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Independence for texas






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Independence for texas Independence for texas Presentation Transcript

  • Map of the United States (c. 1830)
    • Mexico had given a large tract of land to Stephen Austin to settle with at least 300 Americans
    • The northern area was dominated by violent Native Americans – Apache and Comanche
    • Mexicans did not want to settle close to these tribes
    • The Mexican government gave the land away to anyone with a settlement plan
  • Stephen F. Austin (1793-1836)
    • Mexico gave land to Empresarios
      • Mexican citizens charged to settle the land
      • Empresarios brought in settlers and gave them pieces of land
      • Settlers had to become Mexican citizens and convert to Roman Catholicism
    • Austin was the most successful Empresario
      • Persuaded over 1,500 Americans to settle
    • Americans did not assimilate into Mexican culture as was hoped
    • Empresarios felt the government was not giving them enough control
    • Mexico closed its borders to settlers in 1830
    • A tax was put on goods imported from America to discourage trade
    • New laws infuriated the settlers
    • Their settlements could not grow
    • They could not get goods they were accustomed to
    • Mexican government (considered foreign) was telling them what to do
    • Two conventions were called by Texans
      • Austin was appointed President
      • Demands were made to open the borders and loosen taxes
      • A constitution was drawn
    • Austin took demands to Mexico City, talks failed
    • Austin encouraged Texas to form its own government and was arrested for treason
    • President Antonio L ópez de Santa Anna declared himself dictator and refused to talk to Texans
  • Antonio López de Santa Anna
    • Austin was released from jail and went back to Texas to organize and army
    • Mexican army was poorly lead and disorganized
    • Texan army had element of surprise and achieved early victories, took control of San Antonio
    • Sam Houston took command of the Texans and began training them
    • Santa Anna assembled a 6,000 man army to put down the rebellion
  • Sam Houston "The Raven" (1793-1863)
    • Santa Anna’s army arrived in San Antonio to take the city back
    • 180 Texans locked themselves in an old Spanish Catholic mission called the Alamo
    • The Texans held off Santa Anna’s army for 13 days
    • In that time, the new Texan government formally declared independence
    • On March 6, 1836, Santa Anna’s army stormed the Alamo
    • After 6 hours and 600 Mexican casualties, the Alamo fell
    • Goliad was a town southeast of San Antonio
    • Mexican troops surrounded a Texas army of more than 300
    • The Texas army surrendered
    • Santa Anna demanded execution
    • On March 27, 1836, Mexican troops executed the entire regiment
    • The defeat enraged and united Texans
    • Turning point in the war
    • Santa Anna’s army did not see the Texans as a threat
    • The Mexican army was sleeping when they were ambushed by Sam Houston
    • Hundreds of Mexicans were killed and over 700 were taken captive
    • Among those taken captive was Santa Anna himself
    • Houston forced Santa Ana to agree to Texas independence
  • Map of Texas (c. 1844)
    • In September of 1836, the Texas citizens elected Sam Houston as their President
    • They also agreed to annexation by the US
    • Northerners were opposed because Texas would be a slave state
    • Andrew Jackson did not want to increase tensions and did not annex Texas
    • Texas remained an independent nation until 1845
  • Map of Mexico (c. 1847)