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Art of conversation


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Latest version of the "Art of Conversation" presentation, presented at Ark Group's KM-UK, London, 13 June 2012.

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Art of conversation

  1. 1. The Art of Conversation:All of us are smarter than any of us* * Apologies to Chris Collison! Keith De La Rue
  2. 2. Let’s have a chat…Openness to changeSome recent research…Individual effectsThe power of groupsInnovation and sharingMaking it happen… Have a conversation and have some fun!
  3. 3. Conversationdoesnt just reshufflethe cards: it creates new cards– Theodore Zeldin From David Gurteen -
  4. 4. In conversation we…Transform factsReshape themDraw new implicationsDevelop new trains of thought
  5. 5. We must be open… “We risk impoverishing ourselves if we ignore the personal” - Gurteen
  6. 6. "...The kind of conversation Im interested in is onewhich you start with awillingness to emerge a slightly different person... Its an adventure inwhich we agree to cookthe world together andmake it taste less bitter"
  7. 7. Conversation is intrinsically creative
  8. 8. … If we are prepared to change.The way we talk shapes what we doIf we talk differently, life can be more interesting
  9. 9. Talking to others improves individual mental functionFriends with cognitive benefits - Ybarra et al, 2010
  10. 10. Brief, friendly conversationsimprove executive function - working memory, focus
  11. 11. Put yourself in other shoes
  12. 12. Evidence for a Collective Intelligence Factor inthe Performance of Human Groups- Woolley et al, 2010
  13. 13. Ability to perform group tasksIndependent of individual intelligenceWhole greater than sum of partsBased from how the team works together
  14. 14. Collective intelligence Social sensitivity No domination Equal turns
  15. 15. Women and conversation More sensitivity
  16. 16. Leadershipchallenge:facilitation, t io ns an isanot control org ts cal alis c h i id u rar div hie in for ged asy rug t e or No -
  17. 17. Innovation – the Eureka moment?Progress is more aboutone door leading toanother door- Steven Johnson, WhereGood Ideas Come FromSharing and recombiningideas-> Conversation
  18. 18. The adjacent possibleThe multiple… Don’t isolate the genius in the laboratory!
  19. 19. The Enlightenment – C17
  20. 20. Wisdom of crowds – cognitive problems The many are smarter than the fewDiverse membershipMembers thinking independentlyKnowledge pooled From: James Surowiecki
  21. 21. CommunityGet people together in conversation
  22. 22. Conversations for knowledge sharingand innovation – the café concept See:
  23. 23. Conversational tools
  24. 24. Microblogging
  25. 25. Networking, awareness, chatAny conversation helps!!/groups/323447999676/
  26. 26. Conversations help us… … find the missing pieces
  27. 27. Facing complexity in organisationsEngaging people
  28. 28. Five rules for moreinnovative conversations
  29. 29. Have we all been introduced?
  30. 30. Is everyone open and willing to change?
  31. 31. Are we alltaking equal turns?
  32. 32. Is the talk friendly and constructive?
  33. 33. Do we have sufficiently diverse viewpoints?
  34. 34. Let’s talk about it… @kdelarue +61 418 51 7676