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This presentation, delivered at the American Library Association 2014 Annual Conference (in Las Vegas) under the auspices of the ALA Learning Round Table, explores ways to assure that learners apply what they learn after leaving a training/learning session.

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  1. 1. Facilitated by Paul Signorelli Writer/Trainer/Consultant Paul Signorelli & Associates Twitter: @paulsignorelli ALA Learning Round Table Session At ALA Annual Conference Las Vegas June 29, 2014 Session hashtags: #alaac14 #NowWhat That Was Great! Now What? (Supporting the Learning Process AfterTraining)
  2. 2. Setting the Learning Space
  3. 3. Setting the Learning Space
  4. 4. Building Upon What We Already Know
  5. 5. Building Upon What We Already Know Share, with those sitting nearyou, one thing that helped you apply what you learned afteryou left a memorable
  6. 6. PeterSenge: Learning Organizations
  7. 7. Communities of Learning: A Definition “A learningcommunity is agroupof peoplewho share common emotions, values orbeliefs, areactivelyengagedin learningtogetherfromeachother…” --Wikipedia
  8. 8. YourLearning Communities?
  9. 9. When I Leave a Learning Session…
  10. 10. Six Months Later…
  11. 11. Six Months Later…
  12. 12. Where Much of OurLearning Goes…
  13. 13. Breakthrough Learning
  14. 14. What MOOCs Can Teach Us
  15. 15. What MOOCs Can Teach Us
  16. 16. What MOOCs Can Teach Us ult/files/ConnectedLearning _report.pdf
  17. 17. Communities of Learning: Flipped Classrooms
  18. 18. Communities of Learning: Makerspaces
  19. 19. Communities of Learning: Idea Spaces
  20. 20. Communities of Learning: Idea Spaces
  21. 21. LargerLearning Communities: Joining What’s Available to Us
  22. 22. Discussion: Working It What is one thing you can take fromthis session and begin applying in yourown workplace within the next week?
  23. 23. Discussion: Working It What is one thing you can take fromthis session and begin applying in yourown workplace within the next week? What would yourfirst steps be in implementing that idea?
  24. 24. In Summary
  25. 25. In Summary
  26. 26. In Summary
  27. 27. In Summary
  28. 28. In Summary
  29. 29. In Summary
  30. 30. In Summary
  31. 31. Resources
  32. 32. Resources Formore on innovations in training-teaching-learning, please visit my blog:
  33. 33. Questions & Comments
  34. 34. ForMore Information Paul Signorelli & Associates 1032 Irving St., #514 San Francisco, CA 94122 415.681.5224 Twitter: @paulsignorelli
  35. 35. Credits & Acknowledgments (Images taken from unless otherwise noted): Door Hanging From Hinges: From NickCummin’s photostream at Couch in the Middle of the Room: Photo by Paul Signorelli Building Blocks: From Denise Krebs’ photostreamat Learning Commons, Alden Library, Ohio University: From Ohio University Library’s photostreamat Capped Fire Hydrant: From Modowds’s photostream at Learners Helping Each Other From Ohio University Library’s photostream at Book Discussion Group: From Lucius Beebe Memorial Library’s photostream at Community Group in Library: From 1 Book, 1 Valley’s photostream at Library Makerspace: From WLibrary‘s photostream at Flipped Classroom: From Ransomtech’s photostream at Idea Spaces: Images from Tom Haymes‘ Idea Spaces website at