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  1. 1. About Elixir. Who we are… We are a starting up non-profit music promotional company, focusing on managing and promoting producers/Dj’s and musician’s within the EDM genre, with strong appeal on young and unknown individuals. The Name.. Elixir Music was chosen as it was a catchy and easy to remember name, so that once the company expands and becomes well known we will stick out and be remembered against other companies Our Main Selling Point.. As Elixir Music is a non-profit company, all the musicians involved will be getting free advertisement and promotion with no fee’s or commission on their half, so there will be no loss for upcoming artists. Elixir Music will operate mainly online, in the form of social network sites and multiple music platforms. Our radio and club nights will guarantee the musicians a wide range of promotion, to all sorts of people not just in Portsmouth, but much further afield.
  2. 2. Matthew Wood • Artist and Event Promoter (Online and physical) • Producer • • • Creating the advertisement for the scheduled club and radio events. E.g. Flyers, Posters, Online information such as dates and details. 1 of 3 contributing artist to the electronic EP, producing in the trap/trapstep/hip-hop genre. Experience in music production and text/image software for advertisement e.g. flyers, posters.
  3. 3. Current Market Opportunity References from The International Federation of the phonographic industry 2013 music review. • • The rise of international digital services e.g Itunes, Soundcloud and Deezer since 2011 has provided an opportunity for small companies to make their music and eventually business global. “Just two years ago, the largest international digital service, such as itunes, spotify, and deezer were present in just over 20 countries. Today, they are in more than 100”. (IFPI Digital Music Report, 2013, p.5). Recently, independent music companies and record labels have become more successful through the use of online promotion which has increased their opportunity for live performance and popularity.
  4. 4. Cont. • • Dance music has had an ongoing strong connection with the social media and how music it connected with its fans. “…Dj’s are building their audiences through social networks, allowing them to keep their global fan-base updated on new releases, gigs, videos and playlists”. (IFPI Digital Music Report, 2013,p.19) Opportunity and need in Portsmouth for more independent music companies and promoters to take local talent and even university students to help improve their status.
  5. 5. Expertise • • • Elixir Music has been set up by young musicians who already have experience from live performances, studio production and live DJ mixes. Our taste of music spans over different genres so we also believe we know what sounds current. Our promotion skills are strong through the use of digital and physical advertisement. We know that promotion of our members will reach many websites, feeds and fans. Individuals in the company have connections with PureFM radio and certain clubs, such as The Registry. This allows us to get slots on multiple platforms quickly, providing the musicians with fast advertisement and the chance for live experience.
  6. 6. Benefits Above Other Companies • • • • .“The Internet gives artist from around the world an unprecedented platform to reach music fans wherever they may be”. (IFPI Digital Music Report, 2013, p.4). We will have a strong focus on many different digital platforms to maximize our views, such as Youtube, Reverbnation, Myflashstore, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter to create a wide spread fan base for artists within the company. There will also be social groups and music related clubs within the social network and university site where can advertise content. Initially setting up as a self-funded/non-commission music promotion company that will eventually except different genres of music. Opportunity for unknown artists to gain popularity and experience in the music business. Radio time on a university radio show that attracts a lot of young students, gives the artist the opportunity to introduce them self to the public
  7. 7. Cont. • • • • • Garneted live performances at numerous bars and clubs around the Portsmouth area. No risk of loss for any joining artist as there is no charge or commission. Provide a recording/mixing and mastering service of industry standard within the company Artist will gain a portfolio through the main website with an main biography and linkage to other music sites and social sites. Professional images of the artist e.g at gigs, in the studio to use as many time copyright free
  8. 8. Current Business Plans • • • Currently self-funded as a starting up promotion company (no joining free or running cost for artists/bands) Intended target audience of young adults, university students Gain an audience through social media and venues e.g. clubs, bars, local concerts
  9. 9. Future Business Plans • Strong focus on performance income e.g. live events. • Aim to expand company into a promotion and marketing resource for different genres of music • Improve software and facilities • Increased workforce and staff the meet the needs of different kinds of music • Gain revenue income from merchandise and larger gigs e.g. well known concerts. • Create a professional website with integrated music and video players, exclusive content for members • Create a monthly membership plan for fans to receive online and psychical content.
  10. 10. References • • IFPI Digital Music. (2013). Engine of a digital world. Retrieved from the official documents website: pdf