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Creating a Timer Bar on PowerPoint to Count Down Time
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Creating a Timer Bar on PowerPoint to Count Down Time


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Step-by-step instructions for creating a timer bar in PowerPoint.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a timer bar in PowerPoint.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. How to Create a Timer Bar in PowerPoint Karl M. Kapp Professor of Instructional Technology
  • 2. Timer: Use “Animations” Use “Wipe” Timer
  • 3. Create two rectangles. One of the rectangles you want to have “No Fill.”
  • 4. Select the other rectangle and click on it. Then pull down the menu and select “Format Shape.”
  • 5. Select “Gradient Fill.” You can then choose a Pre-set color. And the direction.
  • 6. The direction that seems to work well is light to dark.
  • 7. Then move the two rectangles so the shaded rectangle is within the original “No Fill” rectangle.
  • 8. Then select the “Animation” tab. Then select “Add Animation” Then Select “More Entrance Effects…”
  • 9. Then select the animation “Wipe.”
  • 10. Open the “Animation Pane” and select “Effect” Choose “From Left”
  • 11. Next, choose “Timing” Change the “Duration” to the number of desired seconds. You will type right over the existing words. We chose 30 seconds you can choose the number of seconds you’d like to count down.
  • 12. Now we want to “Trigger” the timer by clicking on an item labeled “Timer” to start our countdown.
  • 13. Timer Create a shape with the word “Timer.”
  • 14. Timer Click on the “Gradient Rectangle” you want to animate. It needs to be highlighted with the dots (indicating it was selected)
  • 15. With the “Gradient Rectangle” still highlighted go to the “Animation” tab. Click on “Trigger” Choose “On Click of.” From the pull down menu select the name of the shape you used for the Timer (usually it will be the last shape you added.)
  • 16. The timer should now work when you click on the “Timer Button” activated by the trigger you created. Timer
  • 17. References • YouTube Video – – –