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Evolution of Content & Digital Marketing in 2014

  1. Evolution of Content Marketing KEVIN GIBBONS BLUEGLASS.CO.UK @KEVGIBBO
  2. Google hates old-school SEO & link building
  3. Scaled quality content works
  4. Google has more signals on quality/authenticity than ever
  5. Quick warning: Content marketing isn’t always the answer…
  6. People are still making basic mistakes (this much content can never all be high quality!)
  7. Tactics get over-saturated
  8. It’s not about sharing content with your mates
  9. It’s not just about creating a buzz
  10. It’s not about throwing stuff against the wall
  11. And not everything is going to be a winner
  12. Don’t rush straight in… Think about what you want to achieve
  13. Successful campaigns require a sustained content strategy (not 1 infographic!)
  14. Without clear goals, how do you know what content success looks like?
  15. Build a Strategy to set clear goals & objectives • • • • • Raising brand awareness Improving your SEO and online authority Building your social audience Increasing direct sales or leads etc…
  16. Great content isn’t produced in a silo
  17. Getting things done is the biggest ranking factor – get everyone involved!
  18. Measure everything!
  19. Make sure your content influences the right goals & targets • Editorial calendar around key events • 50 natural links to target URL • 215 Facebook likes, 62 Tweets • Drove “Australian Open Tennis Tickets” to #4 in Google
  20. Translated & promoted infographic across 12 countries: Generated high quality links & social shares from authority publications
  21. We tracked and measured all SEO activity and uplift to prove the ROI in terms of revenue and market share uplift across Europe for top target keyword groups
  22. Resonate with current & potential customers
  23. Identify your audience & key influencers
  24. Create a solid strategy to integrate all channels
  25. Think more consumer-led & data-driven content – what do your users want to see more of?
  26. Tell your brand story to a targeted audience
  27. Engage with social influencers
  28. Influence sales at consideration buying phase
  29. Build your brand reputation & online authority
  30. Be useful, insightful, creative, funny or topical
  31. Be agile
  32. Be prepared to adapt
  33. Don’t admit defeat!
  34. Be remarkable…
  35. For best outreach results, you need an audience
  36. And then do it all again… Using iterative & agile campaigns to target key opportunities
  37. The best campaigns aren’t content marketing – it’s brand building!
  38. Key Takeaways 1. Content marketing isn’t a one-off, it requires a sustained & iterative effort 2. Don’t just create content for the sake of creating a buzz – tie it into your overall marketing strategy & goals 3. Find what works well for your audience & do more of it! 4. Measure the impact to prove the value @KevGibbo

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