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SearchLondon - SEO in 2013


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SearchLondon - SEO in 2013

  1. 1. #SearchLondon2013
  2. 2. PREDICTION– Backlinks to sites not necessarily required– Social Signals are the evolution of backlinks– Google affirms direct correlation between AuthorRank and Organic– #Subjective ?
  3. 3. Overview• What I’m seeing• Why I promote Google+ – Experiments• GKG• Link Graph• Eigenvector – (who’s in your neighbourhood)
  4. 4. 1st page rankingG+ helps with social proof
  5. 5. Having image definitelyincreases CTRBut what happens wheneveryone has a profile picby their results? Additional opportunity for readers to quickly access ‘other content’
  6. 6. Previous Achieved – how?• Not complex… I split my posts – Half on G+ (part 1) – Half on website (part 2) … but I’m still playing with content split %s NB: Micro format (Rich Snippet) MUST be in place• Link to each from each• Expect to see similar examples ranking – as AuthorRank / PublisherRank increase in
  7. 7. Images posted on G+ withyour content help to capturean audience interest
  8. 8. Social Shares seem to act likelinks and help even in thelong term
  9. 9. Why I spend my time on G+
  10. 10.
  11. 11. This is a BIG bonus …definitely increases CTR forposts appearing in searchresults
  12. 12. Not difficult to achieve…So why aren’t more doing it?
  13. 13. From a business perspective, thishas helped us achieve 500k APIcalls to G+ daily – approx 5millionposts indexed
  14. 14. Experiments Experiment!
  15. 15. Insights from G+what Google maybe doing What will this mean for image ranking ?
  16. 16. Google Knowledge Graph
  17. 17. • Explored 3 links deep from• And listed top 10 in-degree – Parsed (24ms): – Parsed (254ms): – Parsed (100ms): – Parsed (0ms): – Parsed (1ms): – Parsed (1ms): – Parsed (1ms): – Parsed (1ms): – Parsed (2ms): – Parsed (0ms):
  18. 18. Google Knowledge Graph• Link Google+ Business / Brand Page to the Website.• Verify the email address in About Us Page in Google+ Business / Brand page• Verify physical Address• Use Google+ Business Page / Brand Page Regularly
  19. 19. Eigenvector Centrality – and the affect on rankings• How many posts in G+ does it take to rank in Google search results for a given keyword? (excluding personal results) – Longtail – few • Post on G+ will show – Competitive – regular posts • Post on website will show• There is a correlation between ranking faster if: – Influential people follow you on G+ – They engage on the respective post
  20. 20. Take Away: Did you know?Klout profile = dofollow backlink
  21. 21. #SearchLondon2013Qs?