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Latest version of the "Art of Conversation" presentation, presented at Ark Group's KM-UK, London, 13 June 2012.

Latest version of the "Art of Conversation" presentation, presented at Ark Group's KM-UK, London, 13 June 2012.

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  • 1. The Art of Conversation:All of us are smarter than any of us* * Apologies to Chris Collison! Keith De La Rue
  • 2. Let’s have a chat…Openness to changeSome recent research…Individual effectsThe power of groupsInnovation and sharingMaking it happen… Have a conversation and have some fun!
  • 3. Conversationdoesnt just reshufflethe cards: it creates new cards– Theodore Zeldin From David Gurteen -
  • 4. In conversation we…Transform factsReshape themDraw new implicationsDevelop new trains of thought
  • 5. We must be open… “We risk impoverishing ourselves if we ignore the personal” - Gurteen
  • 6. "...The kind of conversation Im interested in is onewhich you start with awillingness to emerge a slightly different person... Its an adventure inwhich we agree to cookthe world together andmake it taste less bitter"
  • 7. Conversation is intrinsically creative
  • 8. … If we are prepared to change.The way we talk shapes what we doIf we talk differently, life can be more interesting
  • 9. Talking to others improves individual mental functionFriends with cognitive benefits - Ybarra et al, 2010
  • 10. Brief, friendly conversationsimprove executive function - working memory, focus
  • 11. Put yourself in other shoes
  • 12. Evidence for a Collective Intelligence Factor inthe Performance of Human Groups- Woolley et al, 2010
  • 13. Ability to perform group tasksIndependent of individual intelligenceWhole greater than sum of partsBased from how the team works together
  • 14. Collective intelligence Social sensitivity No domination Equal turns
  • 15. Women and conversation More sensitivity
  • 16. Leadershipchallenge:facilitation, t io ns an isanot control org ts cal alis c h i id u rar div hie in for ged asy rug t e or No -
  • 17. Innovation – the Eureka moment?Progress is more aboutone door leading toanother door- Steven Johnson, WhereGood Ideas Come FromSharing and recombiningideas-> Conversation
  • 18. The adjacent possibleThe multiple… Don’t isolate the genius in the laboratory!
  • 19. The Enlightenment – C17
  • 20. Wisdom of crowds – cognitive problems The many are smarter than the fewDiverse membershipMembers thinking independentlyKnowledge pooled From: James Surowiecki
  • 21. CommunityGet people together in conversation
  • 22. Conversations for knowledge sharingand innovation – the café concept See:
  • 23. Conversational tools
  • 24. Microblogging
  • 25. Networking, awareness, chatAny conversation helps!!/groups/323447999676/
  • 26. Conversations help us… … find the missing pieces
  • 27. Facing complexity in organisationsEngaging people
  • 28. Five rules for moreinnovative conversations
  • 29. Have we all been introduced?
  • 30. Is everyone open and willing to change?
  • 31. Are we alltaking equal turns?
  • 32. Is the talk friendly and constructive?
  • 33. Do we have sufficiently diverse viewpoints?
  • 34. Let’s talk about it… @kdelarue +61 418 51 7676