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  1. 1. A Programmer is crucial for any game in development, theyʼre what makes the video game work and usually there is a big team working on one game at a time, with lead programmers working on core elements and the game as a whole with people working under them coding certain aspects. Key Skills: Have experience in coding in C++, if you can code in C++ it wonʼt take you long to pick up different types of coding as they are all similar to C++, also you are expected to know other programming languages along with C++. You need to be creative and be able to problem solve effectively under pressure, creativity is important to programming as without it you have a bland user experience. Problem solving is essential, you need to be able to fix errors effectively and quickly. You need a genuine love of video games and have played many different types of games in the past and have a vast understanding on how they work, this is also essential as you will have some pretty good ideas if youʼve played many different games. Ways to enter the job role: A degree in either physics, maths or computer science is needed in order to enter this job role, without this you will not be able to get far, the best way is to start programming as a hobby at first to get a taste for it and to begin building up a portfolio and play different types of video games and learn how they work, when applying for a job youʼll be asked about your knowledge on video games and how games work. Another way is to get a work placement at a game studio to build up experience and a portfolio, but importantly to implement some connections within the video game industry, during the work placement and opportunity may come up for full time work and since youʼre already there itʼll be easier for you to get in if you can demonstrate you can work well. A contribution made by a programmer to a triple A title: Travis Mcintosh was one of the lead programmers on “The Last of Us”, his job was to code the main aspects of the game and the core of the game, to create something for the other programmers to build up from and this is a tough job to achieve, as it a lot easier to build up from something but creating something from scratch is a completely different challenge, he had to think creatively about how the game would work in the end and ultimately he achieved this well. Programmer