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GoAnimate Instructions


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Some instructions on using GoAnimate

Published in: Education
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GoAnimate Instructions

  1. 1. Go to “Make a Video” Select Whiteboard Animation
  2. 2. If you have already done the tutorial or been into this screen before, we want to go back to the tutorial.
  3. 3. Click on the <Start Tutorial>
  4. 4. Double Click on Placeholder “Title” Type: Cool Projects
  5. 5. Then click <Next>
  6. 6. Click Green dot with + sign to add a scene.
  7. 7. Scroll down and select the category of “Education”.
  8. 8. In category of “Education” Choose: “School, Classroom”
  9. 9. Then select <Next> Notice, scene appears in your working area.
  10. 10. Double left click on the character.
  11. 11. Enter the word “Point” into the search field. Press <Enter>
  12. 12. Left click on “Point Up” about three rows down.
  13. 13. Then click <Next>
  14. 14. We are going to swap characters, click on <Swap> to activate swapping function.
  15. 15. Select person in cap and gown. Then select <Next>
  16. 16. Now, click on green dot with + sign to create a new scene.
  17. 17. Scroll down to the category of screens.
  18. 18. Scroll down to the image of a web browser.
  19. 19. Then click <Next>
  20. 20. Now let’s add some sound, click on “Sound Icon” The musical note.
  21. 21. Choose Acoustica or any song you’d like.
  22. 22. Now you can preview your video.
  23. 23. Now you can preview your video.
  24. 24. Let’s go back to editing, we aren’t done.
  25. 25. Click on <Continue Editing>
  26. 26. Double Left Click on the text, let’s add different words.
  27. 27. Add words “Here” “And Here” “And even here”.
  28. 28. It will look like this.
  29. 29. Now, left click on first screen. We want to add our name.
  30. 30. Now, left click on the field with name and add your name.
  31. 31. Click on the Enter/Exit tab.
  32. 32. Choose style and select “Hand Slide”.
  33. 33. Close the “Text Settings” Dialogue box.
  34. 34. Click on “Props”
  35. 35. Search “Soccer”
  36. 36. Drag “Soccer Ball-Spin” To the work area.
  37. 37. Click on soccer ball. You will get a menu above the ball. Select second icon “Toggle movement ON/OFF”
  38. 38. Click on soccer ball. You will get a menu above the ball. Select second icon “Toggle movement ON/OFF” Drag ball to upper corner.
  39. 39. Click preview to check it out.
  40. 40. After preview, click on scene with graduate instructor.
  41. 41. Type, “Learning Opportunities in the Classroom and…”
  42. 42. Close the box.
  43. 43. Drag over soccer ball.
  44. 44. Double left click, click on Toggle movement and drag to bottom of screen.
  45. 45. Ball should be off of bottom of screen.
  46. 46. Single click on ball. Remove the drawing by selecting “Instant”
  47. 47. Single on the last scene, we are going to add the ball.
  48. 48. Drag spinning ball, drag to work area, double click and drag to Middle.
  49. 49. Grab soccer ball by the corner and make it really large. Taking up entire screen.
  50. 50. Add One more scene. Choose text Icon Write THE END. Use Blur-zooming for entrance
  51. 51. Preview your movie!
  52. 52. Save your movie!