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Bass-Ackwards Apoc Part 8
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Bass-Ackwards Apoc Part 8


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Spork. Do I really need to describe this?

Spork. Do I really need to describe this?

Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports

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  • Yeah, two more of your Sims are killed off by massive spooking. :)

    You're almost done, woot! This was one crazy Apocalypse. I really wanted to do something like this, but I suck at the whole Apocalypse scene. Still, you might give me a great idea for another challenge... heh heh heh.. ;

    Sorry I am just posting on Slidershare, but I was banned from Boolprop and I can't read any of your threads. Still, I was smart enough to bookmark this! ^_^
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  • 1. Welcome back, to this lovely little thing I like to call a challenge I am doing for fun. Last time jobs were lifted and people died just like pretty much every update to date. I mean it’s kinda like that is all there is to this. And you would be right. I never claimed to have a plot here despite my sims trying their damnedest to give me one. I am blissfully ignoring them and their demands to get more face time. If I wanted to write plot, I wouldn’t be having the issues I am with my Bachelor challenge.
    Shall we get started?
  • 2. Now that Kori had retired she set out to make over the neighborhood. It gave her something to do and she was doing a favor for these poor maxian souls. She even considered setting up a home business to sell people new clothes but she wasn’t sure about that.
    Or rather I wasn’t sure about it.
  • 3. Arthur continued make progress on lifting medical.
    Although it may not happen soon enough for me...
  • 4. “Hey Killer, how about we give that spying freak Consort Capp something to watch?”
    “I like how you think, KK.”
  • 5. “Do you think he saw?”
    “Do you care?”
  • 6. “You make me feel so young, KK.”
    “You are young, killer.”
    “I am not so sure about that.”
    “Well, you’re young enough to father another child.”
    “Yeah, how do you feel about a little girl?”
    “I’d feel the same as I would about a boy. So long as you are healthy and the baby is healthy. I’ll be happy.”
  • 7. A healthy and happy baby is a good thing… however it would be nice to have a Chief of Staff to make things a little better.
  • 8. That night, John appeared where he had died and was most distraught that his grave had been moved.
  • 9. Not that some people noticed.
  • 10. “Woo! Go Try for a Baby!!! I bet you get pregnant! Oh wait, that’s Regina…”
  • 11. “Dammit! Go stop your nephew from woohooing my lover.”
    “John! You scared me!”
  • 12. “You know I have this want…”
    “Woohoo in a sauna?”
    “It’s like you read my mind.”
    “It’s all I can think about myself. And if the lullaby that played earlier means anything…”
    “I can’t get any more pregnant than I am.”
    “Yep. And then after that…”
  • 13. “Tent Woohoo!!!”
  • 14. All of that woohoo had a purpose, this.
    Two romance sims getting married, that is a sure way to tempt aspiration failure.
  • 15. “I take you, Regina. Ignoring my fear panel because I love you.”
    “Can you hurry it up?”
    “Uh sure.”
  • 16. “There was a wedding? What did I miss?”
    “It looks like the whole thing, Killer.”
    “Arthur, I’ll be right back!”
  • 17. ….
  • 18. This takes being fruitful a little too literally…
  • 19. “Feed me!”
    “No don’t take the cake!”
  • 20. “The Cake is a lie. And I don’t want to lose anymore friends.”
    “Uh thanks? But I’d still like some cake.”
    “We can do that.”
  • 21. After the wedding, It was time for a double birthday.
  • 22. Up first was Kurt who actually doesn’t look too bad in the kilt.
  • 23. Followed by Scott who also looks good in the orange sweater.
  • 24. And one guest, Shelby Barett, decided that birthday cake didn’t work for her and went for a cake that was a little bit deadlier.
    That sim has so far died in every one of my ‘hoods. Every time, death by cowplant.
  • 25. That night, well technically early morning, Arthur felt a pull unlike anything he had ever felt before.
    “Dangit they were supposed to take me!”
  • 26. “Can you believe it? Aliens come again and they take Arthur!”
    “The lucky bastard!”
    “Better him than me.”
    “You’re just jealous.”
  • 27. “I dare you to say that again!”
    “Now, now boys. What have I said about fighting?”
    “Never do where someone can point a laugh when you lose?”
  • 28. “Oh I’m going to be feeling that for a while!”
  • 29. “I can’t believe that this happened to me.”
  • 30. Arthur’s not the only one.
    There’s this not so small problem. See that? Not only was Arthur abducted, he was impregnated.
    Considering my luck with things, I very quickly made the decision that I would wait until after all of the babies were born to bring the house back down to non-glitch level. My rationale? Very simple, I was afraid that I would somehow get twins.
  • 31. And just a moment later, Regina popped into her second trimester.
  • 32. As if to make up for things, the paper that morning was pure gold for the teen jobs. Kurt took the first offering of Education.
  • 33. And Scott grabbed the second in Science.
    The third in case you were wondering, Military.
    Pure gold I tell you.
  • 34. That night we had another free-range ghost.
  • 35. Gretchen targeted anyone who was out in the yard…
    The pregnant heiress.
  • 36. The Random walkby townie.
  • 37. The surprise spare.
    Although I have to admit I put Scott in the line of fire since he was fearing seeing a ghost.
  • 38. It made aging him up that much quicker.
  • 39. “Your Uncle’s a hunk.”
    “I’ve heard that before.”
    “Um can you two stop. That is really disturbing.”
  • 40. In an effort to get Scott out of the low green so he could get promoted quicker, I sent him to the well to get his true love.
  • 41. This does not look good.
  • 42. “No one loves me!”
    “Get back here sonny-boy. I’ve got our engagement planned.”
    “Someone save me?”
  • 43. Synchronized belly popping.
    Yes Arthur and Regina are exactly 24 hours apart in their pregnancy.
  • 44. “I can’t have my brother be older than me! Must get older!”
  • 45. “Hi cutie! I’m over here!”
    “Regina stop, your husband is right next to you!”
    “It’s okay. So long as she keeps her hands to herself I am fine.”
    “You’re too trusting, Arthur.”
    “No, I know my wife. She’s a romance sim, like I am. I can’t ask her to be anything more than herself. That wouldn’t be fair.”
  • 46. “I would like to announce that my mother is giving birth behind me.”
  • 47. “And her Makeup looks awful!”
    “Dammit Kurt! Shut the fuck up or after I give birth to your sibling I will beat your sorry ass!”
  • 48. Say hello to the first of the final lifters, Oliver Doran.
    Ollie is named after Green Arrow. A lesser known hero but a damn cool one.
  • 49. “Why do I get the feeling that I missed all of the action?”
  • 50. Scott barely managed to get promoted so I sent him to the well again to get his true love (and hopefully platinum). He got the girl and the platness and I breathed a sigh of relief.
  • 51. “The baby kicked.”
    “Which one.”
    “Both of them.”
  • 52. “So…”
    “We’re both pregnant.”
    “Thank you captain obvious.”
  • 53. “I think that makes you the hottest momma around.”
    “So what does that make you?”
  • 54. “Damn, Arthur. That was a smooth line!”
    “Really? You think so?”
    “Yep! You’ve definitely turned up your game.”
    “Well I think that’s enough of a date.”
    “Yep! I feel the pull of the bass calling me.”
  • 55. Regina made it to the bass when she paused and looked right at the camera. As if she knew what was going to happen next.”
  • 56. “Oh my! My grandchild is doomed to have weird chubby cheeks!”
    “Not helping!”
  • 57. “Hey Arthur you’re a father!”
    “That’s nice.”
  • 58. “Didn’t you hear me? You’re a father.”
    “Woo! This Bass is awesome!”
  • 59. Scott made it home with another promotion.
  • 60. And was sent back to work to hopefully get another one.
  • 61. “You’d think after two kids, I’d know what I was doing. You’d think that. But you would be wrong.”
  • 62. Kurt also made it home with a promotion.
  • 63. And since Scott had taken the sports car and Arthur was using the Apocovan, Kurt got a random sedan so I could send him to work again.
  • 64. Scott got a promotion.
  • 65. So did Kurt, now we don’t need that sedan – sells.
  • 66. Then to make me, and him, very happy, Arthur comes home as a very pregnant Chief of Staff. I would like to make it clear that the first thing I did was disable “Try for a Baby” always on ACR. I admit I even forgot to buy showers no one wanted one and really no one needed them the snapdragon army was enough to keep them happy.
  • 67. That night I got the pop up for Ollie’s birthday. Infants are useless so he got the quick culinary age.
  • 68. And he popped into a very cute toddler. No Ears, but adorable nonetheless.
  • 69. No really. He just hits my cute meter. I think it is the cheeks.
  • 70. Also speaking of cute, gratuitous slide is gratuitous.
  • 71. “Are you nuts?”
    “I’m horny.”
    “You’re loony and about to pop.”
    “That doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to satisfy a woman.”
    “Get up and get dressed!”
  • 72. “Don’t you think I can satisfy you?”
    “I know you can. But this little bump doesn’t need the extra loving.”
  • 73. “But baby-”
    “No buts!”
  • 74. “Baby!!!”
  • 75. “Why couldn’t have this been me?”
    “Oh my where is that kid going to come out of?”
    “Please don’t ask that!”
  • 76. Please welcome what is hopefully the last baby, Clark. Named for Clark Kent aka Superman and alien from Krypton. It fit.
    “You look entirely too pleased with this new baby, Regina.”
    “I am! It means that I don’t have to have another baby because we already have a spare!”
    “Romance sim!”
    “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”
    “How about no.”
  • 77. Scott came home that afternoon with a promotion. Which topped Science.
    Again not terribly useful at this stage in the challenge.
  • 78. Since he was a spare, he got teleported out to the death spot.
    Yes, I didn’t sell the satellite. It seemed so callous.
  • 79. Regina came home permaplat, reaching the top of the music career. That means that there is one less sim for me to pay attention to.
  • 80. She also got home in time for another birthday. This time Bruce’s.
    It was around this time that I remembered that I could buy lights. Yay lights and better picture taking! It’s not a big thing but it is something that is a morale booster.
  • 81. And with the advent of light, we get to see just how cute Bruce really is.
  • 82. The light also meant that I got to watch Scott die a little easier. The ghosts were on a rampage that night.
    First he got hit by Eye Candy.
  • 83. Then by 2.0.
    This is the first time that Father and Son have met. I don’t think it was a happy meeting.
  • 84. Then Eye Candy scared the piss out of Scott.
  • 85. Then Xavier got in on the action.
  • 86. Followed by 2.0.
    I was beginning to have trouble keeping up with all of the scarings.
  • 87. Then Xavier hit the poor starving guy again.
  • 88. “Oh gods what a horrible dream. I dreamt that I was scared by the angry ghosts of my relatives and then fell asleep in my own pee puddle.”
    Too bad it wasn’t a dream.
  • 89. “Daddy!”
  • 90. “Great-great-grandpa!”
  • 91. “You made me soil myself, again.”
  • 92. “Oh I’m so hungry. I don’t know what to do.”
  • 93. “Please a sandwich! Please!”
  • 94. “Lark!”
    “You said you were done! Does this look like done to you? I’m standing here in a puddle of urine and another of your sims is dead. What have you to say for yourself?”
    Um… I needed the room?
  • 95. “Well I suppose that is a good reason. At least this sim’s gotten some mourners.”
    I should let you know to expect a few other pick ups.
    “Oh? Who?”
    You’ll see. I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.
  • 96. “I think I know who one will be. But I’ll let you keep your secrets for now.”
    Oh thank you!
  • 97. “Dammit creator! I’m a romance sim not a nanny! What do I know about kids. Especially green kids!”
  • 98. “You’re just counting the days until I lift Education?”
    “Knew it!”
  • 99. And while it seems like yesterday, the game thinks that Clark only has one day to age up. Like I am going to argue with it…
  • 100. With a toss and a twirl Clark became an adorable toddler.
  • 101. Did I mention that he is adorable?
    I am going to get sugar-shock from all of the cute.
  • 102. And Clark’s even got the ears! So that means that I have managed to make it through all generations with the ears intact!
    Go me!
  • 103. Have I mentioned that I find this little guy absolutely adorable? I have? Well I’ll say it again.
  • 104. “Why do I get the feeling the creator has a favorite?”
    “I don’ know.”
    “I’s worried.”
    “I’s on the potty.”
  • 105. Bruce and Ollie shouldn’t worry. While I do have a favorite. They are still cute and cuddly and safe.
  • 106. That doesn’t mean that someone else is safe though.
    With Education lifted that can only mean one thing.
  • 107. A quick trip to the deathspot.
  • 108. “Scott!!! I’ve missed you! How is death?”
    “Why don’t you come see!”
  • 109. “Your cowplant ate me on your birthday!”
  • 110. “Your cowplant ate me before you were born!”
  • 111. “The cowplant didn’t eat me!”
    “Dude seeing all of these ghosts is totally awesome!”
  • 112. “Made you piss yourself!”
  • 113. “This is all so very surreal.”
  • 114. “Why are you doing this?”
  • 115. “Because we can!”
    “Hey that is my line!”
    “Thank you ladies for answering my question.”
  • 116. “Now if you will excuse me I think there is someone else I need to see.”
  • 117. “I really am quite late.”
  • 118. “NO!”
    “We want to keep scaring you.”
    “So sorry, but look at the time. I must be going now.”
  • 119. “What a ripoff!!! He just collapsed!”
  • 120. “Is this who you meant, Lark?”
    One of them, yup!
  • 121. “Who else? I don’t see anyone else on my list.”
    You’ll see.
  • 122. “Why not surprise me? Have a death of old age more than once.”
    I’ll see what I can do.
  • 123. “Why does my family keep dying!”
  • 124. “I can’t believe that my younger brother is gone!”
  • 125. “This is tearing my heart out!”
    “Those are your hands, Killer.”
    “I wondered what that uncomfortable feeling was.”
  • 126. “All right who’s next?”
    And this is where I am going to leave you.
    Only two more lifts to go and then I am done. Woo!
    Until then. Happy simming!