Front page of a film magazine analysissssssssssssss


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Front page of a film magazine analysissssssssssssss

  1. 1. Front page of a film magazine analysis.
  2. 2. Conventions. • A convention is something that is typical in a certain area. In this case, typical conventions of a magazine would be the layout, how it is written and how it looks. • The magazine cover which I analysed had many typical conventions which would be on front pages in order to hook the audiences attention.
  3. 3. Typical conventions on the magazine cover. • When looking at a magazine cover, one of the most important things to stand out is the masthead which is the name of the magazine, in this case, Empire’. This is done by being in capital letters and in a bright colour causing it to automatically stand out. The red on the writing is used to stand out and to symbolise things such as love or danger which can be linked to the narrative of the story. The colour of this masthead attracts the target audience through what it symbolises. The colour makes the magazine look bold and hooks the audiences attention fast. The magazine name is obscuring because it is well known enough to be able to have some of it covered up but it will still have people buying it. • On the bottom right hand side of the magazine there is the barcode, date of issue and the cover price. This is on all magazines making it a typical convention. This is there for the buyers purpose of being able to buy it as a professional product. It is kept at the bottom right corner so it isn’t invading the main focus f the magazine.
  4. 4. Typical conventions on the magazine cover continued. • The strapline on a magazine is used to exaggerate something in the media. In this case, is exaggerating one of the stories in the magazine. ‘The 500 greatest movies of all time’ would be the strapline for this magazine. This also stands out clearly because of the colours which are used which also contrast, white writing on a black background. This has a certain effect on the audience which makes them want to read the article about the movies to see if they have seen them, this will also make them feel involved. The words ‘greatest movies of all time’ makes the audience want to watch them because if they haven’t seen them it would look like they are missing out.
  5. 5. Visual. • To make a successful magazine cover you have to ensure that it is going to catch the publics eye. This can be done in many ways which I have found through analysing this magazine cover. The things which the audience see on a front page determines if they are going to buy it which proves how important the visual aspect of the magazine is.
  6. 6. Visual continued. • The colours on the front page of this magazine cover are very bold and contrasting colours. The colours are very simple and only consist of 3, white, pink and black. With pink representing love, black with fear and white with pureness, these colours could have been used to show the themes of the film and narrative. The use of black makes everything else stand out which has a big effect on the audience making everything stand out and attract them. • Another thing which would hook the audiences attention would be if there was a celebrity on the cover. This supports Gledhills star theory where if there is a celebrity in a film then the audience are more likely to want to watch it. Taking up 2/3 of the cover of this magazine is Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet which are the two main characters in Titanic.
  7. 7. Visual continued. • The use of clothing is also very important for being on a front cover because it is part of the mis en scene. From the cover on this magazine there is continuity editing which means that they are wearing the same as they did in the actual film making it more believable. With the man wearing a unbuttoned top and braces it is clear to see that he is a laid back character which no high class. The audience cannot see what she is wearing, perhaps making it seem secret which links to the narrative of the two main characters on the cover having to keep their relationship a secret through the film. • The body language of the 2 characters on this magazine cover show that they are close and in love because of the proxemics of them on camera. The juxtaposition of her hand on his heart shows that they are in love and have a strong relationship. Their facial expressions however are serious with neither of them looking at the camera, possibly showing there are problems they are both facing making them turn away from other and to not look happy. Rule of thirds is used here to make their eyes in the centre but now looking directly at the camera.
  8. 8. Written. • The way in which something is written can make the audience feel different ways about it. This magazine in particular has a certain mode of address as speaking to the reader by using direct address. ‘Turn to page six to see all 100’. Using this technique of writing is used to hook the reader and to interpellate them. • The only punctuation used is in the quote that is in the front cover, the masthead and banner do not include punctuation, this may be because the magazine isn’t meant to be formal, and having no punctuation makes it much more informal. • The style of language on this poster is used to direct to the audience. The purpose of this magazine is to advertise films meaning that the language has to be persuasive to make the audience look at the films their advertising. An example of this is ‘turn to page six to see all 100’.
  9. 9. Written continued. • An anchorage is where there is a picture on its own which is polysemic so it can have a lot of different interpretations. To clarify what it means things such as text can be added. In this case there is the picture of the 2 main characters in the film, having the word ‘TITANIC’ next to it is an anchorage which gives the picture a meaning. • A quote at the bottom of the front page is used. The quote is from the film and is quite a well known part of the film which means that the audience would be able to identify it once they have read it and link it to the film. Quotes on the front of a magazine advertising the film are useful for showing what the characters are like. In this case, the quote is in a very formal language which means that audience can quickly see that in the film there is going to be someone of a upper class.
  10. 10. Design and layout. • There is only 1 shot on the cover of this cover however it is big and takes up most of the page. The shot size is a mid shot meaning that the audience can see the characters facial expressions but can also see what is happening behind them. The shot is also a 2 shot which allows the viewer to see the juxtaposition of the 2 characters. • The lighting effects on media is also very important because it is used to set the atmosphere. The background is high key lighting however the 2 characters are in low key lighting causing a shadow on their faces. This makes the characters seem mysterious and could be used to make the audience want to look into them more to discover their story.