Use video, audio, blogposts, case studies, info graphics. @mackfogelson 20
  21. 21. Make itABOUTTHEM @mackfogelson 21
  22. 22. The stuff on your blog isCommunityBuilding ContentThis is more dynamic. It’s less aboutwhat you do and more about whatyou know. @mackfogelson 22
  23. 23. The thing about yourCommunityBuilding Contentis that it indirectly promotes yourbrand & earns links. It doesn’t needto even mention your company. @mackfogelson 23
  24. 24. You can use yourCommunityBuilding Contentto bolster your online reputation asan industry expert, build trust,credibility, and attract customers. @mackfogelson 24
  25. 25. Patagonia does a great job. This is foundational content that’s directly promoting Patagonia but they pack it full of value instead of just bragging about themselves. Those are videos. @mackfogelson 25
  26. 26. Patagonia does a great job. This is community building content that’s doesn’t even mention their company name. It’s all about Tommy. His story resonates with the Patagonia customer. This indirectly promotes the Patagonia brand. @mackfogelson 26
  27. 27. Foundational content before. This is a foundational content page before it had much value in it. It was just a bunch of text with bullets. @mackfogelson 27
  28. 28. Foundational content after. Now this foundational page has case studies, video, and blog posts to provide value and a better experience for their customer. @mackfogelson 28
  29. 29. When you integrate valuable contentyou make foundational pages more engaging, you keep customers on your website longer. @mackfogelson 29
  30. 30. Lots of businesses do a great jobwith community building content.They really focus on value and the needs of the customer. @mackfogelson 30
  31. 31. Source: @mackfogelson 31
  32. 32. Source: @mackfogelson 32
  33. 33. Source: @mackfogelson 33
  34. 34. Source: @mackfogelson 34
  35. 35. Source: @mackfogelson 35
  36. 36. Once you have someVALUABLECONTENT @mackfogelson 36
  37. 37. Time toSHARE IT @mackfogelson 37
  38. 38. When you’re using content tobuild a communityaround your brandit doesn’t have to be your owncontent, it just needs to be valuable. @mackfogelson 38
  39. 39. Try the 80/20 RULERead this: @mackfogelson 39
  40. 40. 80% of the timeShare valuable content that you didnot actually generate. Share stuffthat resonates with your values,passion, and approach. @mackfogelson 40
  41. 41. @mackfogelson 41
  42. 42. 20% of the timeShare your own remarkable contentthat you, yourself created (withintent and purpose). Use thatcontent to build relationships. @mackfogelson 42
  43. 43. But how the HECKdo you do that? @mackfogelson 43
  44. 44. All you gotta do is set some goals & create a strategy. @mackfogelson 44
  45. 45. Make sure youstart with yourcompany goalsand then build a strategy aroundthat. This will help to accomplishimportant stuff for your business. @mackfogelson 45
  46. 46. Then, develop acontent strategy tomeet your goalsthat includes both foundational &community building content. Makeyour content about your customer. Read this: @mackfogelson 46
  47. 47. Build anEXECUTIONCALENDAR @mackfogelson 47
  48. 48. @mackfogelson 48
  49. 49. Here are some simple TIPS to ensure success @mackfogelson 49
  50. 50. Break your calendar down intoactionable,chewable piecesOtherwise, it’s easy to getoverwhelmed and not even getstarted. It helps with accountability. @mackfogelson 50
  51. 51. Don’t plan out a calendar more than2-3 monthsat a timeYou’ve got to measure, listen, andbe agile. Analyze how your contentis doing and make some changes. @mackfogelson 51
  52. 52. It’s important to plan for things like:pre-outreach revisionskeyword research launchpost research social effortsfirst draft outreachfeedback measurement Read this: @mackfogelson 52
  53. 53. The most important thing isbe consistent anddon’t give upSuccess from content efforts cantake a lot of time. Commit to it100% and you will experience ROI. @mackfogelson 53
  54. 54. And remember IT’S NOTABOUT YOU @mackfogelson 54
  55. 55. Cat photo source: @mackfogelson 55
  56. 56. Thank you connect with Mack bundle: @mackfogelson 56