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Google+ guide for brands


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Google+ guide for brands

  1. Google+: A Guide for Brands
  2. "Our goal with Google+ is to make sharing on the web like sharing in real life, as well as to improve the overall Google experience. Circles let you choose with precision who you aresharing with. Not surprisingly this has been very well received, because in real life, we share different things with different people.“ Larry Page
  3. Google+: OverviewFeatures:1. Circles2. Huddle3. Sparks4. Hangout
  4. Google+: CirclesCircles makes it easy to put your friends from Saturday night in one circle, yourparents in another and your boss in a circle all on his own – just like in real life.
  5. Google+: HuddleHuddle is Google+ version of group chat.
  6. Google+: SparksSparks is the Google+ version of a delicious style bookmarking tool with search functionality.
  7. Google+: HangoutHangouts enables video chat between groups. Skype for teens?
  8. Instant Upload Upload photos from your mobile. Like Instagram.
  9. Some Facts 10 million users 1 billion pieces of content shared 73% male, 27% femaleTop three professions: Engineer, Designer, Developer 8% of traffic comes from San FranciscoNepal ranks ahead of UK in terms of traffic
  10. G+ map of the worldSource: FindPeopleOnPlus
  11. G+ related buzz termsSource: Sysomos
  12. What’s a brand to do?"Please note that we are still actively closing profiles that are being used by businesses today. Stay engagedon Google+ with your personal account and continue to send us your excellent feedback. Well continue to bevery proactive in communicating with everyone around our plans for businesses.“ Google+
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  14. Hasn’t stopped some brands
  15. News Media on G+
  16. Early Adopters on G+
  17. 5 things to do now?1. Branded urls2. Import Facebook & Twitter3. Dashboard4. Integrate +15. Chrome Extension
  18. 1. Branded url Google+ does not enable you to create a branded url, this tool below can help do that for you when you do have a business profile. So you can then feature your url this way, Gplus.toSource: Mashable
  19. 2. Import Facebook fans Import your Facebook and Twitter fans using by extracting your data to Excel. Export.lySource:
  20. Import Facebook stream Import your Facebook stream into Google+ Export.lySource crossrider/com/install/519-google-facebook
  21. 3. Google Dashboard Check key stats such as +1 on your Google account.Source:
  22. 4. Integrate +1 Integrate +1 into your site now. 1 billion pieces of shared content in two weeks should not be ignored. Export.lySource: Mashable
  23. 5. Add G+ Count Add notifications to your Chrome browser.Source:
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