MATTHEW LANSDOWNCAREER OBJECTVESeek the Position of Cellerman / Bartender as a career change.Skills: Experienced Cellarman...
MATTHEW LANSDOWNE-Commerce IT&D Manager – Sydney Tools Pty Ltd                                       (July 2009 – July 201...
MATTHEW LANSDOWNIT & Audio Visual Support Engineer - STW Communications Group Ltd                  (March 2007 – April 200...
MATTHEW LANSDOWNAccount Manager - Harris Technology Pty Ltd                                     (August 1999 – March 2003)...
MATTHEW LANSDOWNEDUCATIONMacquarie University                                                                       2001 –...
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Matthew Lansdown - Bar Tender Resume


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Matthew Lansdown - Bar Tender Resume

  1. 1. MATTHEW LANSDOWNCAREER OBJECTVESeek the Position of Cellerman / Bartender as a career change.Skills: Experienced Cellarman with background in bartending and promotor work.Qualifications: • RSA & RCG certified. • Ability to make and serve beverages from the bar which is restricted to some varieties and brands of wine, beer, soda, and liquor. • Great ability to identify unruly or intoxicated patrons and to solve the problem or seek help if required. • Huge ability to rapidly recognize impending lacks of supplies based on a volume of business and covers their timely replacement. • 203cm tall - Able to free lift kegs. • Queer & Alternative friendly.CAREER HISTORYBartender – City Hotel 347 Kent St Sydney (2000 – 2002) • Served a wide range of beverages by mixing ingredients like water, sugar, liquors, soda, bitters, and fruit garnishes. • Provide beer, liquor and wine. • Tend registers, tips & glasses. • Backbar attendant: washing, steaming and clearing glasses. • Responsible for good operation of a bar, receipt and inventory accountability. • Kept sufficient supplies of items like trays and glassware. • Combine and prepared flavors for mixture of drinks. • Refilled supplies of equipment at bars • Washed glasses and other equipment at bars • Store the wines and bottle bear in refrigerator and change empty beer kegs.Reason for leaving: Change of Management at venue and university studies required I cease night timework.20 Gannon St, Tempe NSW 2044Mobile 0405 014630Email
  2. 2. MATTHEW LANSDOWNE-Commerce IT&D Manager – Sydney Tools Pty Ltd (July 2009 – July 2011)My previous role was as Manager of the eCommerce department for a Power Tool retailer.Core Tasks Include: • Managing all online PR, Marketing & IT Infrastructure solutions for multiple retail stores. • Budgeting and People Managing all eCommerce staff and subcontractors. • Forecasting, budgeting & overseeing all costs affiliated with the businesses online & physical media presence. • Defining and maintaining all online sales procedures including order processing, shipping costs and sales transaction processes. • Developing and sustaining data and marketing integrity for all online products across: o Our Proprietary domains (8 sites) o 3rd Party networks including: eBay, Google Product Search (Google Merchant AU), Get Price etc. o Price comparison of competitors. • Adhering to challenging deadlines.Achievements: The methodologies I developed for Sydney Tools PTY LTD led their business to be themarket leader within the Australian Online Power Tool retail market and #1 ebay retailer for tool sales.Reason for leaving: As staff have been adequately trained, and the project planned and implemented toa point where it may be completed without my supervision, I am seeking a career change.Data Manager - Insight Enterprises Pty Ltd (April 2008 – July 2009)My role was to act as liaison to Insight’s suppliers nationally & in the Asia Pacific region, including productresearch & channel pricing for specialist technology. I was required to represent Insight during periods ofinfrastructure reformation which included pricing, SKU processing, VB scripting and other operations tasks.Achievements: The methodologies I developed for the Data Management team resulted in 5 successfulValue Awards nominations relating to improving business practices at Insight Enterprises.Reason for leaving: Insight Enterprises made significant Staff cuts in the APAC region during the GFC,and returned many job roles back to head office.20 Gannon St, Tempe NSW 2044Mobile 0405 014630Email
  3. 3. MATTHEW LANSDOWNIT & Audio Visual Support Engineer - STW Communications Group Ltd (March 2007 – April 2008)In this role I was supporting Singleton Ogilvy & Mather, Singleton Ogilvy Interaction, Singleton Ogilvy One,Ogilvy Action, Kevin 07 Campaign and various other subsidiary companies in an area based IT managementrole. My responsibilities included detailed configuration of operating system & layered products includingSOE creation & deployment, Network patch management, all software maintenance & office equipmentmaintenance including teleconferencing & AV installations.Reason for leaving: Pursuit of role at Insight Enterprises.Content Management System Administrator - Chief Entertainment (April 2005 – February 2008)In this role I was the Content Management System Administrator for the Telstra Bigpond V8 Super CarsLive Broadcast website. My responsibilities included encoding & uploading video on demand for 40,000subscribed users, monitoring streamed broadcasts, encoder hardware & diagnosing system faults, liasingwith contractors & parent/partner companies.Reason for leaving: Redundancy due to contractual changes between Chief Entertainment & Telstra.IT Support - Credit Union Services Australia Ltd (June 2006 – March 2007)This role included general IT administration for 1 & 2 level IT support, fundamental 3rd level support, SOE st nddistribution & Intranet CMS administration.Reason for leaving: 6 month contract role (the contract was extended to 8 months)Server & IT Support - Student @ Macquarie University (March 2003 – November 2005)This casual role was to provide 1st, 2nd & 3rd level IT support, SOE distribution, printer & photocopiermaintenance.Reason for leaving: I left to focus my degree & seek full time employment after graduation.20 Gannon St, Tempe NSW 2044Mobile 0405 014630Email
  4. 4. MATTHEW LANSDOWNAccount Manager - Harris Technology Pty Ltd (August 1999 – March 2003)Initially this was a floor sales role. I was promoted to inbound phone sales of all IT related product divisions,then Team Leader for the deployment & implementation of Harris Technologys first Melbourne basedstore.AchievementsHarris Technology’s first retail store in Victoria was successfully deployed which resulted in brandrecognition & growth towards a national business.Reason for leaving: Resigned to focus on my degree. If further employment history is required please contact me.20 Gannon St, Tempe NSW 2044Mobile 0405 014630Email
  5. 5. MATTHEW LANSDOWNEDUCATIONMacquarie University 2001 – 2006Bachelor of Media in Multimedia, Information Technology & Communication Science(BM/BSc IT&C) Achievements • Lifetime Macquarie University Information Technology Society member • Founder of LANMQ - Computer Gaming SocietyTAFE: Certificate III, Information Technology 2000 - 2001St Ignatius College, Riverview 1992 – 1998 Achievements • Sailing Vice Captain – 1998 • Highest place for Media (Top 1% in NSW) – 1998 • Duke of Edinburgh (gold in white water kayaking) – 1993 - 1998PERSONAL INTERESTSSailing, travel, live & electronic music, white water kayaking, snowboarding, soccer &vintage carsPERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTSEstablishing Sydney Tools as a national brand name. Elevating the business to market leaderfor online powertool sales across the internet and, specifically eBay. Management of allstaff, including Audio Engineers, Road Crews, DJs, Graphic Designers for various nightclubsunder the Vortex & Synthesis Production businesses, between 2000 – 2011. I also managedthe Australian tour of VNV Nation in 2004, including promotion, venues, marketing, audiovisual equipment, staff management, logistics & event management.REFERENCESProfessional & personal references are available upon request. If you have any questions or require any further details please contact me on 0405 014 630.20 Gannon St, Tempe NSW 2044Mobile 0405 014630Email