Fit for purpose


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Fit for purpose

  1. 1. Unit 08 - Is your cover fit for itʼs purpose? 1) Be recognizable - those familiar with the brand should be able to spot it easily. The design I created for the cover fits the conventions of the magazine, the design is abstract and appealing to the eye, those who see it will instantly know this must be a Little White Lies magazine, LWL is well known for itʼs abstract designs, normally consisting of a portrait of an actor or actress in an upcoming movie, they are normally making eye contact with the reader, I have follow this general conventions and incorporated them into my own design, my drawing has Jennifer Lawrence making eye contact with the reader and is also a portrait of her. Also I have included the infamous LWL masthead which contains the barcode within it, this is a clear indicator as to the brand of the magazine and potential reader will recognize this design. The positioning of the masthead is also in the typical place and the size is also the same, this further adds to helping the viewer know this is a LWL magazine. 2) It should be emotionally irresistible by the appeal of the main image - does your image generate an emotional response? My cover design stands out from what others may do, other doing designs themed with fire. My design I decided to go for reflects how Katniss stands out and is heroic also, my design also stands out from other Little White Lies cover designs, a lot of them seem to be very dark, Iʼve gone for a much more light design trying to get the elements of the forest into my design. The vibrancy of the cover design will draw attention to it and will stand out from its surroundings, for many they will instantly realize that the design is of Katniss and they will investigate further into the design and wonder what content this magazine contains. 3) Magnetic and curiosity arousing - to pull the reader in. Little White Lies always take a well known character from a film and adds their own style to them, it gives LWL that unique feel, at first glance you may not know what the magazine is about but the design draws you in and makes you want to know. My design is curiosity arousing as it stands out from other designs and will also stand out from magazines surrounding it, the bright colours will catch peoples eyes and potential readers will be interested and inspect further into it. To also draw in more potential readers it is written under Jennifer Lawrence ʻHunger Gamesʼ to try draw in a wider audience and to help people know what the magazine is about, once they read that theyʼll be like ʻOh right! That is Jennifer Lawrence!ʼ and theyʼll be intrigued by the design. The design follows the codes and conventions of typical LWL covers, as people passing by will know itʼs a LWL design, this is achieved by an abstract design and also containing the memorable masthead within the design, this is a dead give away as to what magazine this is. 4) Intellectually stimulation - promising benefits. Little White Lies promises “Truth and Movies” which is a refreshing look and a different way of looking at movies, with a promise like that the design must fit that promise to show the audience that this is meant to be a new and refreshing way of looking at movies, my design fulfills this need by being a very abstract and vibrant design, the design shows the magazine promises intellectual benefit for the viewer, it makes them think that if they read this magazine they can view the movies from a completely different and more intellectual angle. This different way of thinking appeals to a small amount of people who like to feel that they have a different way of looking at a movie, this is why the design is so important, it needs to be striking and appeal to the target audience, which my design achieves effectively.
  2. 2. Unit 08 - Is your cover fit for itʼs purpose? 5) Efficient and easy to scan - introducing your service and making it clear. The design of a Little White Lies cover is almost always very abstract in its design, but it must also show the viewer what the magazine is about and be clear on who the character is on the cover, the font must also be readable and easy to understand and show the viewer what the cover is meant to be showing. My cover design has a very readable font on it as I made it to be simple and easy to read and thus, fitting in with the codes and conventions. My design also depicts Katniss well as it is clear who she is on the cover, especially to those with an interest in the ʻHunger Gamesʼ movies. 6) Logical - makes sense as an investment. Little White Lies is less of an investments and more of a luxury item for some, it has to promise a completely different way of thinking to compete with free information anyone can access easily over the internet. The design plays a big role in this, it must reflect on the content and the different way of thinking to try appeal to the target audiences, most covers achieve this by being visually striking. My design is visually striking because of the way I have composed it, it stands out from the competition with itʼs simple design and vibrant colours, it reflects the content well as it shows a different way of looking at movies, which appeals to the audience that Little White Lies wants.