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Ict used

  1. 1. ICT and Equipment used
  2. 2. Equipment and Software used• Camera (canon EOS 1100D) (canon EOS 550D)• Green screen• Microphones• Photoshop• Premier pro• Audacity
  3. 3. CameraThe cameras I used to film my trailerare;- Canon EOS 1100D- Canon EOS 550DBoth of these cameras have thequalities needed to make an effectivetrailer. However, voted the bestCanon camera out of the two is theCanon EOS 550D and this is possiblybecause of the megapixels but alsothe variety of resolutions for thevideography features which is themain area to look at when your usingthe camera for filming. Because of thisI used this camera to film and theCanon EOS 1100D to take imageswith.
  4. 4. Green Screen I used the greenscreen so I could take pictures of my characters and add a background of choice. What Is a Green Screen and How Does it Work? A green screen is exactly what it sounds like- a green screen placed behind the subject being filmed. The blank green screen allows designers to superimpose digital images into the background of your video to create unique environments. Its not new technology, but its the most effective way of integrating high quality images into the background.
  5. 5. MicrophoneThis is the microphone I used in my trailer so that aswell as recording the images, I can have high qualitysound also to go with it. This is the smaller versionof what the film industry uses.I used the microphone so that the sounds were justas good as the video footage on the Canon 550Dand the 1100D. The microphone also helped toemphasise some sounds, e.g. when the door slamsand creaks open.However, in my trailer I used some sound off theinternet as the microphone didnt catch everysound to how I wanted it, e.g. the paino keysplaying.
  6. 6. PhotoshopI used Adobe Photoshop CS4, so that I could edit myphotographs and text to make them look more effective sothat it supports the horror genre.Photoshop has many features that helped me producesome really good pieces of work and the before and afterimages, you can really see how much of a differencephotoshop can make to the images.On Photoshop I was also able to make my title for myposter by using some of its features.
  7. 7. Premier ProI used Adobe Premier Pro CS4 to ctually produce my trailer draftsand my final trailer. I also used Premier Pro to produce the title ofmy film as this software has effects and fonts that I can use.I found Premier Pro was rather easy to use, however I did strugglewith using the effects as there are so many to choose from andalso before you chose one you cant see what it does beforehand,therefore you have to guess from the name of the effect to what itdoes.What I did like about Premier Pro is that its fast on downloadingthe video clips and you can also make new sequences so that Icould do each scene separately.
  8. 8. AudacityI used this software to do my voiceovers on m construction,as well as using the microphone and Audacity to add soundeffects to my trailer.Audacity allows you to coopy and paste as well as record,which means that this software helped me to add effects tomy trailer as well as showing you what I have done throughspeaking instead of writing.However, I reached some obstacles such as; staticinterference and when I saved the audio file it didnt alwayssave as a whole but in pieces.
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