marketing personal selling buying motives personal selling and salesmanship motivation final year meaning conflicts in family business and their resolution limitations of personal selling salesmanship difficulties in determining buying motives. handling of objections presentation and demonstration prospecting and qualifying process of recruitment process of selection financial management capital budgeting limitations of women entrepreneurship women entrepreneurship limitations of women entrepreneurship final characteristics of ecopreneurship importance of ecopreneurship ecopreneurship meaning and importance of netpreneurship importance of netpreneurship netpreneurship importance of entrepreneurship importance of entrepreneurship final year determinants of entrepreneurship elements of entrepreneurship definition and elements of entrepreneurship ambani family conflict swati piramal vandana luthra kiran mazumdar shaw contemporary role models in indian businesses conflicts in family business family business reliance group birla group tata group business groups small and medium enterprises msmes. micro role and importance of msmes problems and prospects of msmes in india what are the ethics in personal selling etc. what is an order book what is cash memo what is a tour diary contents of sales manual essentials of sales manual meaning of sales manual importance of sales report types of sales reports meaning of sales report tour diary the difference between recruitment and selection. internal and external sources of recruitment types methods of recruitment the process of recruitment the selection process selection of salesman sales force managmentrecruitment of salesman the selling process personal selling and salesman follow-up presentations recruitment vs selection recruitment types of salesperson types of selling situations characteristics of a good salesman introduction to personal selling types of motivation sales manual cbcs bcom sales reports importance of personal selling sales management salesmanship and sales management difference between personal selling functions of personal selling objectives of personal selling nature of personal selling dynamic nature of motivation maslow's need hierarchy theory. process of motivation intrinsic motivation extrinsic motivation negative motivation positive motivation principles of management order getters order creaters order takers salesperson action desire interest attention elmo lewis aida market sources of discovering buying motives uses of buying motives markeitng perso patronage buying motives personal product buying motives post sales activities. closing the sale approach selling process toran lal verma. sales force management sources of recruitment cash cycle model working capital management cost of retained earnings cost of debt cost of capital taxation of llp llp limited liability partnership fdi in llp financial market sebi investors protection unoaid seller performance of contract sale of goods act fianncial management cash flow estimation time value of money scope of financial management wealth maximisation objective profit maximisation objective inventory management management of payables management of recievables capital asset pricing model valuation of securities boumol model of cash management miller-orr model motives of holding cash internal rate of return profitability index payback period method net present value capital budgeting techniques
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