Chapter 1 market & marketing

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  • 1. 06/10/2011 1 MARKETING MARKET & MARKETING 1Chapter 1_Market & Marketing MARKET & MARKETING Marketing Orientation Marketing Mix Marketing Management (Obj .1-3) (Obj .1-3) (Obj .3-6) 2Chapter 1_Market & Marketing
  • 2. 06/10/2011 2 Understand marketing definitions & concepts Aware roles of marketing LEARNING OBJECTIVES After learning chapter 1, student should be able to: Understand Marketing Mix Aware need of marketing in an organization Know functions of marketing department Know relationship of marketing with others 1 2 3 4 5 6 3Chapter 1_Market & Marketing WHAT IS MARKETING ?  You may be a Marketing Expert • Experience in many buying decisions • May be involved in selling decisions 1-4 4Chapter 1_Market & Marketing
  • 3. 06/10/2011 3 FIGURE 1-1 Four different orientations in the history of American business Production Era Sales Era Marketing Concept Era Customer Relationship Era HISTORY OF MARKETING 5Chapter 1_Market & Marketing Definitions of marketing “Marketing is the management process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably” The Chartered Institute of Marketing 6Chapter 1_Market & Marketing
  • 4. 06/10/2011 4 INNOVATION AND MARKETING AT 3M DISCOVERING & SATISFYING STUDENT STUDY NEEDS + Felt Tip Highlighters = 3M product that will combine Post-it® Notes or Post-it® Flags and Highlighters 3M Post-it® Notes or Post-it® Flags 7Chapter 1_Market & Marketing Other definitions of marketing “The right product, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price” Adcock et al 8Chapter 1_Market & Marketing
  • 5. 06/10/2011 5 Marketing definition “Marketing is the human activity directed at satisfying human needs and wants through an exchange process” Philip Kotler 1980 9Chapter 1_Market & Marketing  Marketing Seeks to:  Exchange • Discover Needs and Wants of Customers • Satisfy Them WHAT IS MARKETING? DELIVERING BENEFITS 10Chapter 1_Market & Marketing
  • 6. 06/10/2011 6 “Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they want and need through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others” Philip Kotler 1991 Marketing definition (cont.) 11Chapter 1_Market & Marketing Roles of marketing • Who are our existing / potential customers? • What are their current / future needs? • How can we satisfy these needs? • Can we offer a product/ service that the customer would value? • Can we communicate with our customers? • Can we deliver a competitive product of service? • Why should customers buy from us? 12Chapter 1_Market & Marketing
  • 7. 06/10/2011 7 5Cs and Marketing Mix 13Chapter 1_Market & Marketing Company Customer Collabora- tor Context Competitor Ingredients of Marketing Mix What price do you sell your product at? How do you intend to promote your product? How do you intend to distribute the products? Describe the product you are selling. What need are you meeting? 14Chapter 1_Market & Marketing
  • 8. 06/10/2011 8 MARKET & MARKETING Marketing Orientation Marketing Mix Marketing Management (Session 1) Session 1 (Obj .3-6) 15Chapter 1_Market & Marketing LEARNING OBJECTIVES After learning chapter 1, student should be able to: Aware need of marketing in an organization Know functions of marketing department Know relationship of marketing with others 1 2 3 4 5 6 Session 1 – Chapter 1 16Chapter 1_Market & Marketing
  • 9. 06/10/2011 9 Marketing management Marketing Management Analysis Planning Implimen -tation Control 17Chapter 1_Market & Marketing Analysis in marketing management • Who (are customers) ? • Why (they buy product/service)? • What (they satisfied with : motivation, attitude, personality)? Market Reaserch Quanti- tative Quali- tative 18Chapter 1_Market & Marketing
  • 10. 06/10/2011 10 Structure of the marketing plan • The executive summary • Table of contents • Situational analysis and target market • Marketing objectives • Marketing strategies • Marketing tactics • Schedules and budgets • Financial data and control 19Chapter 1_Market & Marketing FIGURE 1-2 A marketing department in an organization of a typical manufacturing firm  Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) 20Chapter 1_Market & Marketing
  • 11. 06/10/2011 11 Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Annie Young-Scrivner CMO of Starbucks Jack Pitney CMO of BMW 22Chapter 1_Market & Marketing FIGURE 1-3 A marketing department relates to many people, organizations, and environmental forces 23Chapter 1_Market & Marketing
  • 12. 06/10/2011 12 FIGURE 1-4 Marketing decisions basing to ethical and legal relationships 24Chapter 1_Market & Marketing FIGURE 1-5 Three concepts of social responsibility 25Chapter 1_Market & Marketing