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  • Thanks, John. Not only did I fly ALL the way from Atlanta, but this is my very first iMedia conference. So I am excited not only to be attending, but to be able to share with everyone some of the work we’re doing over at Turner.And what Turner is doing, the mission they put forth, is simple: to share stories with the world. Because we understand that everybody loves a good story. And actually, I say simple, but not really. Because we are operating in an increasingly more engaged and more connected media environment. A great example is the recent 2.0 iOS release of the Cartoon Network TV app – who knows what I’m referring to? The app allows users to play a simple video game on one side of the screen as a cartoon episode plays on the other. There was aMediaPost article that I thought put it best: “ADD is now a design feature.” While funny, it’s also very true. Kids are master multi-taskers and actively engaged on a second screen when the TV is on. This just compresses the two-screen experience onto one.
  • Everybody Loves Socia

    1. 1. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. WE SHARE STORIES WITH THE WORLD. Poised to lead and succeed in an increasingly more engaged, more connected media environment.
    2. 2. Shared Services Organization that Provides First-in-Class Media Planning for our Networks. Planning Philosophy:Think Strategically, Stay Nimble, Constantly Evolve Our Goal: Develop Effective and Innovative Ways to Attract Audiences to the Stories Turner Creates.
    3. 3. What does Turner care about?We want people Tuning-In to our Stories.Key Objectives: Build Awareness & (Social) Community, Recruit New Viewers and Encourage SamplingDigital Tactics: High Reach, High Impact, Video Sampling, First to Market (or Close to It!), Custom Integrations & Editorial, Multi-PlatformKPI’s & Metrics: Impressions, CTR, Interactions, Video Views
    4. 4. How does SocialVibe deliver?• Full Service Agency Partner• Scalability of display/creative flexibility of rich media• Low/No Production Cost/Short time to market• Reach of 100 MM U.S. with targeting• KPI Flexibility• Significant opt in (sampling) and lift (tune in)• Full reporting and campaign analytics
    5. 5. Building on a Successful RelationshipThe Closer, Summer 2011 Dr. Drew, Spring 2011Rizzoli & Isles, Summer 2011 The Great Escape, Summer 2012
    6. 6. THE MISSION:Build Awareness and Encourage Sampling of TNT’s NewCompetition Reality ShowOBSTACLES:Brand New Genre to the NetworkMarket Saturation of Reality TV ShowsOUR PLAN OF (Digital) ESCAPE:Engage Viewers within Casual Gaming Environments;Provide Online Sampling Opportunities
    7. 7. Campaign Placement Music StreamingSocial Gaming Play WiFi Access
    8. 8. Better ResultsThe Great Escape, Summer 2012
    9. 9. What’s so engaging?Our NetworkMulti-channel, online and mobileReach consumers where they are most engaged - Social, Mobile, WiFi, Streaming MusicOver 100 MM Monthly Uniques Our Ad Unit Unlimited creativityOur Placement Zero production costNon-interruptive Fast time to market100% Consumer Opt In100% Share Of Voice
    10. 10. Engagement. Guaranteed. The SocialVibe Guarantee.Run an SV-approved, run of network campaign and we will guarantee results. If campaign does not garner at least 70% completion and 45 seconds average time spent, SV will rerun the campaign at no charge. For more information, contact: Alex Van Camp | alex@socialvibe.com | 602-330-2157