How Much SEO Juice Do You Get From Google+?


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How Much SEO Juice Do You Get From Google+?

  1. Kevin Gibbons How Much SEO @kevgibboJuice Do You Get Founder From Google+? SEOptimise May 2012
  2. Let’s start with the theory – What are Google are saying?@kevgibbo
  3. So we tested it out… CTR Impact: Homepage with +1’s vs site with Google+ brand page@kevgibbo
  4. Test 1Site with no+1’s or G+brand page@kevgibbo
  5. ResultAs expected, no impact@kevgibbo
  6. Test 2 Website with 57homepage +1’s & no G+ brand page @kevgibbo
  7. Result 19% CTR without +1 0% CTR with +1@kevgibbo
  8. Test 3Site with 456 Google+brand page votes@kevgibbo
  9. Result 9% CTRwithout +1,5% CTR with +1@kevgibbo
  10. Which means the CTR impact is…@kevgibbo
  11. The lower CTR for +1’s actually makes sense for two reasons:1. +1 results are often less relevant than standard listings2. Many homepages appear as annotated results (so normal CTR is likely to be high due to brand visits) @kevgibbo
  12. So what about the impact to rankings & organic traffic?@kevgibbo
  13. Test 1: Set of Clients Who Have No Google+ Presence@kevgibbo
  14. Result:19.5% decrease in organic traffic for clients who aren’t using Google++Source: Analytics Canvas@kevgibbo
  15. Test 2: Clients Who Have a Strong Google+ Presence@kevgibbo
  16. Result:42.6% increase in organic traffic for clients who actively use Google+!Source: Analytics Canvas@kevgibbo
  17. How about other brands?@kevgibbo
  18. Result: Huge Organic Search Impact for @kevgibbo
  19. Does this mean Google+ has a direct correlation to organic rankings? No!@kevgibbo
  20. But… does it really matter?@kevgibbo
  21. Where are Google going with G+? “SEO is like being aweather man” Source: Greg Boser@kevgibbo
  22. Google are pushing G+ like crazy…@kevgibbo
  23. Google Penguin is making link building harder@kevgibbo
  24. To Quote Danny Sullivan…“links are creaky, outdated signals that haveincreasingly been harder and harder for thesearch engines to depend on.” @kevgibbo
  25. Which means social signals have to be measured by Google to assess a sites authority @kevgibbo
  26. If I could give you 5 Google+ tips they would be…@kevgibbo
  27. 1) Focus your strategy on great content & stop chasing Google’s algorithm@kevgibbo
  28. 2) Build a great content team• Community manager• Bloggers• Content strategist• Infographic designer• Guest authors• Video producers @kevgibbo
  29. 3) Use Rel=Author to link-up your writers using Google Authorship@kevgibbo
  30. 4) Create a G+ brand page & link to your site@kevgibbo
  31. 5) Share content daily, even if you have to force yourself!@kevgibbo
  32. And lastly, 4 Google+ tools to help…@kevgibbo
  33. 1) View Social Connections to a scary level! @kevgibbo
  34. 2) Find Influencers on
  35. 3) Analyse your reach on Google+ Ripples@kevgibbo
  36. 4) Social Sources Activity Stream in Google Analytics
  37. In Summary…1. Google+ has negative influence to CTRs!2. Websites using Google+ experiencing significant uplift in organic traffic3. Strong social footprint is likely to make your rankings more defensible to algorithm updates4. Make content marketing the centre of your SEO strategy @kevgibbo
  38. Thank youFeel free to ask any questions &follow me online! @kevgibbo @kevgibbo
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