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Texas war for independence real


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Texas war for independence real

  1. 1. The War for Texas Independence
  3. 3. Mexico• Mexico was a colony of Spain until it revolted in 1810 and became independent in 1821.• A new constitution modeled off the United States’ was adopted in 1824
  4. 4. Coahuila y TejasTexas did not have a sufficient number of people to apply for statehood so it was combined with the Mexican State of Coahuila.
  5. 5. American ImmigrationIn 1823 the new Mexican Government allowedStephen Austin to settle 300 American familiesin Texas.
  6. 6. There were only two requirements to come1. They must be Roman Catholic1. And they must be loyal to Mexico The immigrants didn’t take either of those rules seriously
  7. 7. G.T.T.• G.T.T. (Gone To Texas) Became a popular saying among people who were leaving America for Texas.• Not surprisingly many of the people interested in coming to America were convicts or law breakers who saw Texas as a fresh start.
  8. 8. Notable People Davy Crockett • Davy Crockett was well known congressman who served in both the state and national legislatures between 1821 and 1833. • After losing he went to Texas where he became a patriot for Texas independence.
  9. 9. Notable People (pt. 2) Jim Bowie • Jim Bowie was best known in the south for his famous knife. • Served an important role at the battle for the Alamo Sam Houston• Sam Houston was politician and soldier from the United States• He later became an important figure in Texas politics and held positions such as president and governor.
  10. 10. Prelude to the War• In 1830 Mexico abolished slavery which would later be repeated in the United States• Texans simply freed their slaves and then renamed them indentured servants.• Mexican officials banned any more Americans from settling in Texas.• Mexico increased tariffs on American goods
  11. 11. Mr. Austin Goes to Mexico City• In 1833 Stephen Austin went to Mexico City to apply for separate statehood• Although the Mexican government originally agreed with the Texan’s points they felt that it was a trick to get Texas to join America• Austin was arrested for suspected treason AUSTIN MEXICO CITY
  12. 12. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna• Santa Anna was originally elected president of Mexico until he decided that Mexico wasn’t ready for democracy and declared himself dictator and trashed the constitution of 1824• His acts also included abolishing the state legislatures and militias
  13. 13. The Battle of GonzalesOn September 2nd 1835 Mexican soldiers attempted to reclaim a cannon from the citizens of Gonzales but were defeated by the local militia.
  14. 14. Early Texas Victories• On October 9th Texan forces seized the Presidio in Goliad• Battle of Conception• Battle of Lipantitlan on November 4th
  15. 15. Stopping the RevolutionIn late 1835 Santa Anna left Mexico City with an army of about 6000 men to put down the rebellious Texans
  16. 16. Independence is declaredOn March 2nd 1836 Texas officially declared its independence
  17. 17. The AlamoOn February 23rd 1836 Santa Anna reached San Antonio Whereless than 300 Texas patriots had taken shelter under command ofWilliam Travis and Jim Bowie• Travis and Bowie refused to surrender despite being greatly outnumbered• The defenders sent out many request for help received none• On March 6th The Mexican army attacked and won
  18. 18. Mexican Victories• The Mexican army continued on its path through Texas undoing the victories won by the Texans.• The Battle of Refugio on March 12th• The Battle of Coleto on March 19th• Around 300 Texans were killed in the massacre of Goliad on March 27th which especially upset the rebel Texans
  19. 19. Santa Anna is Captured• On April 21st at the battle of San Jacinto Houston’s forces defeated the Mexican army and soldiers found Santa Anna hiding in a field• Santa Anna was forced to sign two treaties, which required Mexican troops to leave Texas and affirmed Texas independence.
  20. 20. After the Revolution• Mexico refused to acknowledge Texas independence• Although the United States had already twice offered to buy Texas from Mexico before the revolution the US now avoided Texas because of slavery issues and relations with Mexico
  21. 21. Annexation• After about 9 years of being an independent nation Texas was finally annexed by The US in 1845 making it the 28th state.• Mexico and the United States came into conflict over the land• The Mexican-American War followed the annexation