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inhale-proposalSLYFOX inhale-proposalSLYFOX Document Transcript

  • FOREIGNDUB (FD) is an independent record label and musical production companyspecialising in the production of events and the creation, promotion and touring of Drum&Bass, Reggae, Dubstepand Dancehall music.Our team consists of experienced event managers, graphic artists, audiovisual technicians and producers and ourgoal is to unearth and foster new talent, facilitate the promotion of independent artists and to provide qualityDrum&Bass, Reggae, Dubstep, and Dancehall music that enriches cultural diversity and enhances the experiencefor our audiences.Initiated in 2003, FD originated when a group of dance-music lovers had the idea to combine their passion forDrum&Bass, the Australian summer and Latino food – and so the DNBBQ was born.The DNBBQ was the first event to originate from the Abercrombie Hotel in Broadway and the subsequentsuccess of these parties established the hotel’s reputation as one of the foremost alternative music venues inSydney.Since then, successive DNBBQ’s have flourished and have spawned additional FD events in venues throughoutSydney, Melbourne and overseas. These events have encompassed a range of musical genres and have attractedboth local artists and high-profile international acts, such as DJ Marky (Brazil), DJ Patife (Brazil), Big Bud (UK), HighContrast (UK), Kenny Ken (UK), Total Science (UK), Concord Dawn (NZ), Shapeshifter (NZ), and Makoto (Japan).In recent years FD have travelled to Asia to produce shows in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand and are currentlypresenting a weekly radio show every Sunday covering sounds of reggae, dub and dancehall on communitybroadcaster FBI Radio 94.5fm: foreigndub-airwayvsThe success of the FD formula lies in our ability to meet the needs of our audience and the strength of our tieswith the underground music scene. This has resulted in a loyal following of like-minded souls, who identifythemselves as part of a music community.Our philosophy is simple – to identify, nurture and promote Australasian talent and to bring qualityinternational acts to Australian!/inhalenight!/foreigndub
  • • Possessing a comprehensive understanding of the Sydney Drum&Bass, Reggae, Dubstep, Dancehall andHip Hop music scene.• Drawing upon a wide network of musicians, artists, performers and event professionals to collaborate with.• Having a reputation for providing high standards of production and high quality performances.• Occupying an exclusive position within the Sydney and Melbourne music community.• Supporting and nurturing the underground music scene.• Having a sound knowledge of marketing and communications strategies including social media andtraditional media.• Working closely with sponsors to extend the reach of content through creative, engaging andwell-executed social media activities (when applicable).• Combining creative insight with first-rate logistical skills and a shrewd entrepreneurial approach.• Maintaining affordability of events and competitiveness within the marketplace.• Continuously networking and keeping abreast of current trends in the music industry to ensure eventsremain relevant.• Being imaginative and innovative with both, events and marketing.• Providing quality music and production to our patrons. Based on audience research, fd has identified our primary audience• A youth demographic (18 – 35 years)• Fans of the artists and bands that are hosted at FD events• Music lovers – particularly fans of Drum&Bass, Reggae and Dub genres• Those who enjoy the underground music ‘scene’• Those that appreciate high quality production• People who value live entertainment• Other members of the music industry
  • Initially, FOREIGNDUB would like to request a 9 month contracted period. Below is the artists and marketingstrategies that will surround INHALE at Sly Fox for the first month and future. The night is expected to run from 8pm until at least 1am, but if the night is going well, then of course it isto be allowed extra time. FOREIGNDUB will be promoting the night. Posters would be great help to the promotionof both the night and the venue. FOREIGNDUB has a healthy street team ready to push this on a weekly basis.FOREIGNDUB proposes to retain 10% of the taking of the bar.• Association with FOREIGNDUB can deliver a comprehensive range of benefits to the venue, the primarybenefit, of course, being a regular weekly traffic of dedicated punters, that have very limited choices to listen tobass driven music FREE of charge. This in turn should bring regular income to the venue along with:• INHALE @ Sly Fox Brand placement on banners and signage at selected FD events.• Constant promotion by FOREIGNDUB street team, newsletters and online promotions• INHALE @ Sly Fox Brand placement incorporated into visuals projected on screen at selected FD events.• Brand placement on email notifications to FD email subscribers.• Brand placement/acknowledgement on social media correspondence (Facebook, MySpace).• INHALE @ Sly Fox Brand placement via banner ads on FD website.• Promotion of INHALE @ Sly Fox on FD weekly radio program through FBI RADIO.• Complimentary passes to selected FD events.• Discount on additional tickets to FD events. * All invoices should be payed in full no longer than 14 days from invoice date.