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Ameristream networks


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Ameristream networks

  1. 1. Hyper Local Ad Delivery Network Ameristream creates more affordable and scalable advertising options using an accurate geo-target ad delivery system bundled with our Hyper Local Broadcast streaming and On Demand Audio/Video programming. We’re not only experienced broadcasters, but also developers. So we can offer a suite of video, high impact and display ad formats that enable you to message the audience across desktops, dashboards, tablets and smartphones. You may also leverage our online platform with an engagement network of nearly 1000 media sites to reach an audience beyond our brand using a variety of online contests, trivia games, quizzes, and listener interaction widgets.
  2. 2. The Next-Gen Ad Delivery Uniquely designed to maximize your revenue . . . Ameristream is high impact, digital delivery platform operating at the intersection of media, creative and technology. With more than 100 million consumers accessing audio and video content every month we are focused on delivering standout digital advertising experiences, targeting and engaging our client’s with the greatest value for their advertising dollar. Using our exclusive AIS (Ad Insertion System) technology1 , your brand will reach a geo - location-specific audience based on zip code areas, targeting audiences with greater precision. You can track and manage a campaign right from our web site. By focusing your campaign on the parts of a population for whom it’s most relevant, you can increase the propensity of consumers, ultimately driving up return on your marketing investment. Combine hyper local program content with demographic profiling using contests and rewards and we believe you will have a very strong targeting tool at your disposal2 . 1. Our AIS technology hyper-targets different geographies within a single station's coverage area (Nielsen market). Coverage areas become geographic zones, and broadcast different content to each zone. Listeners will travel and be seamlessly "handed off" from zone to zone, much like cellular/digital mobile works. Hyper- targeting, GEO advertising to subsets of a station's coverage area is the way cable television operates. 2. Geo-targeted campaigns offer a number of benefits for your business. According to the Small Business Administration 85% of retail business's customers either work or live within 5 miles of their location. For example, listeners that are located in Riverhead, NY would receive an advertisement for Riverhead Buick, but listeners in Brookhaven, NY would receive an advertisement for Brookhaven Buick. Conversely, a flower shop located in Queens, NY could message an audience listening to a hyper local stream for New York Metro 1 in that zip code range. But their delivery service could have value to consumer's listening across other hyper local streams outside their zip code.
  3. 3. Advertise through Live, Hyper Local Streams & On Demand Music Channels, Audio & Video Content Programs . . . We broadcast hyper local news, sports, social talk and wide variety of music targeting all demographics. Then we engage the consumer with short form audio and video messages that deliver your brand in a compelling yet concise way. It is a fresh approach to an outdated commercial cluster set that radio can’t seem, or doesn’t want to move away from. The result is a fast moving ‘hot clock’, which is a proven method of gaining money from 18-74 demo audiences including the all-important, 80 million+ millennial demo devouring audio and video content through their devices. Here's how it works: 1- There are featured stations for each hyper local market we cover, or the 'Global' Ameristream station broadcasting to non-hyper local markets. 2- Users are able to select the station of their choice. 3- Each station receives a live, hyper local broadcast, and no two stations will ever sound the same. 4- User accessing different hyper local stations, or the global Ameristream station, would receive ads relevant to their zip code location. Take a test drive at
  4. 4. Measurement When it comes to Television, or Terrestrial Radio, audience participation has always been an estimate or guess. In the digital universe every member's engagement is tracked and measured to allow you to better optimize your campaign and return on investment. With Ameristream, measurement goes beyond tracking specific actions and engagement metrics; it also includes measuring the reach of specific audience segments. We are integrated with Nielsen and can take advantage of their latest digital audience measurement tools – tools that are becoming increasingly important as we will track your campaign's performance across multiple screens and channels. Offering an integrated approach to measurement is a powerful enabler for your brand, particularly in today’s multi-screen world where the lines between devices and screens are becoming increasingly blurred. You'll be able to track your campaigns' in real time as we target audiences by station stream, stream format, DMA, geo-location, and device/player. Our sales team will customize a back office panel3 for you to review real-time and historical metrics in Nielsen-compliant radio-specific formats, which includes Avg. Quarter Hour, Cume, Unique Sessions, Total Sessions, Average Listening Time, and more. Every month you'll know exactly what you're paying for. 3. Visit for product demos and client side tracking panels.
  5. 5. In Stream Amerisream’s in-stream audio/video ads always run alongside professionally produced content, giving you the positive halo effect of premium context. You will find our hyper local web stream price points to be a fraction of Terrestrial Radio. This allows us to deliver your engagement campaign with greater frequency and exceptional geographic precision using an ‘all-in-one’ insertion approach in prime, off peak day parts, and weekends that will encompass: • Half Hour/Hourly Sponsorships • Title traffic/Sponsor traffic (billboard) • Title weather/Sponsor weather • Live DJ call to action campaigns using our rewards based programs driving consumers to your offer • Trending Headlines in 30 seconds • Twitchy (Twitter Trending) doughnut insertions • Produced 15-20 sec Audio/Video insertions • Trivia doughnut insertions • Vignette Insertions or Billboards • Pre roll Roadblock in the Media Player • Display ads in the Media Player • Opening/Closing Billboards Mobile More than 25% of the U.S. population is listening to content on their Smartphones; 68% listen to some form of audio on their phone4 . As more people join the Smartphone society, opportunities will increase for your brand to target mobile-savvy consumers on the move with real-time, contextually relevant offers and promotions that can be instantly redeemed close by. As developers, we are creating unique rich media platforms to message one of the fastest growing buying pattern segments in the country. 4. According to the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), online radio revenues grew 18% in the first quarter of 2013 while terrestrial radio revenues grew only 6%. Clearly there is huge momentum in digital broadcasting. Inside Radio reported that total local ad spending for all media will grow to $145 billion by 2014. Traditional media’s piece is declining while the slice allocated to digital will more than double, from $17.5 billion in 2012 to $36 billion in 2014. An estimated 100 million people in the United States listen to online radio each week while 112 million watch or download video. US Internet penetration continues to grow and people are spending increasing amounts of time consuming media, including audio/video online.
  6. 6. Smart Wall: Smart Wall mediates between Rich Media, Dialog, Video, App Wall, Advanced Overlays and more based on yield and network connection type. In app banner ads: The staple of the mobile advertising world available through CPM' or CPC unit buys. Rich Media: Rich Media Ads deliver interactive content that drives dramatically more engagement than traditional static ads. Web Display video: A 300x250 rich media ad that replaces static titles. See the demo at
  7. 7. High impact: The replacement for a leader board (728x90 banners) is a highly visible and engaging full-width, expandable pushdown format that works seamlessly across smartphone, tablet and desktop Web environments. See the demo at Pushdown: Pushdown starts out with a 970×90 teaser at the top of the page, which pushes down to reveal a large 970×415 canvas – ample space to run video, photo carousels, and other interactive content.
  8. 8. Slider: Slider starts out with a 950×90 teaser that is anchored to the bottom of the browser window in front of page content. When the user interacts, the format slides open to reveal a large 950×550 creative canvas. See the demo at Interactive Overlays: These units take over a page enabling you to leverage the power of sight, sound and motion through highly immersive, impossible to miss creative canvases. See it Blog & User Social Media Pages: Our web-based software allows our listener's to quickly and easily post content across blogs, app, social network and our push channels. However an audience member prefers to consume content, Ameristream enables them to communicate in one editorial transaction, leading to an increase in traffic and revenue for your sponsorship. Pure Play – Podcasting: Ameristream's personal music streaming is great for listener’s who want the luxury of staying in genre -- analogous to Pandora radio. We insert hyper local text, audio, and takeover displays at granular points during this service.
  9. 9. Facebook Gates: Ameristream can create "Like" gated Facebook campaigns which require one to "Like" Your Facebook page in order to participate. We design a digital widget with a contest or trivia message which drives traffic to a Facebook promotion page. This package includes 4-weeks of clickable display advertisements, 4-weeks of surveys, and 4- weeks of featured links and secret contest emails that drives brand engagement and contest participation. Experience more likes to your Facebook page, increase brand awareness, sell more product or services. Where can I hear Ameristream? We connect to the audience via popular apps like Zite, Flipboard; web sites like Thrillist, Turntable Kitchen; alternate media platforms including Tivo, Directv, Dish, and music hubs Tunein, Aol Radio, Yahoo Radio, Rdio, Live 365, and other Internet Radio Portals. Ameristream grows its local audience through partnerships with local publishing companies, local content hubs, and lifestyle and gateway web sites. Our rich media ads featuring call to action messages that are visible through these platforms. Users react to these messages and open the media player delivering our hyper local broadcast. Our Account Executives will show you how to create relevant and engaging campaigns through rich content and promotions. Grab your audience's attention beyond a web stream leveraging our non-audio advertising vehicles to increase your reach. Call 888.833.7336 Email: Online: MARYLAND NEW YORK Upper Marlboro, MD Port Jefferson , NY